Three's Company

Season 8 Episode 16

Jack's Tattoo

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1984 on ABC

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  • Jack awakens with an embarassing tattoo on his butt after a drunken evening cavorting with his navy buddies. Terri arranges for Jack to have the body art surgically removed but Janet mistakes getting rid of “it” for a vasectomy and Mr. Furley for a sex ch

    Getting close to end of the show’s run, the writers are taking our favorite roommate’s misunderstanding to a new level, and truly utilizing John’s gift for physical humor. Chaos and confusion has always been a staple of the show, but here the characters’ misunderstanding level hits a new high. Not only does Janet overhear Jack’s conversation with Larry and confuse his tattoo removal for a vasectomy, Mr. Furley talks to Janet and believes that Jack is getting his manhood removed. In the days before laser surgery, both try to stop Mr. Tripper before he goes under the knife. If only the characters communicated in a mature, adult way and stopped walking in the middle of conversations, (eaves dripping as Archie Bunker would say) they would not have to go to such extreme lenghts, but this is what makes the show so funny. Janet takes such a strong interest in Jack’s ability to father a baby so seriously, that it almost seems as if she really loves him, and shows why she should have been Jack’s fiancée in the spin-off. In one scene, Janet goes so far as to give Jack a baby to hold (it is almost frightening how a woman in the hospital allows a complete stranger like Janet to watch her infant). Towards the end of the episode, John Ritter gets an opportunity to shine, after a nurse gives him a shot before his surgery, and he goes off on a crazy high. Mr. Furley faints when he sees Jack exposing his buttocks, a nice “end” to a wild episode.