Three's Company - Season 7

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Borrowing Trouble
    Borrowing Trouble
    Episode 22

    Convinced that Jack is about to lose his bistro and is too proud to accept a loan, Janet and Terri convince Mr. Furley to let them delay their $500 rent payment for a week and arrange for Jack to 'win' the money on a fake radio contest. However, calamity ensues when Jack instead uses the money to buy a leather coat.

  • Navy Blues
    Navy Blues
    Episode 21

    Jack graciously offers a kitchen assistant job to his former navy buddy Bill, who is down on his luck. However, Bill returns the favor by manipulating Mr. Angelino to make him a partner in Jack's bistro.

  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Jack takes Larry's advice to wear a fake mustache to attract women, but he quickly regrets his decision when it causes Terri to fall madly in love with him.
  • The Apartment
    The Apartment
    Episode 19

    Jack decides to crash at the vacant apartment above his bistro, but is shocked to find Mr. Angelino currently using it to have an affair. He has to deal with a much bigger problem when he realizes Mr. Angelino's wife has followed right behind him.

  • Janet's Little Helper

    Janet agrees to give dating advice to Mr. Furley's shy 18-year-old nephew in exchange for him fixing her bedroom stereo, which she plans to use as a surprise gift for her roommates. However, Jack and Terri become convinced she is trying to rob the cradle.

  • Jack's Double Date
    Jack's Double Date
    Episode 17
    Janet and Terri bet Jack $25 that he can't last a week without being with a woman. However, he regrettably sets up Mr. Furley with a woman who turns out to have an attractive daughter.
  • Jack Goes the Distance
    Jack picks a fight with an obnoxious Reagle Beagle patron who turns out to be an accomplished boxer. He feels compelled by peer pressure to go through with the fight, even though it quickly becomes obvious he doesn't stand a chance.
  • Star Struck
    Star Struck
    Episode 15
    Terri treats a popular soap star at the hospital, and is elated when he agrees to go on a date with her. The relationship quickly escalates to a marriage proposal, but Jack has suspicions about the guy's true intentions.
  • Going to Pot
    Going to Pot
    Episode 14
    Jack tries to set up a crooked health inspector in a sting, but the police officer mistakenly believes he wants to bust Mr. Furley for dealing pot. Meanwhile, Terri is assigned to help a frightened patient transition back to life outside of the hospital.
  • Bob & Carol & Larry & Terri

    Terri hears a third hand story about her married friends Bob and Carol hitting rocks with their boat, but mistakenly concludes their marriage is "on the rocks". Jack and Janet take it upon themselves to save the marriage, only to put it in jeopardy.

  • Larry's Sister
    Larry's Sister
    Episode 12
    Larry asks trustworthy Jack to take his visiting 19-year-old sister on a date and let her stay in the apartment. However, Larry, Janet, and Terri jump to conclusions when the two of them disappear from the apartment during the night without explanation.
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    Jack and Janet set Terri up with a customer at the flower shop on the spur of the moment, which turns out to be a huge mistake when Mr. Furley remembers seeing the man profiled in a detective magazine as a convicted murderer.
  • The Impossible Dream
    Larry does Jack a big favor by inviting his friend to play guitar at the bistro for free, but then invites himself to live out his fantasy to be a singer. Meanwhile, Jack regrettably hires Mr. Furley to be his new kitchen assistant.
  • The Brunch
    The Brunch
    Episode 9
    Just when Jack's Bistro begins to turn a profit, a minister who had a problem with the old restaurant manages to get Jack's wine license revoked. Jack invites the minister to a Sunday brunch to see how things have changed, but Mr. Furley and several of the patrons create problems.
  • An Affair to Forget
    Janet's old high school friend comes to town to direct a television commercial, and Janet sets her up on a date with Jack. However, mass confusion ensues when her friend later reveals to Janet she's married and using Jack to have a fling.
  • Cousin Cuisine
    Cousin Cuisine
    Episode 7
    As a favor to Felipe, Jack allows his attractive but non-English speaking cousin from Mexico to spend a few days in the apartment. Jack is put in a bad situation when an offer to give her a job at his bistro is misinterpreted as a proposal of marriage to avoid deportation.moreless
  • Opening Night
    Opening Night
    Episode 6
    Jack, with the help of Mr. Furley and his roommates, hurry to fix up the dilapidated restaurant for opening night. However, he faces a new challenge when Larry puts the wrong date on the advertisements, and no one shows up.
  • Jack Gets His
    Jack Gets His
    Episode 5
    Mr. Angelino is having trouble finding someone to rent his old but fully equipped restaurant, and offers Jack his dream opportunity to start his own French bistro. However, Jack faces a daunting task coming up with $800 for the first month's rent.
  • Extra, Extra
    Extra, Extra
    Episode 4
    Janet's date is a columnist for the newspaper who decides to interview the trio about their living arrangement for an article about penny-pinching. However, major complications arise when the published article is full of wrong and suggestive assumptions about their lifestyle.
  • Diamond Jack
    Diamond Jack
    Episode 3
    Larry graciously gives Jack his blind date when a conflict arises. However, Jack receives a wrong-number call that he believes is from his date, but is actually from a diamond smuggler looking to set up a transaction.
  • Jack Goes to the Dentist
    Jack, who has a great fear of dentists, wakes up with a toothache. Terri schedules him to see a children's dentist that she happens to be dating, but she picks a bad time to break up with him.
  • A Night Not to Remember
    Janet convinces Jack to accompany her on a dinner date with an executive from her flower shop, who is a lecher. Unfortunately, she brings Jack home drunk, resulting in him breaking one of Janet's heirloom vases and believing the next morning that he took advantage of her.