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  • Sexist and ***phobic....

    I grew up on Three's Company, learning English by watching this very physical comedy. On the first level, it was funny... to tears !!!!

    Sexism was so huge... that it made it look ridiculous... and Janet and Terri did react to it, without having to seek to reach jobs usually reserved to men (leadership positions). We understood that they were young... and they would grow (thu Janet never did, remaining at the flower shop all through the series).

    But on a deeper level, those constants attack on Jack's gay identity were not funny. I did not know what being gay really was... besides being attracted by the same sex, which I was. in a pre-Internet world, TV was often for kids the first means to get educated. Three's Company never pretended to educate. But in those days, producers and writers took no responsibility, good or bad. hence, by mocking gays for cheap humor, they also helped keeping many of us in the closet, out of fear to be mocked.

    I revisit Three's Company for the naive humor... and enjoy the actors' mimics, and so on. But I put a stop at Ropper and Furley's ***phobia: I do not laugh at it... and I do not laugh when Jack pretends to be attracted to a man as a mockery... (re: the grand mother cooking contest). Those ***phobic TV moments have caused a great deal of pain to the gays of my generation and before. I applaud shows like MAUDE, same priod, who pushed the barriers. It could be fun as well to push the line...

    PS: Note how the word "***phobic" is cut in my text... by the website. There are still barriers to be pushed !
  • Gold Standard

    This show is the gold standard sitcom of all time. When you think about it, you have maybe 160 shows which are all really about the same thing. When you think of Seinfeld you are thinking of a show about nothing but come on, it's really about everything. When you think of Three's Company, you are thinking of one thing: misunderstanding something innocent and assuming something corrupted, dirty and shocking. Or the opposite, where something totally deceptive and devious is going on and you want to see how long the innocent party will remain unknowing.

    Take the one where Chrissy has a wart and wants to "get rid of it" but Roper thinks she's pregnant and wants to have an abortion. Or the one where Cindy's friend Kelly at the Regal Beagle gets pregnant causing Cindy to be overheard on the phone asking for baby clothes. Or where Jack has to act like he's gotten a job as Head Chef and he's really just the busboy. Or the one where Jack's Therapist is believed to be an escort. How many ways can you spin the same thing each week and keep it fresh and funny?

    The way you do this is to have great characters, talent, chemistry and writing. Where the shows have this, they shine like gold. Anywhere you spot a weak episode (and they are few and far between), it's because the writing was off or talent was off. (Take away Janet for the Punkin episode, for

    A lot has been said about "who's the best roommate?" and I think that is a silly question. All three "blond roommates" are good, and Jack and Janet are excellent. Jack's got that amazing physical talent (which he choreographs much like a Charlie Chaplin or mime would do) and you have Janet with her amazing physical prowess, bouncing to her marks with either grace or fluster (not to mention a terrific voice capable of highs and lows or funny or biting or with seething rage), and you have Chrissy with her logic and her sexy innocence (more on this later), Cindy with amazing cheerfulness and physicality, and Terri, again capable of hitting those marks arms flailing or tiptoeing, catching something, and an amazing vocal range and expression). That's the main cast. Then you have the Ropers, Furley and Larry Dallas. Each one of them is perfectly in sync with each other and the rest of the cast, true actors.

    We have some development in the "blond roomy" situation and I didn't feel it was captured in the reviews. The writing is best where Chrissy was innocent with sexy NOT with the pig-like guffaws and the constant dummy lines. Go watch a first or second season Chrissy then a fourth season Chrissy and the writing has more than likely suffered as the character changes away from "naive and sweet" to "low That was a shame. When push come to shove, the developers had to leave Chrissy and write for Chrissy's "cousin" so they took the caricature more to the broad, which is a great move honestly. Now, because of Cindy, you can use Jack's physicality a little more and put lamps, cords, doors and accidental fists in harm's way for much laughing. For some reason that switch of the cousins must have only been temporary and therefore Cindy had to go. Whoever would replace her would have to fit in. Obviously Janet had to be the smart one so a goofy, self-depricating nurse would have to be perfect, as long as she could do some of the stuff Chrissy could do and some of what Cindy could do. In that regard, Terri has the hardest role, to capture the silly and the clumsy and spin it into a new character with other attributes.

