Three's Company - Season 4

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Jack's Graduation
    Jack's Graduation
    Episode 25
    Jack fails his final cooking exam, but later realizes that a dishonest classmate switched dishes with him. He devises a plan to have his roommates trick the classmate into confessing to Dean Travers.
  • The Goodbye Guy
    The Goodbye Guy
    Episode 24
    Mr. Furley's brother humiliates him in front of a woman he wanted to ask out, causing him to become depressed. The trio becomes convinced that he is going to attempt suicide, and he decides to take advantage of their concern when he figures out why they are being so nice to him.moreless
  • Secret Admirer
    Secret Admirer
    Episode 23
    Chrissy has been getting letters at work from a secret admirer. When he shows up at the apartment and turns out to be nerdy and clumsy, her roommates assume she wants help getting rid of him.
  • The Root of All Evil
    Chrissy wins money at the racetrack and the trio get into a fight over how to use the winnings. It takes a trip to the psychiatrist's office to see that the money is tearing them apart.
  • Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
    Jack's overachieving brother Lee pays a visit, which Jack dreads the whole time, especially when he discovers Lee making out with Chrissy. Jack thinks he can even the score when Lee invites them both to dinner at a French restaurant.
  • Jack's Bad Boy
    Jack's Bad Boy
    Episode 20
    The trio decides to take in a twelve year old runaway who breaks into their apartment and claims to be a neglected foster child, but quickly proves to be an expert manipulator.
  • And Baby Makes Two
    And Baby Makes Two
    Episode 19
    Janet wants to surprise Chrissy by hiring an art student to redecorate their bedroom while Jack and Chrissy are away on a ski trip. However, the art student arrives early and her roommates become convinced that he is actually someone that Janet has hired to impregnate her.
  • Handcuffed
    Episode 18
    Chrissy's absent minded policeman cousin leaves his handcuffs at the apartment, and she and Jack jokingly handcuff themselves together without realizing they don't have the key. Jack decides he can't miss his date at the Reagle Beagle, where another cop becomes suspicious and follows them back to the apartment.
  • The Love Lesson
    The Love Lesson
    Episode 17
    Mr. Furley catches Jack making out with his date, forcing Jack to improvise and tell him that his date is actually a transvestite friend from the Navy. Mr. Furley interprets this as a signal that Jack is trying to go straight, and offers to give him lessons to become a 'real man'.moreless
  • Mighty Mouth
    Mighty Mouth
    Episode 16
    Jack portrays himself as being athletically gifted in order to impress a girl who works at a health spa. He soon regrets the exaggeration when he buys a membership and the girl's insanely overprotective and muscle bound brother finds out about their relationship.
  • Larry Loves Janet
    Larry Loves Janet
    Episode 15
    Larry becomes depressed when he strikes out with a "five star" girl, and Janet tries to cheer him up by telling him he deserves a sweet, old fashioned girl. This causes a huge problem when Larry becomes convinced that Janet was referring to herself.
  • The Reverend Steps Out
    Reverend Snow announces that he has accepted an offer to become the new minister of the Santa Monica Community Church. Unfortunately, the offer comes with the condition that his daughter Chrissy end her non-standard living arrangement.
  • Black Letter Day
    Black Letter Day
    Episode 13
    Lana reads a Dear Abbey column in which a man with two female roommates is secretly dating one roommate and trying to find a way to kick out the other. Convinced the author is Jack, she manages to turn Chrissy and Janet against Jack and each other.
  • Ralph's Rival
    Ralph's Rival
    Episode 12
    Chrissy and Janet, who have separate plans for the evening, agree to spend a few minutes at Mr. Furley's apartment to be a part of his fictitious life story in an attempt to make his old rival jealous. The plan backfires when Mr. Furley is forced to improvise by claiming Chrissy is his wife, and his rival then unexpectedly decides to spend the night on his couch.moreless
  • The Love Barge
    The Love Barge
    Episode 11
    Jack gets a job on a cruise ship and is invited to take only one guest. He has a choice between Janet and Chrissy and he sure doesn't want to take Lana of all people. So he makes it so Mr. Furley can go on the trip with Lana, who thinks that jack will be on the ship waiting for her.moreless
  • The Loan Shark
    The Loan Shark
    Episode 10
    When Chrissy accidentally throws away Jack's GI check, she borrows $300 from a loan shark on his behalf. Although he immediately returns the money, he is forced to pay back the interest by agreeing to give a cooking lesson to the shark's Italian-speaking wife, a woman who only seems to be interested in cheating on her husband.moreless
  • Chrissy's Hospitality
    Chrissy falls and hits her head in the bathtub while trying to put up a shower curtain. Jack and Janet take her to the hospital when she starts to get dizzy. They misunderstand the doctor when he comes out of Chrissy's room crying, and think that she has only a short time to live.moreless
  • A Camping We Will Go
    Larry convinces his latest girlfriend, who is an aspiring actress, to spend a weekend with him at a one-room cabin by telling her that his friend Jack, who he claims is a movie director, will be going along too. However, Janet, Chrissy, Lana, and Mr. Furley all follow them there for various reasons, turning the weekend into a disaster.moreless
  • Old Folks at Home
    Old Folks at Home
    Episode 7
    The trio reluctantly agrees to allow an elderly man who shows up at their door to live with them until he can find an apartment. Their patience is tested when he picks Mr. Furley's prized roses and interferes with Jack's date, and Jack is ultimately forced to make a tough decision.moreless
  • The Life Saver
    The Life Saver
    Episode 6
    After receiving an eviction notice for putting a hole in the wall, Jack saves the life of a seemingly wealthy man who rewards him by offering him and his roommates a free one year lease at a three-bedroom penthouse with an ocean view. However, when they thank the man by inviting him to dinner, they quickly find out that all is not as it seems.moreless
  • Jack the Ripper
    Jack the Ripper
    Episode 5
    Jacks gets assertiveness training from an eccentric psychologist so he can refuse Dean Travers' inappropriate demand to cater his party for free. The training works so well, however, he ends up alienating his roommates.
  • Snow Job
    Snow Job
    Episode 4
    Chrissy gets a job selling cosmetics door to door, but when it becomes evident she has no sales instinct and her roommates stage her first sale out of pity, she decides to quit her other job. Meanwhile, Mr. Furley hosts a large poker party that Larry turns into strip poker.
  • The New Landlord
    The New Landlord
    Episode 3
    The trio and Larry meet Mr. Ralph Furley, the new landlord, after accidentally selling all of his furniture, believing it was the Roper's old furniture.
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 2
    Jack finds a wrapped present from his roommates that he assumes is expensive and for his moving-in anniversary, and becomes desperate to scrape together enough cash to buy them a similar gift. Larry recommends he become a paid escort, but Jack soon discovers it to be a bad idea when his mature, sophisticated client named Lana Shields immediately falls for him.moreless
  • Jack on the Lam
    Jack on the Lam
    Episode 1
    Chrissy and Janet are visited by a pair of FBI agents who are looking for Jack, who isn't home at the time, to question him about someone who had helped him get discharged a week early from the Navy as a way to pay off a poker debt. To avoid capture, he poses as Chrissy, which creates a new set of problems when her date shows up and he later runs into a drunken Larry at the Reagle Beagle.moreless