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CBS (ended 2005)

Oh what an ending.... (spoiler alert)

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    [1]Dec 4, 2007
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    Just finished watching the show...

    Great production, and excellent actors...

    But the ending, lol, i mean lol...

    Not even a cool deus ex machina for the end,

    just some *stupid* dream, don't' worry Molly,

    it will all end well, just trust me..


    and all that after the broadening the plot with so many new possibilities...

    Sad, really sad..

    Once again I devoted to watch something interesting,

    just to find out at the end that it has no ending...

    Just feel so ripped of for the time i spent on watching all the episodes....

    Imagine if you would watch the movie and suddenly

    it ends na hour earlier than you expected, with no answers, and no end...

    I bet that you would be asking for your money back....

    It's not fair for the audience of the shows/networks to get scrooged over this...

    If you (network) decide that the show is not profitable,

    at least have the decency to end it in a good maner..

    Once again, dissapointed, and sad that this great show ended like that.....

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    [2]Dec 14, 2007
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    This is why I boycott CBS!
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