    Now there's something else here everyone gets wrong and that's culturally where this all fit in. I remember being one of the countless kids at school wondering what "gay" was. I probably asked my mom, and she probably said she didn't know. I found out at school. A lot of women did not wear bras (some who didn't have to didn't especially). The song YMCA by the Village People was a huge hit so there was some self expression. But the 1970's was not the time of "free love" like the counterculture of the 1960's (and a lot of people assume the 1970's was like that). It was more of a time for women's lib, which was huge, and natural beauty for woman and natural art and design like the macrame and the natural colors you might see. Natural hair, clothes and nothing fussy.

    So anyone saying "Why would it be shocking that 2 girls were living with a guy, so he'd have to say he was gay?" Well the times weren't as progressive to all, even though the youth did grasp a sense of having broken through, the old timers did NOT. For example, Stanley's character was a veteran of WWII. Do you realize back then, you couldn't even show a married couple in one bed? It was always two, maybe pushed together. When Three's Company premiered in 1977, some of these reviewers never realized that Bewitched was on just 5 years before this, that Maude was breaking rules (and we were NOT allowed to watch this at our house) and until then, you couldn't even say the word "gay" on tv. Being gay and out would be a career killer so no, it wasn't all free love and stuff.

    Also, as we watched Three's Company we watched our own styles evolve. As you saw the time changing, you would see the wide legged pants and the Dorothy Hammill cut make way for a natural perm, and Chrissy' went from blond to blonder to platinum blond with a mushroom cut. Jack morphed from a clean shaven, long haired hippie to eventually a natural 1980's sleeker cut. Some of the newness of the 1980's eventually started to come out, notably, designer jeans, lip gloss and eventually those short shorts were traded in for Bermuda shorts, a huge fad back in 1982. Eventually, you see some of the new wave such as when the Human League was a huge hit, and you see a little of the mullet type hair styling on Cindy and Janet when Madonna was just about to start hitting the charts. It was just such a mirror to society.

    And as Lucille Ball stated, this is not a show that sets out to change the world. We know it had its difficulties and perhaps they tried to parlay their bets a little foolishly with the spin offs, we might even know of the difficulty on the set and with the sexism the cast found in the scripts. However, the show did set out to make us laugh and every week, we laughed. Every. Damn. Week. Try and do this nowadays, about the same plot week after week and I dare anyone to try any better.
  • Blecch!

    If this show had aired during the same period as The Simpsons, imagine what would have happened if Joyce DeWitt dated Bart Simpson. I'm starting to think that she may have invented the catchphrase "Eat My Shorts" long before Bart did. Her outfits were too revealing and showed too much of a "don't give a damn attitude" that would later be adopted by Bart.
  • Simple and funny

    A couple sets, a couple cameras, a couple long shots. Real funny, real smart, and has those feel good moments. My fav show of all time.
  • It's A shame John Ritter Died

    John Ritter Played Jach in this show And Was The Best He died on set of his Later Show Im Not sure What it was But well onn set he Had A Heart Attack And he Was Rushed to the hospitel and the Docters Wherent Able to Save Him he died in the year of 2003 On His Daughters Birthday Im Only eleven So i didnt know about this intil Earler Last yearAnd even though It happened a long time Ago I cried He Was an Amazing Actor That The World will always Remeber
  • Three's Company paved the way for future comedies of its kind. A definate must see for anyone of any age!

    Three's Company was a show that was still airing in 1981, the year I was born. Although I can't recall watching it at a younger age, my parents told me that I did yet didn't understand why. When I was in high school I turned the t.v. on while getting ready and there it was. It was so familiar and re-kindled an interest for the show, a nice show that has a nice feel to it. It was that rememberance that I decided to use the show as a project for a tech class, and create a web site about it. I have continued to keep the site running even updating and the outpour from fans of the show has been CRAZY! As long as I still hear from fans I keep the website running and if you're interested please check it out as well. It's all non profit, I do it as a hobby. I'm also listed with every major search engine. My web site is called Three's Company Complex.
  • Three's Company was one of the most funny shows ever. John Ritter who played Jack Tripper is one of the funniest actors ever. Together with Joyce Dewitt, Suzanne Somers, and later Pricilla Barnes, the cast was just amazing.

    I loved almost every season of the show. I say almost because I wasn't too happy with the show during the season when Suzanne Somers who played Chrissy Snow left the show and Jenilee Harrison who played Cindy Snow replaced her. To me that whole thing was a disaster for so many reasons. Other than that, I really don't have many bad things to say about the show. Even when Pricilla Barnes joined the cast as Terri Alden, I still loved the show. I think that she did a great job taking over after Chrissy and Cindy left. And the Ropers, their landlords, were hilarious. So was Mr. Furley who replaced them. Two girls living with a guy and the guy having to pretend that he was gay so that he could stay there and not get thrown out by The Ropers and Furley. Everything about the show was funny. I liked Jacks best friend Larry Dallas also. I really hated the Lana character though. I'm glad that she didn't last long.
  • The best reason to watch "Three's Company" is NOT Suzanne Somers or even John Ritter, but Joyce DeWitt instead...her radiance shines throughout this series.

