Three's Company - Season 5

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Honest Jack Tripper
    Honest Jack Tripper
    Episode 22
    Jack gets dumped by his girlfriend Lisa when she catches him in a web of lies. His guilty conscience causes him to vow to never lie again, which ends up creating many more problems than it solves.
  • The Case of the Missing Blonde
    Jack and Janet arrive home late one night from seeing a horror movie and discover Cindy isn't home. They quickly conclude she's been kidnapped when they find suspicious evidence in the apartment, and begin an investigation with the help of Larry and Mr. Furley.
  • Dying to Meet You
    Dying to Meet You
    Episode 20
    Jack inadvertently becomes involved in a spat between a girl and her insanely jealous boyfriend, who believes Jack is trying to steal her and becomes determined to kill him. Larry convinces Jack that his only chance at regaining his normal life is to fake his own death and funeral.
  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    Episode 19
    Jack can't resist the opportunity to take out Mr. Furley's visiting niece, and poses as his heterosexual identical twin brother by donning a cowboy hat and speaking with a drawl. This becomes a problem when Mr. Furley invites both brothers to dinner.
  • Night of the Ropers
    Night of the Ropers
    Episode 18
    Helen Roper pays the trio an unexpected visit after having a falling out with Stanley, and they suggest that she spend the night in her old apartment since Mr. Furley is away. This turns out to be a bad idea when Mr. Furley arrives home unexpectedly and Stanley finds him in bed with Helen.moreless
  • And Baby Makes Four
    And Baby Makes Four
    Episode 17
    Cindy breaks off a secretive relationship with an overly critical fashion photographer, and becomes concerned with the welfare of a waitress at the Reagle Beagle who is a single mother-to-be. Cindy's limited explanation of the situation causes her roommates to conclude that she is pregnant, and Jack considers proposing to her.moreless
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 16

    Jack's dream opportunity to teach a night school basic cooking class turns into a nightmare when he refuses the advances of Dean Travers' flirtatious niece.

  • In Like Larry
    In Like Larry
    Episode 15
    Jack becomes fed up with his roommates after another fight, and Larry agrees to swap apartments. They all try to convince each other they like the new living arrangement while trying to prevent Mr. Furley from finding out.
  • Furley Versus Furley

    The trio feels compelled to let Mr. Furley to move in with them after Janet inadvertently causes his ruthless brother Bart to fire him from his job as building manager.

  • Father of the Bride
    Father of the Bride
    Episode 13
    Cindy is hounded by an eccentric millionaire who wants to marry her and won't take "no" for an answer. She and her roommates are forced to come up with a way to make her appear to be an undesirable wife.
  • Janet's Secret
    Janet's Secret
    Episode 12
    Jack agrees to pretend to be Janet's husband when her parents pay an unexpected visit. This proves to be a problem when Cindy inadvertently convinces Janet's parents to spend the night at the apartment.
  • Make Room for Daddy
    Make Room for Daddy
    Episode 11
    Jack gives dating tips to his date's widowed father in the hopes of winning his approval of their relationship. Jack regrets giving the advice, however, when the father uses his new skills to take Janet on a date.
  • Jack's Other Mother
    Jack's Other Mother
    Episode 10
    Jack helps a new elderly resident by carrying her groceries, and she returns the favor by baking him some cookies. However, she begins to smother him with affection and becomes an interfering nuisance in all aspects of his life.
  • The Not-So-Great Imposter
    To get a new job, Jack assumes the identity of another person, not knowing that a lot of people have it in for that person!
  • Jack to the Rescue
    Jack to the Rescue
    Episode 8
    Cindy is fired from her secretary job when she is caught typing up a resume for Jack on company time. Jack feels compelled to go back to her office and try to convince her boss to change his mind.
  • Chrissy's Cousin
    Chrissy's Cousin
    Episode 7
    Cindy Snow moves into the apartment with Jack and Janet.
  • Room at the Bottom
    Room at the Bottom
    Episode 6
    Jack's friends and date believe he has just been hired as a chef at a prestigious French restaurant, but he is too embarrassed to tell them he had to settle for a job as a busboy. This leads to a big problem when they unexpectedly show up there for dinner on his first day.moreless
  • A Crowded Romance
    A Crowded Romance
    Episode 5
    Janet tries to prevent Jack and Larry from realizing they've fallen in love with the same girl. Meanwhile, Jack gets a $400 per week job as a robotic mannequin in the display window of a department store.
  • Downhill Chaser
    Downhill Chaser
    Episode 4
    Jack volunteers to ski the "Flying Dutchman" advanced slope to impress his date Inga, despite the fact he doesn't know how to ski other than a very basic lesson from Janet. Meanwhile, Larry and Mr. Furley try to pick up women at the ski lodge.
  • A Hundred Dollars a What?
    Chrissy is visited by a good friend she hasn't seen since high school who has become successful and wealthy. Janet finds out that she is a high priced call girl, but makes a critical mistake when she decides not to tell Chrissy.
  • And Justice for Jack
    Jacks begins a job as a short order cook at a busy diner, but finds it hard to do his job because his supervisor is unable to keep her hands off of him. She fires him after he demands that she stop, and Janet convinces him to sue for sexual harassment.moreless
  • Upstairs Downstairs Downstairs
    Jack attempts to cook dinner and dine with a seductive French woman in Larry's apartment, an attractive nurse in his own apartment, and his roommates in Mr. Furley's apartment, all at the same time.
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