Season 1 Episode 11

Outbreak (a.k.a. Escalation)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on CBS
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Outbreak (a.k.a. Escalation)
Lucas is infected with the alien DNA from something he ate. The infectees have harvested crops with the alien DNA. Caffrey must find a way to stop what could be nearly 200 new infectees. Also, one of the aliens approaches her with an interesting revelation.

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  • great episode

    Lucas is getting the advanced stages of the alien infection. After a family gets infected by vegetables tainted by the alien DNA, the Red Team figure out that there is a possible outbreak within the country and is getting out of control really fast. The same Big Horn crew member they were chasing last week comes to D.C. to meet with Molly. He reveals a very interesting revelation. This episode raises the stakes for the Red Team, the episode ends with a lot of issues being resolved but they get new problems that might be out of their control. This episode is good, it's well made.moreless
  • Good episode

    this is a real threat that the govermen has to put in the account, i think the reallity is very cleso as is show in this series. In this episode the aliens keep trying to infect as many people as they can, even one of the team members gets infecte from eating food that is infected and planted in the markets. The adding of Cathering bell is very goos and brigns a twist and sexynest to the showmoreless
  • well met but all too late. (general spoiler warning)

    Some would say too little too late, but one almost regrets this show having been cut having watched this. It won't put you in the money or change your life, but it finally stops beating around the bushes and instead leaps on into them; head-on onto Capitol Hill and starts asking uncomfortable questions. Well, not so much, but they made an effort. The quote section of this episode says it all, yet also puts the entire show into perspective beyond all reasonable doubt. IOW: disregarding the plotline of the show for now, managing straightforward, plain English referrals to touchy-feely political topics are commendable at this point in time and something Braga & Co. should've brought on earlier in the season. Maybe someone should put the idea past him to seek out a network with few as possible special-interest sponsors, to then state allegiance to a more humane political school of thought from the get-go. Loose the mindset that bring about Andorians, and we're set. ;)

    Promising episode. Seemingly there's some truth to the statement: "We hardly knew ya".

    The biologist would've been a welcome addition to the team and they seemed to have some chemistry, she and Brent. While Benedict’s miraculous healing was less than a cause for celebration, they seemed to finally be getting somewhere with the storyline

    after the revelation of the neutron star radiation aspect and the plague of infected vegetabilia causing hundreds of new infectees, enough to make for a decent length plot-arc. These efforts come over as just what the show would've needed to achieve a wider acceptance and following.

    Will look forward to what future undertakings of Braga will have learned from their mistakes. Hope he doesn't sell out.

  • more of an enlightening episode which at least gives more information on what's going on.

    This episode which I was able to get actually progressed the storyline a little bit, but unfortunately it was about 5 lines between 2 characters and that was it. I was hoping that this storyline would move a bit more quicker like 'Surface' or more intrigue like 'Lost' or 'Invasion' but it hasn't. Hopefully Skyone broadcasts the final eps so I can get a real gauge as to where Brannon Braga was trying to take this show.moreless
Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Daphne Larson

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Maurice Godin

Maurice Godin

Ed Whitaker

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Carolina Vengochea

Carolina Vengochea

Mrs. Vasquez

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Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald

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    • Nigel: Hmm. Pretty and smart. I think we're gonna be very happy we met.
      Daphne: Actually, we've already met.
      Nigel: (laughs) I'm sure I'd remember.
      Daphne: I was ten years old. My mom was a - a student of yours.
      Nigel: Really?
      Daphne: You hit on her, too.

    • Lucas: How am I doing?
      Fenway: I may have good news. The rate of your infection seems to be slowing. No one's ever been this long without turning.
      Lucas: Great, call the Guiness people.

    • (talking about Lucas)
      Ramsey: Of all the people, that kid doesn't have one indecent bone in his body. It would be different if it were me, or Fenway.
      Molly: It never works that way. Life is not fair.
      Ramsey: Trust me, I know when life is being unfair. (points to himself) Life is way out of line on this one.
      (Molly looks away)
      Ramsey: I actually caught myself trying to pray last night, just in case.
      Molly: Ramsey, you're an atheist.
      Ramsey: I know! I mentioned that in my prayer, I thought I'd win extra points for honesty.

    • Molly: They're creating infectees and harvesting their blood...
      Nigel: It's the main ingredient in alien fertilizer. They could be using it to contaminate more food.
      Molly: So they actually kill off their own to further their agenda?
      Nigel: We do it all the time. Ever heard of a little place called Iraq?

    • Whitaker: (sarcastically) And how many people do you think you can pluck off the streets before people start noticing?
      Molly: (completely serious) Approximately 300.

    • Nigel: (on the phone) If he pushes you just push him back. I don't care what the teacher says. If you get in trouble just have the school call me... What will I do? Well, I'll march right over and push your teacher, how about that?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Ramsey (Peter Dinklage) excuses himself for arriving late to a briefing in the infirmary by blaming it on a channel 5 marathon of The Twilight Zone, a classic series that has run three times over the past 47 years: originally in 1959-1964, then in 1985-1989, and in 2002-2003.