    Who could have ever imagined that an Indiana-bred woman would outshine her better-known blond colleagues and last throughout the entire run of a sitcom series? That's exactly what Joyce DeWitt accomplished as the "second banana" co-star to Suzanne Somers and John Ritter on "Three's Company". Not only that, but Ms. DeWitt's sexiness became pronounced, beginning with the first episodes of the Fall 1979 season, in which she traded in her plain Jane hairdo and conservative attire for a "hot mama" look, often wearing t-shirts, shorts, leotards and pantyhose (after all, it netted her an advertising contract with L'eggs!). Her Janet Wood character actually became nearly as comparable as Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island" to the point that Janet was nearly resurrected as Bruce Wayne's newly-minted wife on the never-aired "Batman & Wife". It's a shame that, like Adam "Batman" West, Joyce DeWitt will always be typecast as the sweet flower girl known as Janet Wood...
  • For whatever reason I sincerely enjoy this show.

    Three's Company has been and is one of my favorite shows. Funny, entertaining, clean fun! Laugh out loud comedy with a sincerely great theme. Simple, silly funny is needed these days. Far too many "comedy" shows are not as much funny as they are overly adult themed. Thank Goodness shows like this serve as a reminder to us all of what comedy really is....laughable moments that let us remember what fun is! Three's Company to me. Like an old friend this show is comfortable and relaxing. Three's Company is amongst the greats! The Munsters, Green Acres, The Adams Family all Great Shows that serve as American Icons in Comedy.....Thank You for every moment!
  • The most wonderful Tv Serial EVER!

    This is the most wonderful Tv Series ever. There is no other TV serial that can even come close to this. There is not a single character in this series that does not stick to your mind. I loved Don Knotts in his role but I would have loved to see more of Ropers and for that I woudl not forgive the producers. They were wrong in letting them go. I am also one of the biggest fan of Jon Ritter in the Southern Hemisphere. The series will go down in the history as one of the best series of all time and I am not saying the greatest comedy Series!
  • I just love all episodes with chrissy, cindy and terri!!

    This is my all time favorite show! I have all seasons on dvd. I think Janet and chrissy were kind of trendsetters with their hair and clothes while John Ritter was a comic genius!! His physical comedy is yet to be duplicated. My favorite episode is from season 7 when an atm machine gives Jack much more money then he chose to take out! I think the show's writers should have left all alone with the end of the show. Didn't they learn anything when "The Ropers" got cancelled? I guess not. At least "Three's a Crowd" lasted a whole season. Some of the dumb shows that come on nowadays (The Cavemen) only last a few episodes.
  • Don't watch this show after Cindy. I cannot express this enough.

    Let's get something clear here. Three's Company started of as a good, fun loving sitcom you could just sit back and watch. However then the show started revolving around a single plot: a guy wants to get it on with one of the girls, he gets busted, women start punching and kicking him, and then everyone starts talking about how men are dirty, low-down pieces of scummy filth. And on the rare occasion a woman gets attracted to a man, they guy is considered the villanious pig and the woman, who started it all, is considered a sweet little angel. How come in each scenario the guy's the one getting blamed? These plots really made me mad. I'm a guy, and I don't like watching a bunch of women saying I'm a pig. I wouldn't mind if they OCCASIONALY made a plot like that, but only if they made it even by making some episodes with a woman doing it and getting blamed. But what I really hate about this show is how after it almost all sitcoms became about woman being the god and the man being the horrible person (though some may say "Oh, All in the Family had episodes about woman rights", but those we're rare and was treated as just another controversial theme, not the main focus of the show). When Chrissy left and Cindy moved in the show somewhat improved, since Cindy's plots didn't revolve as much on men wanting to, well, um, "do the wild monkey dance" as someone else put it, and plus she was quite a humorous, non-feminist character. This brought the show back to a little bit of it's glory. But then, it happened. Terri arrived. This is when praticaly EVERY plot revolved around either a man getting beat up. It wasn't always because the man was attracted to them. Sometimes it was for even stupider reasons. Plus Terri wasn't funny at all. She followed what that Nazi Janet said and said men we're pigs too. C'mon, it's supposed to be a comedy, not a feminist parade (or whatever they called, I'm guessing if I asked the Three's Company writers they'd know and could explain it with amazing detail). Once again I'd like to say I liked the show early on, but then it became bad and brought a new meaning to the term "Jumped the shark". I just want to say this: I HATE THIS SHOW!
  • very awsome

