Three's Company

ABC (ended 1984)





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  • Three's Company was one of the most funny shows ever. John Ritter who played Jack Tripper is one of the funniest actors ever. Together with Joyce Dewitt, Suzanne Somers, and later Pricilla Barnes, the cast was just amazing.

    I loved almost every season of the show. I say almost because I wasn't too happy with the show during the season when Suzanne Somers who played Chrissy Snow left the show and Jenilee Harrison who played Cindy Snow replaced her. To me that whole thing was a disaster for so many reasons. Other than that, I really don't have many bad things to say about the show. Even when Pricilla Barnes joined the cast as Terri Alden, I still loved the show. I think that she did a great job taking over after Chrissy and Cindy left. And the Ropers, their landlords, were hilarious. So was Mr. Furley who replaced them. Two girls living with a guy and the guy having to pretend that he was gay so that he could stay there and not get thrown out by The Ropers and Furley. Everything about the show was funny. I liked Jacks best friend Larry Dallas also. I really hated the Lana character though. I'm glad that she didn't last long.