Season 1 Episode 3

Blood of the Children

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on CBS
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Blood of the Children
When a man at a fast-food restaurant is found with his head imploded, Molly and her Red Team investigate and begin to suspect the involvement of a group of military cadets.

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  • Darn Those Crazy Kids!

    Threshold falls into sub-X Files territory with an episode which pretty much sums up the standard we'll be expecting from the show for the rest of the season.

    Blood of the Children sees Molly and co. investigating a creepy military academy where the pupils have apparently been infected with the alien virus.

    It's pretty obvious from this episode that Threshold's budget isn't that big but props to the producers for convincingly putting together such an enjoyable series on such a low amount of money. There are several scenes throughout this episode which do look cheap, but if you look past that and actually get to grips with the storyline, it's pretty impressive.

    The kids themselves are creepy and the scene where Molly is chased through the library by them is very Children of the Corn-like. They didn't annoy and they even looked convincing when they were armed with bazookas, something which would probably look out-of-place in many other series. The mask of the attacker in Molly's dreams is also creepy.

    Talking of creepy, the make-up FX are awesome! The imploded head in the opening scenes and the eye-popping scene being most memorable.

    A fun episode with an enjoyable, if slightly corny, storyline, Threshold isn't exactly intelligent TV but if you want a show which is pretty easy to watch with some friends and some snacks, this is it.moreless
  • Not on the level of the two part pilot episode, but still good.

    Sure, this episode wasn't as good as the two hour pilot, but it was good nonetheless and I don't understand why so many people hated it. And it didn't strike me as a real "filler" episode, was another important chapter in the story. We learn a bit more character background, we learn more about the aliens, such as children who haven't gone through puberty yet.

    However, the episode started off more promising than it ended. Throughout the episode we are led to believe that the children are these scary, infected humans but it turns out they are just following orders. While that may be a twist, it's a disappointing one.

    Overall, this episode felt like CSI with sciene-fiction action tossed in. I hope the show doesn't fall into this habit very often.moreless
  • Not quite Village of the Damned. But very intense just the same.

    The second episode was even better then the first! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time as they investigated more "alien infectees". The story is moving a long quite well, better then I had expected as usually the second episode is usually only so-so.

    They really pushed the research to get answers, like finding out that pre-pubescents aren't affected as opposted to adults, who are easily infected.

    The military academy was scary, bringing back memories of a movie that I watched as a kid that scared me to death. To think that children can be so obedient is slightly unrealistic, but I don't know much about the military, so I cannot say. However, that part of the episode was really really intense.

    Can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • Evil is going to be to reach the world through the Internet. Nothing new there. The military cadets have taken over the academy and the "alien" is a computer virus. Pretty good. Pretty dog gone good.moreless

    This show has several things going for it out of the gate. The first is the ablity of its characters to act well in what are otherwise outlandish circumstances. Kudos especially to Carla Gugino for not letting up in the intensity. The second things is to take ordinary circumstances and turn them into sci fi. A janitor at a military academy is "infected" with the alien virus. Apparently, the end of the world is going to come through aliens using spyware. How cool is that? Finally, the show has an intelligent, capable, and competent midget. How many other shows can say that? Granted, I think he is Hurly-casted. He is the token person of unusual shape and size to draw the audience in. All that doesn't mean too much to me. The midget, and the rest of them, can act. That does matter.moreless
  • The second episode of 'Threshold' is not as great as the pilot. That being said, it is still an excellent episode.

    The second episode of 'Threshold' (that's if you are counting both parts of the pilot as one episode) is not as great as the pilot. That being said, it is still an excellent episode.

    This episode focuses on a possible alien living at a military academy. The plot was good, if a little predictable. The characters held up excellent from the first episode, though a few acting quirks need to be ironed out still (especially Charles S. Dutton).

    The show was not big on the plot, was an incredibly exciting episode nonetheless. The scenes that involved the children were especially chilling, and reminded me of "Village of the Damned".

    Although I rated this episode an 8 and the Pilot a 9.5, do not think that the quality has dropped a lot. An 8 is still an excellent grade, but the pilot was just amazing (most pilots are usually the best episode of the season in my opinion, due to budget and writing time). This episode upheld my belief that this is going to be a great show. I can't wait until the next episode. Here's hoping that X-Files has truly found its successor.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Ramsey: The pilot's blood alcohol was 20-proof, but there was no sign of genetic mutation.

