Three's Company

ABC (ended 1984)





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  • The best reason to watch "Three's Company" is NOT Suzanne Somers or even John Ritter, but Joyce DeWitt instead...her radiance shines throughout this series.

    Who could have ever imagined that an Indiana-bred woman would outshine her better-known blond colleagues and last throughout the entire run of a sitcom series? That's exactly what Joyce DeWitt accomplished as the "second banana" co-star to Suzanne Somers and John Ritter on "Three's Company". Not only that, but Ms. DeWitt's sexiness became pronounced, beginning with the first episodes of the Fall 1979 season, in which she traded in her plain Jane hairdo and conservative attire for a "hot mama" look, often wearing t-shirts, shorts, leotards and pantyhose (after all, it netted her an advertising contract with L'eggs!). Her Janet Wood character actually became nearly as comparable as Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island" to the point that Janet was nearly resurrected as Bruce Wayne's newly-minted wife on the never-aired "Batman & Wife". It's a shame that, like Adam "Batman" West, Joyce DeWitt will always be typecast as the sweet flower girl known as Janet Wood...