    some comides are not that funny stuff like boring jokes and stuff well NOT THIS SHOW! i love it i wish comides were more like this. jack, janet, and all the other characters were so funny. When they brought terri to the series in one of the later seasons the series became more funnier because i dident like Cindy that much. Chrissy was real funny she was the funniest person in the series besides Jack. all the other characters besides cindy was funny. The reason i dident like cindy is because she always made a mistake and the series looked fake at that time

    i mean cindy always would knock jack to the floor (like punch him by mistake) though she was funny in episodes but not all episodes

    Jack was the main character of the series, the creators did a good job picking him because he was real funny and acted real all the time. as i said all the others are good i give this show a 9.7/10 i love this comedy
  • The very funniest show.

    I won't try to analyze it too much. Obviously the main situation and the individual characters are all well known. I'm not the first nor the last to believe it's the best American comedy show ever produced.

    But any opinion about an old show changes with time.

    I watched this in the early eighties as an early teenager, and was hooked. Then it was taken off where I live, and so I didn't see it for maybe 15 or even 20 years. I remembered that I used to love it, but really wasn't sure whether I would still have been able to watch it or not. Then J. Ritter died, and they ran two nights of reruns. And I laughed -- very hard. Later the DVD's came out. I bought them. And was hooked once again. No, nothing original there, either.

    Strange to think it was once condemned as immoral. Stranger that I remember being titillated myself. But now... It is pristinely pure. The only dirt attacks them all from the outside.

    Has the world really changed that much? Who knows.

    Whatever 3C was, it was not ironic. Was it really about denial, innuendo, slapstick, or farce? No. So was it a morality play? For surely it was not about nothing at all. Laughter is not a misunderstanding, even less so is it escape.

    I don't know why 3C is so funny. The more I think about it, the cornier it seems. But I laugh. And so I won't ponder the reasons. Though there are so many serious things on the mind....

    I want to laugh, nevertheless. In spite of all those serious things. For laughter is not an escape.

    Laugh. For Jack, Janet, Chrissy, Cindy, Terri, Helen, Stanley, Ralph, Larry, Lana, Felipe, Mr. Angelino, and the four characters played by Jeffrey Tambor are all in us. Though it's not always clear we are all so funny.

    Watch it. And laugh.
  • The antics of threes company was before their time , with style and funny comedy....John Ritter was truly a great actor in so many ways..........

    I have to say as a child I really loved Three's Company , as an adult I still enjoy watching the dvds over and over again.... My favorite episode was Grandma Tripper, John Ritter as a woman was too hard to imagine but with great creators they made it possible to see him that way..... John Ritter will always be close to my heart. He was a comedic genius ... Tripperism 101 will always live on far as I'm concerned ........ The cast of Three's Company will continue to entertain generations to come. I'm 29 years old and I just can't get enough of the cast and the show .... Come on knock on our door we've been waiting for you , where the kisses are hers, and hers, and his. Threes's Company too... (written by KitKat, SailorB's cousin) (grammatically edited by SeraB-chan)
  • The show was great, especially with Chrissy, Jack, and Janet.

    Threes Company is a hilarious classic that the older generation will always remember, it was a clean humored show, so anyone could watch it and still get alot of laughs out of it. Three's Company's first season was just supposed to be a test season, but became very popular after the first episode. One of the reasons it became so succesful was one person, Jack Tripper. The clumsy and accident-prone character that has to pretend to be gay to stay in the apartment. The show was very popular, but all things must come to an end, and Threes Company did in season 8 in 1984, when they created the spin-off to Threes Company called Three's a Crowd.
  • this show was better with chrissy instead of cindy and terri.

    this was an awesome show i dont rally know wat to say about it but it was very good. if you sat down to watch it you wouldnt beable to get up or change the channel. it was that good... well to me. john ritter or jack tripper was the best in the show. he was funny, chrissy was dumb and funny and janet was funny but not as funny. terri and cindy were replacing chrissy i dont know why she went off air. she was a funny person on the show. i would like to see it come back on air if john ritter was here but he isnt so i would like it to stay how it is becuase it wouldnt be the same without him.
  • A comedy that is timeless, funny,no foul language,and you never get tired of watching.

