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Three's Company

Season 3 Episode 10

The Crush

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1978 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Crush
Laurie, the trio's babysitting charge, has a crush on Jack, much to her boyfriend's dismay.

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    The Roper\'s niece Laurie-a precocious 13 year old with pigtails and geeky glasses-has come to stay with her aunt and uncle, but is very sad and lonely for the time being. The Ropers bring her downstairs in hopes that the \"kids\" (Jack, Janet, and Chrissy) can cheer lonely Laurie up. Janet and Chrissy try to humor her, and Chrissy tells her \"When i was 13 i was just your age\". (Luckily for Laurie it didn\'t register). But Laurie is still very sad. That is, until Jack tries some of his jokes on her, including an imitation of of a bat and a vampire, laying some kisses on Janet\'s neck, and making up a silly song, and Laurie finds him hysterical. Jack is busy preparing tonite\'s dinner for his hot date, but Laurie has another \"3\'s company\" in mind. Later that evening, Janet and Chrissy get a telegram that they have been invited to a swank dinner party at the yacht club. They are very excited, they had been hoping for an invite like this for months. They quickly get their things and go, but the surprise isn\'t gonna be what they hoped for. Turns out that Laurie has sent a fake telegram, so she can get the girls out of the house and be alone with Jack!

    As planned, Jack and Laurie have their dinner earlier that evening together before his big date, and Jack thinks he is just being a friend...but Laurie has a little more in mind. When Jack tries to wine and dine his date alone, Laurie is an extreme pest, letting herself back into the apartment with Jack\'s key and then coming thru the window. His flustered date leaves before desert, and it hasn\'t dawned on Jack why Laurie is being such a buttinsky. t is... until she confess his love for him. Jack tries to explain why is just won\'t last, but Laurie still insist that she loves him... but the problem is Jack doesn\'t love her. \"I\'ll never forget you\" promises Laurie, and then informs Jack that she\'s the one that sent the fake telegram. That sends Jack to the edge even more, and he demands that Laurie and he go down to The Regal Beagle right away to apologize to his roommates. Jack grabs her to go, but Laurie isn\'t fazed-\"I love a man who\'s forceful\".

    jack and Laurie join an upset Janet and Chrissy in their booth, and he has Lauria sill all. But the girls don\'t believe them! Janet and Chrissy can\'t believe that Jack would stoop so low as to blame \"his\" telegram on a young girl. And they storm out. Finally, in from of the ropers and the roommates, Laurie tells her story again and this time they belive her. But why would she do a thing like that? \"I just wanted to be alone with Jack\". Jack is flattered now that Laurie would go to so much trouble for Tripper aka \"The Kid\"...but it looks like \"The Kid\'s\" status wont last long....Laurie has already found another \"man\"- a 15 year old surfer/skateboard dude named Albert. Laurie introduces Jack to Albert as \"the man i was involved with\" (tho they never so much as shook hands).(LOL) Laurie is pulled out the door again, upon Albert\'s insistence that they do his activity, and ends with the line \"I love a man who\'s forceful!\"moreless

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