Three's Company

Season 5 Episode 21

The Case of the Missing Blonde

Aired Unknown May 12, 1981 on ABC
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The Case of the Missing Blonde
Jack and Janet arrive home late one night from seeing a horror movie and discover Cindy isn't home. They quickly conclude she's been kidnapped when they find suspicious evidence in the apartment, and begin an investigation with the help of Larry and Mr. Furley.

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  • Fun episode in the style of a mystery

    Some of my favorite episodes of the show are when all cast members have a role--this is probably my favorite from Season 5. Cindy is missing. Janet, Jack, Mr. Furley, and Larry go looking for her. The plot is a light-hearted parody of classic mystery movies. Clues are gathered, people disappear, and there are witnesses who won't talk without being paid. Janet is jumpier than usual throughout the episode--but the writers were careful to craft a decent (though subtle) reason at the beginning of the episode: she and Jack had just returned from watching a mystery movie themselves. We actually learn what happens to Cindy in middle of the episode (instead of at the very end)--but I think it works because it allows more time for a very funny reveal.moreless
  • Jack and Janet thinks Cindy is kidnapped

    While Cindy is away.Jack and Janet begin to worried about her.Than discovered and coming up with the wrong conclusion that she has been kidnapped by someone.So they begin to search for Cindy.Even asking Larry and Mr.Furly to go and find Cindy.Of course when Larry was in the phone booth.The police arrested him for hanging around there which isn't allowed.When Furly flirted with the wrong woman.He was arrested for something else.Than after finding out the truth from Cindy that it was her father that she was visiting.So the two felt guity for what they done.moreless
Alan Manson

Alan Manson

Mr. Snow

Guest Star

Toni Berrell

Toni Berrell

Police Woman

Guest Star

Robert Riesel

Robert Riesel

Motel Clerk

Guest Star

Jenilee Harrison

Jenilee Harrison

Cindy Snow

Recurring Role

Brad Blaisdell

Brad Blaisdell

Mike the Bartender

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Jack has Cindy's father tackled and is demanding to know where she is, he says he doesn't have his hearing aid on. But just a few minutes ago, Cindy turned it on to tell him 'good morning', and he heard Jack when he was outside pretending to be room service.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Janet: She (Cindy) was always bumping into things and knocking things over...especially you.
      Jack: You know, I almost feel sorry for the guy who kidnapped her.

    • Jack: When are you girls going to be more careful leaving your things lying around? I almost broke my neck on your heel.
      Janet: That's not my heel.
      Jack: Well it's not mine either.
      Janet: Then it must be Cindy's...Jack, do you know what this means?
      Jack: Yeah, wherever Cindy is she's walking around with one leg shorter than the other.

    • Larry: What's going on around here?
      Janet: An empty bed, a broken heel, jumping up and down, and nobody answering that door!
      Jack: Get the picture?
      Larry: Yeah but it's out of focus.

    • Jack: They said they don't consider someone missing until 24 hours unless they're 11 years old or younger.
      Janet: You dummy! Why didn't you lie about her age?

    • Jack: I'm calling the police!
      Janet: They said it has to be 24 hours!
      Jack: That's only if she's missing. Listen... (dials the police) hello police? I'd like to report a burglary. Somebody stole my roommate, my landlord, and my neighbor.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Tag Scene: Janet keeps a sign out sheet by the door. An annoyed Jack signs it, and leaves. When Cindy asks where Jack is going, Janet reads the reply: "I am going crazy living with you two girls."