Three's Company

Season 6 Episode 27

The Best of Three's Company (1)

Aired Unknown May 18, 1982 on ABC

Episode Recap

In Part 1 of "The Best Of Three's Company," special guest host Lucille Ball recalls how the trio first met, the wild predicaments of Jack Tripper, how the trio live together platonically, and how they survive each other.
Clips include scenes from the following episodes: the pilot, "Man About the House" (Chrissy and Janet find Jack in the bathtub; Janet tells Jack she convinced Mr. Roper to let him there by telling him Jack is gay); "Strange Bedfellows" (Jack and Roper wake up in bed together); "Handcuffed" (Jack and Chrissy handcuffed at the Regal Beagle while Jack is on a date); "Jack Moves Out" (Larry's boss's wife comes on to Jack at dinner); "The Not-So-Great Impostor" (a woman attacks Jack for fooling around with her sister while Felipe cheers); "Mighty Mouth" (a sore Jack tries to hide his pain from his fitness-crazed girlfriend); "Double Trouble" (Jack poses as his twin brother, Austin, in front of Mr. Furley); "Jack Bares All," Part 1 (Terri gives Jack a tetnus shot in the rear); "Larry Loves Janet" (Jack teachers Janet how to discourage a love-struck Larry); "Chrissy's Cousin" (Jack discourages Janet's idea of having another male roommate); "Honest Jack Tripper" (Jack stirs up trouble with Janet and Cindy being too honest).