    I still miss John Ritter's comedic talent to this day. Even though their were many changes I do not think the show lost its comic appeal and maybe got better. Ropers were funny but Don Knotts was wonderful as Mr. Furley. Chrissy was funny and so was Cindy but the show did not loose anything when they left, Terry was beautiful,funny and a great addition to the show. Too bad she was not on from the beginning. Jack's friend Larry was great with his comedy and getting himself and Jack in trouble. Janet was always a delight even though it seemed she always wanted to be the center of attention.
  • Very good!

    Come and knock on this door, "Three's Company" has been waiting for you. Jack Tripper (John Ritter) is an everyman who has to feign homosexuality to live in an apartment in Santa Monica. He lives in the apartment with sly Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and ditsy Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers). Jack's supposed homosexuality often incurs the unpleasant-ness of sour landlord Stanley Roper (Norman Fell), whose wife Helen (Audra Lindley) always seems ready to leave him.

    My favorite parts are always the dialog between Jack and Stanley. It sort of mirrors Buddy's comments about Cooley on "The Dick Van Dyke Show", what with Stanley's homophobia. Eventually, the Ropers got their own show and were replaced by Ralph Furley (Don Knotts), who would occasionally get himself into embarrassing situations.

    "Three's Company" went through many changes over its run, but it never lost its timing. It's always a pleasure to catch the reruns on TVLand. Finally, I think that it's safe to say that John Ritter will truly be missed. He was always great on this show.
  • A classic!!

    Three's Company was a great sitcom that even with the challenges and events (such as the problems with the actor who played Krissy Snow, Suzanne Somers) the show stayed strong. It can always give you a laugh and turns any situation into a comidic event. This show went through many difficult times, especially with the changing of characters, but it never lost its touch. Its a shame it ended, and an even bigger shame that the two spin off didnt succeed. This show has unfortunately died over time, but still is one of the all-time classics of the nineteen seventies.
  • Three's Company is one of the greatest sitcoms that I have ever seen!

    What to say about Three's Company... actually what isn't there to say? John Ritter especially and all of the misunderstandings make the show hilarious! Jack moves in with Janet and Chrissy after Janet convinces Mr. Roper that Jack's gay So, Jack goes along with the lie whenever Stanley Roper is around which is always a blast to watch since everyone else, Mrs. Roper included, knows the truth. John and Joyce get along great and that really shows during the episodes. Chrissy and her dimwitted jokes always make me laugh. Eventually the Ropers moved out and Mr. Furley came in, but the show still pulled through. In my opinion it was even great when Cindy took Chrissy spot and when Terri took hers. This show is a true classic.
  • i like the episode where there was a big misunderstanding but it all got worked out in the end.

    definately a classic show. u still hear refences to the show when someone comes up with a misguided scheme. and those blonde girls were hott. weird though the show was funnier before don knots. weird because he is halirous. the ropers got thier own show though and jack had a spin out.
  • This sitcom was a definitely a classic from the beginning and it will never end; thanks to tv,vhs,DVD and ?.

    This sitcom will be on tv forever!! It is most definitely a classic! Everybody comes through with their characters. John Ritter and Don Knotts stand out. John Ritter{Jack} with his professional physical comedy. Don Knotts{Mr.Furley} with his acting like "himself" as far as we know.
    I think the chacter Cindy was a over done. Hitting someone with the door the first one hundred times was funny but after that.
    I believe that this sitcom was a classic from the beginning to the end. We will never have to say I miss that show. It will be on tv,vhs,DVD and ? forever! I guess it never ended!!!
  • Awesome show

    I remember watching this show on TV land a few years bac kand it is pretty good. I like Jack so much in the show. He\\\'s such a good actor and makes us feel like this show is not scripted at all. The two girls of course were pretty funny, and well both being cute of course. I liked Don Knocks a lot in this show also as the landlord as well as his weird wife. Three\\\'s company is a class everyone. The only problem was that it came on too late at times, and that two of the characters passed awqay as I know fo in real life. RIP
  • one of the good old fasion tv shows way back when my mom went to school

    THIS TV Show is a good classic from 1977 i know of it because my mom still waches is to day. it is a good comady from way back when and kids if u ask your moms about it i bet they will tell you all about it. i gave it a 8 out of ten but i dont think i desarvs it the show is ok but corny the star of the show john riter wasent the best actor but stared on 8 simpel ruels befor he died. i think he had it coming but o well this show is history and will stay like that
  • The most greatest classic ever!

