Season 1 Episode 13


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Molly and Cavennaugh go to a town called Allenville in search of a doctor who they think is infected and find more than they were looking for. Meanwhile, the situation at Threshold becomes heated with the pregnancy of the infected woman coming to an end.

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  • great episode

    This episode shows the red team dealing with something bigger than they've dealt with before. A whole town gets infected by the alien infestation through one of their agents who got infected a few episodes ago. Molly and Cavanaugh go undercover at a town called Allenville. When two of their agents go there to do some investigation, they get killed by the residents. This episode wraps up the season, it ends really well, something was left to be picked up for a season 2 that never materialized. I really loved this episode, this show deserves a season 2. It's exciting, it's really well made.moreless
  • Definitely the most action packed episode of the series, Molly and Cavennaugh go undercover as a married couple into an infectee town...

    After noticing that two of their best agents have missed their regular check ins, Threshold dispatches an undercover team to investigate the town were the agents were assigned, Molly Caffrey and Sean Cavennaugh, a recently married-on the-highway-by-the-power-invested-in-Dr.Caffrey-couple. Upon arrival Cavennaugh and Caffrey (from now on C&C) find the agent's SUV, and an elderly woman pouring fallen tree branches into a shredder, or is it, nope wait, there not branches, they're the Threshold agents!!! by the time C&C stun the woman, an infectee needless to say, it's two late the only thing left are the agents shoes, and jackets. As C&C go about into town they realize that the whole town has been infected, the infectees however recognize C&C as one more of them, due to their altered brain waves.

    Bak at Threshold the pregnant infectee is about to go into labour. She has a baby boy, healthy at all sights, and after some test, not infected, pheeew! Yet trouble comes around when the baby is taken away from her, she's so pissed she manages to break free or her restraints an rampages through the Threshold building looking for Lucas and Ramsey who have the baby.

    Meanwhile back at "Alienville", sorry Allenville, C&C have found a transmitter being built buy a renowned professor, a transmitter thatwill enable the aliens to make contact with... (they never actually say with who, but we'll supose their planet or their mother ship), since C&C can't be having more aliens coming to the planet, they work a plan to "disable" the transmitter, Cavennaugh snatches some gas tanks, from an allley, while Molly goes shopping for bomb parts at the local convenient store, and manages to call Baylock to ask for support in subdoing the whole town. Once C&C meet up they fashion some good old gask tank homemade bombs with a delay timer, they go to the barn where the transmitter is, they plant the bombs and get out, but on they way back to the car, they're interdicted by Ahent Hayes, formerly Cavennaugh's brother, now an infectee, he manges to alert the town, but Molly manages to stun him, Cavennaugh picks up Hayes, and he and Molly, start running.

    Back at Threshold the alien mommy is on the warpath after Lucas and Ramsey, they mange to lure her to the conference room, while Ramsey sneaks out with the baby, ultimately they are saved by Fenway, who stuns alien mommy, but no before she wrecks a better part of the building.

    Back at Alienville, it's already dark, and the infectees are gaining on C&C, Cavennaugh knows he can't make it with Hayes on his shoulders, so he drops him and decides to shoot him, Molly advises against that. They keep on running and eventually make into the twon centre, where Baylock and Threshold people are already taking the townspeople into custody, the chasers eventually arrive but are taken down, by the Threshold troops.

    Back at Threshold, MOlly has a dream of a boy who tells her her plan will work, but it'll take take time, and she won't be thre to see it come to an end, she says it doesn't matter, just as long as they win...moreless
  • A good final episode. There's a feeling of closure at its end.

    A good final episode.

    There's a feeling of closure at its end.

    A few points leave us with a very fun memory of the main characters.

    Lucas and Ramsi have some fun with a baby, and Cavaunaugh and Caffrey have some fun playing husbad and wife.

    A final ATTACK scene in the town closes THAT end.
  • A great ender to a brillaint series. Of course what happens is left to the imagination, but thankfully some good moments throughout episode to make up.

