Three's Company

Season 8 Episode 21

Friends and Lovers (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1984 on ABC
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Friends and Lovers (1)
Janet is devastated when Philip decides he doesn't want a church wedding, but Jack suggests they have the wedding in the apartment. Meanwhile, Jack and Vicky's relationship is threatened when he learns from her father that she was offered a promotion that would require her to move to Houston.moreless

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  • Out of character series finale.

    I am a huge Three's Company fan, but whenever I see this episode in the TV listings, I head for the hills. There are so many flaws in the way in which the producers ended this great series. First of all, when did swinging Jack become so old fashioned that he would not live with Vicki without getting married first? And Janet, poor Janet. Married to Phillip, a bland schlemiel she met a few weeks ago. Lame. You can see the pain in Joyce Dewitt's expressions as she is forced to read her corny lines. So disrepectful of the producers, especially after DeWitt's so many years of service to the show. She should have married Jack or at least moved in with him, and Three's A Crowd would have lasted longer than its short run. And where are the Ropers and even yes, Chrissy during the wedding? I love the show, but hate the finale. This would the worst way to end a show until Seinfeld completed its run in 1998. The Seinfeld finale still has its moments. I can't say the same about Three's Company.moreless
  • Jack and Vicky Bradford are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, despite her father's objections. Janet and Philip Dawson want to get married in the apartment.moreless

    I was happy that Janet finally found the love of her life and the same goes for Jack. Vicky was played by Mary Cadorette. Her performance was good, but, it could have been better. Everyone else did their usual wonderful performance. Still, I found it to be a sad episode because I grew up watching it and grew to love the main characters as if they were old friends.
Mary Cadorette

Mary Cadorette

Vicky Bradford

Guest Star

Robert Mandan

Robert Mandan

James Bradford

Guest Star

David Ruprecht

David Ruprecht

Phillip Dawson

Guest Star

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    • (Janet has just told Jack that she and Phillip are getting married)
      (Jack is sitting on the couch, Janet comes out of the kitchen)
      Janet: You okay, Jack, honey?
      Jack: Huh? Me? Yeah...sure...I'm just um, I'm just thinkin.....
      Janet: Jack.....
      strong>: When you said you were looking for a place to live it just HIT ME! No more Janet......
      Janet: Oh come on! I'm not moving to another planet! I'm gonna be livin' in the very same city!
      Jack: Yeah, but you won't be HERE see. And I'm kinda...used to you.
      Janet: Well I'll tell you what Jack. If it'll make you feel better you can come over every single night for dinner.
      Jack: You really mean that?
      Janet: Mmmhmm...somebody's gotta teach me how to cook!
      Jack: (laughs)That's pretty good! (he pulls her close to him, she rests her head on Jack's shoulder and Jack puts his arm around her) Aww Janet...see that's one of the things I love about you. You can always make me feel good.
      Janet: Thank you, Jack. Um...I'm really going to miss you Jack.
      Jack: Aww...hey hey...hey Jan...(Janet puts her head on Jack's shoulder and starts crying) Hey Janet come on now you're gonna be the happiest girl in the world! (she cries louder) Or maybe not...Come on now, hey Janet...look, come here honey. (he takes out a tissue and wipes her eyes) Now I wanna see a little smile.
      Janet: (tries to smile)
      Jack: Not that little! I wanna see a little BIG smile!
      Janet: Alright! (smiles)
      Jack: Janet you're gonna be SO happy! Now look at me, let's make a pact.
      Janet: Sure Jack!
      Jack: No more tears.
      Janet: Okay Jack. No more tears.
      Jack: That's my girl. (they kiss)

    • (During the wedding, running from the Bedroom to the Kitchen)
      Janet: Nobody sees me!
      (Running from the Kitchet to the Bedroom)
      Janet: Nobody sees me this time either!

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