Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great episode.

    When three women from different walks of life show signs of strange behavior, the threshold team investigates the three women for possible symptoms of the alien infection. Molly and the Red Team takes a visit from each one of the infected, one dies, one is taken into custody, the other becomes a big problem. The Threshold program gets a new liaison official from the senate and proves to be an asset for Molly and the program. The Red Team investigates how the 3 women got infected without knowing each other personally. This episode gets really interesting when the Red Team chases one of the infected lady all the way to Mexico. It's a great episode.
  • A Great Show. Bring it Back!

    I just can't believe this show is cancelled. It did well in the first time slot. The new time slot didn't work. Give it a chance, guys. What a great show this is, a smart alien show, not the usual soap opera tripe. I surely hope some other more progressive network picks this up. Who makes these stupid decisions to cancel great shows?????
  • Good but not that great

    The show is getting better and better.
    But I wished CBS hadn't yanked it just yet.
    Because it was showing a different side of Cavennaugh.
    Not the macho type and sometimes arrogant side that he has been portrayed.
    As it showed probably his girlfriend in bed with him.
    At least we know now that he has a girlfriend.
    As he is the most private meber in the group.
  • Three women get infectd with the virus because on of the orginal survivors from the Big Horn made sperm donations at a sperm bank

    The episode begins with Cavennaugh dreaming of dancing with a beautiful woman in the trees of glass, then she turns to strangle him. He tells Molly of his dream, and she is unable to make anything of it until the same woman, Christine Polchek, who is the wife of one of the President's closets friends begin showing the alien syptoms.

    The story further develops when two more women get infected with the virus, and their outbreak all seem to happen at relatively the same time. We learn that they were inseminated at a local sperm bank, a bank which one of the original Big Horn crew is a donor.

    The team is able to subdue Christine who has taken Cavennaugh prisoner when he tried to capture her.

    Overall, a lack luster episode, no wonder the show was cancelled.
  • Adios

    You knew the schedule change was a sign of doom but man, that was quick.

    Although I didn't like the fact that early on two episodes seemed to use the same plot, the series has developed and I think it could have lasted longer than Surface, Invasion or Lost simply because each episode could be self-contained and they weren't painting themselves into such a corner like Lost is.

    To those nuckleheads TV executives who deep sixed the show - keep peddling your crime/murder/reality crap and wonder why society lacks imagination and is so violent. You're part of the problem.
  • Why oh Why

    I loved this episode, this show has gotten better and better as it has moved along. This episode delievered punch and progress. It is horrible news and confounding that the Network has now pulled this show from the schedule. I swear I do not know who is running the networks but they are lunatics in total. They move this show and act surprised when it's first episode in a new slot has lower ratings. DUH! This episode, like the show, was original and unique. I can only hope that the American public isn't really so shallow as to need the networks to follow suit.

    The storyline in total, and this episode is general, has been a great example of sci-fi taken in a new direction and I have been kept rivoted for the next episode. I only hope there is one.

  • I'm writing this review as I watch the episode. Let's see how it goes...

    First impressions.

    So Cavennaugh has, what, a girlfriend? One-night stand? Dunno, but apparantly this intimacy leads him to dream of ballroom dancing in the alien glass forest.

    3 women with no connection other than the fact that they are within a 5-mile radius of each other. One of them mentions a man who changed her life. So, I have to assume that the same man is responsible for infecting all 3 women. Since the episode started out with sexual u ndertones, (Cavennaugh in bed with the naked woman), I'm betting I can guess how the outbreak started.

    Molly seemed almost excited when she announced that there was an outbreak. She has a goofy grin on her face as she says it. Is the character really supposed to be having fun with this? Or was this a case of questionable acting?

    When they arrive at the house of the woman who ripped her husband's head off, the officer in charge tells them that she apparantly cut his head off. He then tells them that they have no indication that she is armed. Say what? Anything that can be used to vut a person's head of, would, to me, be something that would qualify the person holding it as being "armed". But hey, who am I to quibble?