    This show is the best that was ever made. The best comedy there is. I loved this show i still love it. I watch it some nights when im up, on TV land and i laugh so hard. I love jack (John Ritter). He was the best comedian alive! It was just so sad when he died. I have to admit i cried. When i heard he had a heart attack i was devastated. He is a legand. I also liked Chrissy haha has dumb has she was. It was so funny. I miss that show =( RIP JOHN RITTER!!
  • A great show if you need a laugh.

    I just love Three's Company. This show followed Jack Tripper (John Ritter), Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt), and Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers). Then when Chrissy moved out there was Cindy Snow (Jenilee Harrison), and Terri Alden (Priscilla Barnes). Also long for the ride were the landlords Stanley Roper (Norman Fell), and his wife Helen Roper (Audra Lindley). After they moved out the new landlord was Ralph Furley (Don Knotts).
    I just loved to watch to see what kind of trouble Jack Tripper was going to get in. The most funny time's when he gets into trouble was when he all most gets caught not really being gay. It's funny seeing him trying to explain what was going on.
    The show also was well known for the miss understandings. Like when Chrissy and Jack were in the bathroom hangs up the shower certain, and Mr. Furley standing outside the door thinking of something else completely different only because he hears the conversation between the two.
    This show was really great, and it all ways had you laughing so hard that you could fall out of your seat that you were sitting in at the time.
  • Three's Company is a true classic.

    One my favorite classic shows that is on tv.Its always interesting to see what crazy mess ups that Jack and the girls get them selfs into.Jack is my favorite character,most likey cause its the funniest one,next to Mr.Furley(Don Knotts).The show is mosly funny for most the part,however i don't find jack's corny jokes to be all that humorous.Chrissy Snow is preety near as humorous as Jack and Mr.Furley.I say this because Shes always doing retarted things,and doesn't understand the meaning of tasks that people ask of her.Stupid people are always funny in a show i find,and this show as a few lol.
  • Classic Show with a Convoluted Reputation

    There has been a lot of great tv series that have been based on misunderstandings, but this one actually exploited the dirty minds of the American viewing public. More a star vehicle for the talent of John Ritter than anything else, the show featured Ritter pretending to be a homosexual in order to share an apartment with two girls played by Joyce Dewitt and the annoyingly blonde Suzanne Somers. A mild headache in the beginning, this way over-rated actress just became dumber, and dumber, and dumber until she became practically brain-damaged and completely unbearable to watch, but fortunately for this show, not a lot of guys cared about brains, otherwise the series would not have lasted its first season. Not that attractive if you consider the fact that Suzanne was just another in a whole string of seen-it-before-blondes, she ruined many a show for me. Dewitt was the brains and the logic in the apartment, the Mary Ann to her Ginger who didn\'t get the respect she deserved. The show was really more a star vehicle for the talented Ritter, and Somers, a funny and talented actress when she wasn\'t playing Chrissy, just rode on his talent, and was exploited for it, leading to her unhappy departure from the show. A side gag in the series was the husband and wife jokes of Norman Fell and Audra Lindley. A call back to the old marriage routines of the radio, they were replaced by Don Knotts. In his presence, the series was at the height of its popularity and a much bigger success, especially after Somers left. Replaced briefly by the adorable klutz, Jenilee Harrison, a bit more a beauty than Somers, she was the perfect foil for Ritter\'s physical comedy. She was then replaced by the brainy blonde Priscilla Barnes, but the humor was really at it\'s best when it was around Ritter, Knotts and the hysterical Richard Kline, who played self-proclaimed ladies man, Larry Dallas. A bigger success in its later years, this series went out while it was still at the top of the ratings. Ritter tried to continue the role in another series, but without his familiar circle of talent, it didn\'t last more than another season.
  • Back when people could actually make a comedy...

    Aw man, this show was hilarious! When I heard that this was John Ritter's breakthrough in television, I looked up when this show still aired on TV Land and I'm so glad I saw it! This show is definitely not what people are passing up as a comedy these days such as Disney's overrated and lame live-action comedies and several others including The War at Home and most movies released these days. The set design sometimes can give away that it's just performed on a stage rather than looking like it's all that but that won't seem to matter with how well the episodes stories pull you in and how the dialogue and good acting make you laugh. The characters are classic and well constructed as well.
    I miss you John Ritter!
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