Three's Company

Season 8 Episode 22

Friends and Lovers (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1984 on ABC
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Friends and Lovers (2)
Jack reluctantly accepts Vicky's decision not to get married and instead move into the apartment above the bistro, much to her father's distain. Janet and Philip return from their honeymoon, and Terri makes her own life changing decision.

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  • stephen

  • A good end to a great comedy and a good series tribute to John Ritter. We still miss him.

    This episode is difficult to watch realizing all the comedic moments are over. I think the series should have ended with Jack and Janet the two originals falling in love and getting married. It would have been nice to see the Ropers and even Cindy there not Chrissy since she thought the show revolved around her. All of them saying goodbye at the end and standing in the apartment doorway together looking at each other still puts a lump in your throat. Luckily the series is still btoadcasting reruns and with the series on dvd we can relive those moments forever.moreless
  • Not the best way to end it....but also not the worst

    I love Three's Company and I'm a big fan. I feel the show's last hurrah was in the sixth season, after that it became boring. While they were able to get away with those 'misunderstandings' for six years I felt that the show became tired by season seven. The quality was down and the show wasn't as funny as seasons 2 and 3 (the best seasons in my opinion). So after 8 years... this is what we get. My feelings about the finale are mixed. The thing about Jack and Vicky I could understand, Jack was maturing and looking to settle down and find the girl of his dreams. But the Janet and Phillip relationship...I don't like. First of all, there is no chemistry between them. Maybe if Phillip was played by a different actor and introduced at the beginning of the series I would be okay with it. But to me it is illogical that Janet would marry a guy after knowing for only a week or two. And Terri, what's the deal? She is not very important in the finale. They should have given her some kind of story. And her promotion to Hawaii came out of no where. Mr. Furley also needed some kind of closure. And what about the Ropers and Cindy? They should have been at Janet's wedding. I'm sure if the actors were asked they would have come to shoot the finale. Chrissy should've been there most of all but there was 0% that was even possible with the cast feuds and all. She should've at least been mentioned but Joyce DeWitt would have freaked if even that happened. Anyway, the final scene with the trio and Mr. Furley in the empty apartment makes up for the many flaws of the finale. The last scene is well written and a tearjerker. And while the finale on a whole left much to be desired, the final scene was a sweet and simple way to end one of TV's greatest sitcoms.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: Terri moves a box to to a table closer to the couch to put some record albums in it. She leaves it there and goes into her bedroom after telling Mr Furley she is moving to Hawaii. In the very next scene, the box is gone, but everything else is still on the table.

    • In the episode The Apartment, we see the apartment above Jack's Bistro is only one room with a small bedroom and a bathroom. However, when Vicky and Jack move into this apartment at the end of the episode, we see there is also a large living room, and the bedroom looks nothing like it did in that episode.

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  • NOTES (7)

    • In the original airing, after the final scene between Jack, Vicky and Mrs. Bradford, the Three's Company logo is replaced by the logo for the spin-off series, Three's a Crowd before the end credits roll.

    • By the end of this series Jack is the only charactor to appear in every episode. Coming in second would be Janet who has only missed one episode.

    • This is a special two-part episode. It is the series finale of Three's Company and the pilot to Three's A Crowd. ABC made fans wait until September to see it.

    • Just like Man About the House, Three's Company lapsed into a spin-off Three's A Crowd, it's UK counterpart was Robin's Nest.

    • While they do explain why Janet's parents were not present at the wedding, we don't hear anything about Janet's Sister, we also don't hear anything about the Ropers, Lana, Chrissy or Cindy.

    • When Terry shuts off the lights in the final scene, it was done as a tribute to the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

    • After this episode Chrissy's husband tried to make a deal that Chrissy could marry Jack and live with him instead of Vicky for Three's A Crowd but it failed.


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