Three's Company - Season 6

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • The Best of Three's Company (2)
    Lucille Ball shows clips and moments from the past six years of Three's Company. John Ritter shows up at the end and describes the show himself.
    Clips include: "Make Room for Daddy" (season 5); "A Camping We Will Go" (season 4); "The Older Woman" (season 3); "The New Landlord" (season 4); "Jack's Graduation" (season 4); "No Children, No Dogs" (season 1); "Professor Jack" (season 6); "Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (season 6); "Some of That Jazz" (season 6); "Jack Bares All," Part 2 (season 6); "The Bake-Off" (season 3).moreless
  • The Best of Three's Company (1)
    Lucille Ball hosts this hour-long special about Three's Company and what makes the show a great comedic success.
    Clips include: the pilot, "Man About the House" (season 1); "Strange Bedfellows" (season 2); "Handcuffed" (season 4); "Jack Moves Out" (season 3); "The Not-So-Great Impostor" (season 5); "Mighty Mouth" (season 4); "Double Trouble" (season 5); "Jack Bares All," Part 1 (season 6); "Larry Loves Janet" (season 4); "Chrissy's Cousin" (season 5); "Honest Jack Tripper" (season 5).moreless
  • Mate for Each Other
    Mate for Each Other
    Episode 26
    Jack and Janet separately decide to try computer dating using aliases after hearing a success story from one of Janet's friends. However, they end up being matched and decide to go through with the date, causing a big misunderstanding with Terri.
  • Up in the Air
    Up in the Air
    Episode 25
    Jack agrees to accompany Janet to a party on a private island that can only be accessed by plane. He decides to take one of Larry's tranquilizers to deal with his fear of flying, but then experiences unpredictable side effects after ignoring warnings not to drink alcohol.
  • Janet Wigs Out
    Janet Wigs Out
    Episode 24

    Janet decides to change her appearance by wearing a blonde wig. However, it soon begins to change her personality as well, much to the disdain of her roommates and friends.

  • And Now Here's Jack
    And Now Here's Jack
    Episode 23
    Jack is asked to prepare a recipe on live television as part of a promotion for Angelino's restaurant. However, his decision to allow his roommates to be he on-air assistants proves to be disastrous.
  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost
    Episode 22
    Terri lines up a fancy new house for the trio to move into but Larry and Mr. Furley, not wanting to see their best friends leave, plot to make them feel wanted enough to stay.
  • Critic's Choice
    Critic's Choice
    Episode 21
    Jack tries to win over a harsh food critic by inviting him to the apartment for dinner. However, Jack quickly finds out the critic is more interested in wine and women.
  • Doctor in the House
    Doctor in the House
    Episode 20
    Jack thought there was no harm in fulfilling his dying grandfather's wish by telling him he had become a doctor. However, he is forced to improvise with Terri's help when his grandfather unexpectedly recovers fully and pays him a surprise visit.
  • Jack's 10
    Jack's 10
    Episode 19
    Jack falls for a wealthy interior decorator named Denise who quickly takes over his life and tries to mold him into a new man. His roommates become alarmed when she proposes marriage after just a few weeks, and scheme to break them up.
  • A Friend in Need
    A Friend in Need
    Episode 18
    Even though Jack was recently fired from Angelino's restaurant, he reluctantly accepts Felipe's desperate plea to fill in for him so he can attend the birth of his child. When a mobster demands Jack be hired full time to make his favorite meal, Jack feels uncomfortable with the idea of Felipe being demoted back to the salad station.moreless
  • Urban Plowboy
    Urban Plowboy
    Episode 17

    While spending the weekend in a barn at Cindy's Aunt Becky's farm with his roommates, Jack learns that Larry assumed his identity while on a date with a woman who turned out to be engaged. Jack is forced to improvise when Mr. Furley inadvertently reveals his location to the enraged fiancé.