      The pilot who Threshold holds for interrogation had been in the vicinity of the Big Horn sighting, but neglected to mention any anomalies during the flight because he had a few drinks prior to the flight. Alcohol is nearly gone from a person's body within six hours. At 12 hours, it's undetectable, not to mention the days between the sighting and the pilot being questioned. So how could Ramsey know that the pilot had alcohol in his system?

    • Shooting a laptop monitor does not necessarily cause the laptop's HDD or CPU to quit functioning. Thus, when Molly shot the cadet's computer, it was still fully capable of disseminating the "virus" through the internet.

    • At approximately 21 minutes into the episode, Molly pushes a bookcase onto one of the cadets who is pursuing her. As the bookcase topples, books fall to the floor. However, it can be seen that a number of books are already on the floor and they are stacked in a pattern which would support the weight of the bookcase. A couple of shots later we see that the cadet is now "pinned" beneath the fallen bookcase, which is in fact resting on the stacked books, so preventing any injury to the actor.

    • Molly given the cover of a U.S. marshal is apparently an homage to Carla Gugino's role as U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco in the short-lived 2003 ABC drama, Karen Sisco.

    • The security camera tape conveniently changes angles so a better view of the action can be seen. The angle changes could have been edited by the technicians who supplied the video for the Red Team's review. Many buildings have multiple security cameras for more visual coverage.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Molly abruptly wakes up when the team reaches the site of an alien incident)
      Fenway: What's it been? Like five days since we were on that ship? Have you slept one decent night since then?
      Molly: Sleep is for the weak… I'm fine, don't worry.
      Fenway: Human survival may depend on you and this plan of yours. So, as your doctor, I'm ordering you: get more sleep!

    • (an infectee is trying to spread the alien signal on the internet)
      Molly: Brian don't do this… think... you're not yourself.
      Brian: No… I'm not myself… I'm better.

    • Molly: We can't wait. If that signal gets on the internet, in 24 hours it could reach 33% of the country's internet users.
      Cavennaugh: How did you reach that estimation?
      Molly: Using the Paris Hilton sex tape as my distribution model.

    • Ramsey: Why do they call them "black boxes" if they're orange?
      Lucas: Maybe the only time they look at them, is when they're charred black.

    • (the team reviews an attack by an infectee at a fast-food restaurant)
      Lucas: I can only imagine how the signal affected marine life in the area.
      Ramsey: Well, don't bother. It wasn't Flipper that went postal in the taco drive-in.
      Lucas: True, but a mutated Charlie Tuna could end up on any of our plates.

    • Cavennaugh: You got a change of clothing?
      Molly: Yeah, in the van. I bring one whenever I travel more than twenty minutes from home.
      Cavennaugh: Good thing this wasn't a nineteen minute drive.
      Molly: Your smirk would be so much more effective if you weren't soaking.

    • Molly (observing the camera video of man suspected to be infected by the alien signal): Whatever he's on makes PCP look like baby aspirin.

    • Molly (to the rest of the Threshold team): Propagation by any means necessary.

    • Nigel (talking about a dream): A boy following you...maybe we can chalk that up to your biological clock.
      Molly: That's original.

    • Cavennaugh: Call me if you find anything wierd.
      Molly: That'll be our motto.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Lucas: Using their social security numbers. It's amazing the information we're privy to. I mean, it's ripe for abuse. But...
      Ramsey: You and Ralph Nader should have a nice chat about that over some tofu. Ralph Nader is an American attorney and political activist in the areas of consumer rights, humanitarianism, environmentalism and democratic government.

    • Lucas: True, but a mutated Charlie Tuna could end up on any of our plates.

      Charlie the Tuna, the cartoon mascot tuna for StarKist Tuna, was created by Tom Rogers of the Leo Burnett Agency after StarKist hired Leo Burnett in 1961. StarKist Tuna is the name of a brand of tuna currently owned by Del Monte Foods, Inc.

    • Ramsey: Well, don't bother. It wasn't Flipper that went postal in the taco drive-in. The "Flipper" reference alludes to a series of films (1963, 1996) and TV series (1995-2000 and 1964-1968), that showed the life of a dolphin and his human friends.