Three's Company - Season 1

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • It's Only Money
    It's Only Money
    Episode 6
    The trio's rent money is missing and they scramble to get more money so Stanley will not kick them out. Unbeknownst to them, Stanley picked up the money earlier that day.
  • Jack the Giant Killer
    Jack's masculinity is put to the test when a big bully tries to have his way with the girls.
  • No Children, No Dogs
    Larry Dallas, a slick car salesman, unloads a puppy on the trio. Knowing that Stanley doesn't allow pets, they try to hide it. The puppy is necesary for Chrissy's sleepwalking problem.
  • Roper's Niece
    Roper's Niece
    Episode 3
    Mr. Roper's niece is visiting, and he doesn't want her to leave the house. He asks Jack (whom he thinks is gay) to take her out so that she'll be safe with him. Meanwhile, it's Janet's birthday, and Jack spends all night with the niece.
  • And Mother Makes Four
    Jack is all set to move into Eleanor's room, until Chrissy's mother unexpectedly shows up. Chrissy's mom does not know that she and Janet live with a man, so she tries to keep them out of sight. Janet and Jack go to the Regal Beagle to hide out, and Mrs. Roper finds out that Jack is not really gay. She manages to keep it secret from Mr. Roper.moreless
  • Pilot #2
    Pilot #2
    Episode 2
    Chrissy's mother is coming to visit them and she do not want her to know about Jack.
  • A Man About the House
    This crazy series begins when Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow, two attractive women, have a going away party for their roommate, Eleanor (who we'll meet in Episode 44). While trying to find someone to share the rent with, they find party crasher Jack Tripper in their bathtub. They have their doubts at first but when they find out that Jack is the only one that can cook (by going to cooking school), they want him to stay. The hardest part of this is trying to convince the landlords, Stanley and Helen Roper, that Jack is indeed good company. Stanley doesn't like the idea of a man living with two women, knowing what can go on behind closed doors. Jack pretends he is gay so that he can have a place to live. It works, and the rest is sitcom history.moreless
  • Pilot #1
    Pilot #1
    Episode 1
    David Bell, an aspiring filmmaker, shows up in Jenny and Samantha's bathtub after a party and they want him to stay with them, if they can get past the landlord, Mr. Roper.