Three's Company

Season 8 Episode 4

Out on a Limb

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1983 on ABC

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  • A famous food critic comes to review Jacks restaurant. Jack thinks he's going to give him a bad review, so he writes a mean letter to him, but when he calls to say he loved the food, Jack must get the letter back!

    Jack writes a bad letter to the food critic but has to get it back. So he goes down to his office and breaks in from the outside, and tries to get the mail before Mr. Townesend can read it. He comes in the window and gets his hand stuck, then steps on the couch and it sinks-my 2 favorite parts! He is about to get the mail when the critic shows up. He hides under a desk for a while until Janet shows up and saves him. He almost makes it, but then he drops the letter on his way out. On his way back in to get it, Mr. Townesend sees him and reads the letter. Turns out Janet wrote a nice letter, even though we were led to believe she wrote the mean one larry told her to write, but when they come out of the office, Mr. T holding a check, Terri grabs it and runs, thinking its the letter. Very funny!
  • Dear sleaze bucket,

    It is slime like you that make this world stink. Only vermin would take advantage of their position to rob innocent people of their incomes. Here's hoping that all the scummy things you've done to others, will come back to you ten times over.
    Your friend,
    Jack Tripper

    That was the vengeful letter that Larry dictated for Janet to type and send to the food critic, and it seemed to meet Jacks approval... until later when he changed his mind. The postman couldn't be persuaded to give Jack government property, so he just went to the critics office to get the letter first. This leads to all the great scenes at LA Lifestyle Magazine, like Jack climbing outside along the window ledge and Terri's attempts to distract people. Even the final scene was great, just when it all seemed to be over, Terri ambushs the food critic and steals his check.