    So, Molly tells the officer to use caution because they consider the woman to be extremely dangerous. opposed to a person who rip their spouse's head off and is NOT dangerous I suppose. Good thing Molly is there. Whatever would the cops have done without this brilliant advice?

    So, after telling the police to be cautious in the face of this extremely dangerous woman. They throw a tear gas grenade in and, before it has time to subdue the woman, they kick in the door, exposing themselves to the gas. Then two red-shirt cops run in ahead of Cavennaugh and, of course, get their asses kicked. Hey, someone has to get stomped, and it can't be the regular characters, right? Then Cavennaugh comes in and zaps her with the high voltage taser thingee. Hmm, maybe he should have bene in the lead in the first place? But hey, who am I to quibble?

    Wait, the billionaire's wife is driving around in a limo the same day as her attack on a bank teller and security guard? I know she's rich and her kind of money can buy her way out of all sorts of legal trouble, but come on...she punches through bullet-proof glass, assaults a bank teller and hospitalizes a security guard inside a bank and she's out walking around within hours? They don't really explain what happened with her after the assault. Did she escape? Was she arrested and subsequently released? If she was arrested, why didn't Threshold swoop in like vultures and take over? What the hell is going on? Even if she escaped, she seems pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. She went home, got all dressed up and is driving around town with her 4-man security detail. Whether this is a realistic scenario or not, I have trouble with it on SO many levels.

    Hmm...a pregnant alien infectee. This would be an interesting plot development if it weren't a prerequisite staple for an "invasion of the body snatchers" sci-fi story. In these sort of shows, an alien/human hybrid pregnancy scenario is not a question of "if", but one of "when." Sigh...I hope they do something original with it at least. far as I can tell, we're on t he same day as when the woman killed her husband and we already have his autopsy report. Did Threshold take control of his body and do the autopsy themselves? If so, when? And how thorough could it have been in the short time they had to do it, especially when Dr. Fenway has been busy with the infectee woman all day?

    So the husband is infertile, telling them that he can't be the father of the baby. Sigh, how convenient.

    Fenway announces to Molly that aborting the baby might be of some benefit if it is an alien infectee...within 5 feet of the mother. Brilliant, considering the rest of their conversation took place in an other room. I mean, they have a whole benign conversation out in the hall, and then, when Fenway is ready to announce that he might want to abort the baby, he moves the conversation into the romo within earshot of the mother. Please. I mean it.....please!

    Ok...what? They go to talk to Christine Polchek's rich husband Ken, who apparantly J.T. is buddies with (convenient). They are investigating they $9,000 regular wire transfers she has been doing. Ken is initially clueless about why they are there in the first place. Wouldn't he assume that they were there to discuss the fact that his wife punched through bullet-proof glass and assaulted 2 people in a bank? I guess not. They offer to bring her in to discuss the wire transfers. How about bringing her in simply for the federal offense she commited earlier in the episode? I'm sorry, this whole portion of the plot is weak to say the least.

    Aha! They are finally going to go to the police station to "control what happens." They say that the bank teller presses charges, there's nothing Ken Polchek can do to help her. Wait a minute? If? The bank teller was pissed off that Molly wouldn't handle arresting Christine in the first place. She already said she's pressing charges. Whaat about the security guard they said she put in the hospital. What about the fact that this entire thing took place in a bank for crying out loud? Why is she walking around not being questioned in the first place? God this is so incredibly stupid!

    Ok...the Polchek's paid off the bank teller so she wouldn't press charges. Again, what about the guard they said she put in the hospital? What about the fact that the teller doesn't need to press charges because the whole thing could easily be construed as attempted bank robbery. Are the police not even going to pursue questioning Christine? They never even brought her in? ARGHH!

    I'm sorry, you can't attack 2 bank employees inside a bank and walk away without getting arrested. Period. You might get arrested and then released later after the appropriate peolpe have been bribed or whatever, but to not even be brought in in the first place? blech!