  • Hearts and Flowers
    Hearts and Flowers
    Episode 16
    Janet is being driven crazy by an efficiency expert named Bobbi who has been assigned to her flower store and begins dating Jack. Jack, Terri, and Mr. Furley try to straighten things out after Janet is forced to quit her job when Jack breaks up with Bobbi.
  • Maid to Order
    Maid to Order
    Episode 15
    The trio is having difficulty finding time to clean the apartment, but Jack quickly regrets convincing his roommates to hire Cindy as a part time maid. Meanwhile, Larry picks the wrong guy to sell a lemon to.
  • Oh, Nun
    Oh, Nun
    Episode 14
    Jack takes Terri's visiting friend Catherine, who is a nun, to Disney Land. When he later overhears Catherine read Terri a letter from an ex-nun who left the convent to get married, Jack concludes that she was actually talking about marrying him, and he tries to change her mind by convincing her that he's a hopeless drunk.moreless
  • The Matchbreakers
    The Matchbreakers
    Episode 13
    The trio schemes with Larry to derail Mr. Furley's relationship with a woman who they think is only interested in him because he told her he owned the apartment building. They put the relationship back together when they find out she is wealthy, only to quickly discover that was a big mistake.moreless
  • Strangers in the Night
    Jack is dumped by his old fashioned southern girlfriend when she mistakenly believes he's hitting on a waitress at the Reagle Beagle. His roommates convince him to try to get her back by serenading her with the help of Larry's singing voice, but they end up going to the wrong bedroom window.moreless
  • Macho Man
    Macho Man
    Episode 11
    Jack feels emasculated when Terri roughs up a drunk at the Reagle Beagle who was harassing him. He reluctantly accepts Terri's offer to teach him some of her self defense moves, but finds himself in jail after he puts his new skills to use against an apparent mugger.
  • Dates of Wrath
    Dates of Wrath
    Episode 10
    Janet hesitates when she tries to ask out the new bartender at the Reagle Beagle, which causes him to ask Terri out instead. Terri feels bad when she finds out what happened, but then finds herself in a no-win situation when she tries to straighten things out.
  • Boy Meets Dummy
    Boy Meets Dummy
    Episode 9
    Mr. Angelino's daughter falls for Jack at first sight, but Mr. Angelino forbids Jack from dating her. When she continues to insist that Jack go out with her, Jack has to find a way to convince her that he is happily married. Meanwhile, Terri gives CPR lessons in the apartment.
  • Eyewitness Blues
    Eyewitness Blues
    Episode 8
    Jack and Janet become the victims of a robbery while at the flower shop, and Jack agrees to cooperate in a police operation to lure the suspect to the apartment. However, he and Janet believe the officer assigned to protect them is actually the robber.
  • Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    Terri tries to help a stressed out psychiatrist at her hospital by inviting him on a dinner date. When the doctor arrives at the apartment, however, her roommates mistake him for one of his patients and fear for Terri's safety.
  • Lies My Roommate Told Me
    Larry finds himself unable to go on a date with Terri alone, so he sets Jack up with "Greedy Gretchen" so Jack can feed him lines at the restaurant. However, Larry also sets Jack up with a web of lies that lands Jack in hot water with Janet.
  • Some of That Jazz
    Some of That Jazz
    Episode 5
    Jack decides to participate in one of Janet's ballet lessons and witnesses the instructor attempting him to coerce another student into having sex with him. Jack becomes rightfully suspicious when the instructor suddenly offers Janet a leading role in a production.
  • Professor Jack
    Professor Jack
    Episode 4
    Jack agrees to give the wife of Janet's boss Chinese cooking lessons for $25 per hour, but Terri suddenly decides to move out when she becomes convinced that Janet is arranging for Jack to give intimate love lessons. Meanwhile, Terri's roommates become convinced that she is going to be moving into a doctor's love nest.moreless
  • Terri Makes Her Move
    Larry thinks he's returning a favor for Jack when he tells Terri a made up story about Jack having a broken heart and bruised ego. Terri decides to come on to Jack to improve his supposedly low self esteem, while Janet is convinced Jack must be manipulating Terri.
  • Jack Bares All (a.k.a. Oh, Nurse) (2)
    Having already moved out of her old apartment, Terri makes several unsuccessful attempts to warm Jack to the idea of her becoming his roommate. Unaware of Larry's subversive plan, Janet tells her not to give up, with one last chance to win Jack over at Cindy's going away party.
  • Jack Bares All (a.k.a. Oh, Nurse) (1)
    Mr. Angelino gives Jack a second chance at being a chef at his restaurant, but Jack cuts his finger when he is distracted by Felipe, his disgruntled assistant. While at the hospital, he has a bad experience with one of the nurses. Meanwhile, Janet searches for a new roommate after Cindy announces she is moving out to attend veterinary school at UCLA.moreless
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