    The apparent finale of the Threshold series saw Molly Caffrey having to deal with a massive infectee outbreak. A good episode for Molly and Cavennaugh shippers as they saw the pair posing as a married couple. Also our pregnant infectee also has her baby. Although it was quite predictable that she would end up escaping to go after her baby, it provided us with the opportunity to learn more about characters Ramsey and Lucas. Although at the end of the episode ‘what happens next’ is left to our imagination, I’d say Alienville was a good ending to a brilliant series.moreless
  • Well next to last episode.

    This show meanders too much for me and I'm fairly tolerant of long arcing shows. Unfortunately, it seems a bit disjointed at times. Jumping back and forth between the Tomatoes, the Crew of the ship, the signal. If they would leak a little more, it would help, but a Tacheon beam into space for what? I think if they would've overheard something or at least learned something more, it wouldn't have hurt us. The episode was average and interesting in that the infection was wide spread, but I find most of these episodes to be too much filler and not enough meat.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • It is revealed in this episode that Arthur Ramsey has a twin sister who is not a genius and had three children by the age of 19.

    • Goof Molly and Cavennaugh's rental car has some damage to the front right quarter panel that the townspeople confront them about. However, when they stop under some trees in the next scene, the car is not damaged.

    • In an ironic turn of events, the last line of the last episode that was produced was Molly saying "I'm just getting started."

    • When Fenway takes the baby's blood sample, his mask is down. When he turns around and moves to a table, the mask is up. When he starts to test the blood, the mask is down again.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (Molly returns from shopping for bomb parts and Cavennaugh spots a box of condoms)
      Cavennaugh: Interesting purchases.
      Molly: Well, the beef jerky helps us keep our cover.
      Cavennaugh: Well, I figured that one out, but... (holding the box of condoms) You think we have time for marital relations?
      Molly: Funny, anyone who reads the newspapers knows to be wary of strangers buying timing devices, but condoms and wine bought by a relatively attractive woman is a... more provocative focus for a teenage clerk.
      Cavennaugh: Oh. There's only one hole in your theory: the relatively attractive part.
      Molly: We're only using the clock today.
      Cavennaugh: Just trying to keep our cover.

    • Pregnant Infectee: If anything happens to my baby, I'll rip every limb off your puny body.
      Fenway: Interesting, that's what my second wife said the day our son was born.

    • (Molly and Cavennaugh scouting an alien transmission device)
      Molly: The aliens want to build something, and we want to destroy it.
      Cavennaugh: I'm good at destroying things.
      Molly: That's why I married you.

    • Cavennaugh: You pronounce us man and wife.
      Molly: Just don't forget who wears the pants.
      (a police car orders Molly and Cavennaugh to pull over)
      Cavennaugh: Here we go... dear.

    • Lucas: We're in luck, I have my PDA.
      Ramsey: What, are you gonna text message God for help?

    • Lucas: What do you think?
      Ramsey: That she really wants this baby and she can track you. She doesn't care about me. (gives the baby to Lucas and runs away)

  • NOTES (2)


    • (Ramsey is hacking the elevator system)

      Lucas: What are you doing? This won't work in a lockdown.
      Ramsey: Patience, padawan.

      Ramsey is referring to the title given to a Jedi apprentice in the Star Wars universe. Ramsey is apparently making Lucas his apprentice.

    • Lucas: Where'd you grow up?
      Ramsey: Oh, that's a whole different sorta Oprah.

      Ramsey is referring to The Oprah Winfrey Show, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. She has had many guests on her show who have been going through rough times, and who open up to her on her show.

    • After handing Libby's baby to Ramsey in the scene after Libby escapes, Lucas says, "Nice going, Dr. Spock." He is referring to Dr. Benjamin Spock who was an American pediatrician who wrote a book called Baby and Child Care. Dr. Spock encouraged parents all over the world to raise their children based on love and caring rather than with discipline.