    Ok. So one thing makes sense at least. The fact that the beheaded husband was infertile. The wife became infected when she went to be artificially inseminated. That makes perfect sense. Bravo. And we know the woman who imploded was single since she was subscribing to an online matchmaking service. So, she got tired of waiting for Mr. Right and went to the fertility clinic as well. Ok, I can buy that. But the billionaire trophy wife, who seems completely devoid of substance or morals, suddenly gets a maternal streak and, her fossil of a husband being incapable of providing her with a child, goes to the clinic as well. Somewhat believable, I guess.

    Someone explain to me what the point was of having Christine bend the sink handles. We know she is strong already. But, shouldn't there have been a reason for her to even touch them in the first place? The water wasn't running. It didn't need to be turned off. It's like she just decided, "Hmm, I think I'll lean forward and bend some metal and tehn walk of." Ooooookay.

    When Cavenaugh is captured, why exactly is his shirt off? I guess the women need some eye candy too, but I can't think of a rational reason for it. "Ok, tie him up and put him on the kness and point your guns at him. But to be really safe, take his shirt off. Then he'll be totally helpless."


    WHAT??? One shot form a regular old gun kills Christine? Hold on...back up...tap the brakes a second. I thought hey established a LONG time ago that only the shocker thingees did any good to subdue the alien infectees. We've seen them shrug off bullets too many times for this to come close to being believable.

    The episode closes with a line laced with enough cheese to do William Shatner proud. The pregnant alien infectee strokes her stomach and says to her unborn baby, "It's ok. You're one of us." Blech. Looks like we get to endure an alien/human hybrid baby storyline.

    Bad episode. Period.
  • So I guess they are still playing around with the timeslot for this show? It's on Sundays now?

    I thought this episode was another great one. This show is like a haven for gory stuff. All the violence in this show results in a picture that you have to jump back from and turn your face away in repulsion. It def. adds to the incredible strength and power of the alien infectees. I love the whole premise of the infectees using their individual skills to spread the signal. It just gives the possiblities for such good scenarios. What was up with Cavannaugh and that whole billowy white ensemble at the end?
  • This is the first Threshold episode that was aired after the change in time slots.

    This is the first episode in the new time slot of Tuesday nights. A new opening seems to have been filmed for it too.

    This episode felt a little more 'in your face', I actually liked it quite a bit, the characters are pretty much the same with the exception of the new national security advisor. The interplay of characters seems mostly the same as well. The plot is really moving along, but soon they will need a second generation of infected people. I am hoping that the ad campaigns have driven ratings higher. I am still waiting on seeing the additional episodes announced.
  • This was a reason for people to watch this show.

    It was exciting to watch especially because Cavennaugh got captured. Although you knew nothing would happen it was still interesting to see the scenes play out. I like that it was acknowledge that they need to replace that women who was infected and brought down in the plane but I think there will be something that happens with him in a later episode. It proves that although it may seem that Molly has thought of everything doesn't mean she has. Now that there is someone pregnant we'll have to see what happens in later episodes. Can't wait for the next episode to see what will happen next.
  • A very special episode.

    A very special episode. You see my son has a band call Fighting Instinct. And at the very beginning of the show, in the first clip, they played one of his songs in the background titled, "You Don't Know". So this was a very special episode for me. And I think the show is great, too!!
  • Considering the show was based around sexual transmission, I'm glad that they took the mature route and didn't use this as a way to increase the 'sexiness' of the show for sweeps.

    This week's episode of Threshold focuses on three seemingly unrelated women who have all been infected with the alien virus. The episode does a good job of balancing the different plot lines as usual, and we also get some nice character interactions (although my usual complaint of a couple acting quirks that need to be worked out remains).

    As usual, the episode gives us another piece of the greater puzzle. I'm amazed that the writers can consistently reveal so many major plot points, whereas most shows reveal one every so often. This week, we learn that the alien infection can be spread sexually, which has some interesting implications (and results in a new plotline that is going to get very interesting). Considering the show was based around sexual transmission, I'm glad that they took the mature route and didn't use this as a way to increase the 'sexiness' of the show for sweeps.

    Threshold is definately maturing as a show, and continues to deliver quality writing and episodes. With the new Tuesday time slot, I'm hoping that Threshold will get the recognition it deserves, and maybe even take the coveted crown of prime time sci-fi that the X-files once held in its days.