Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2005 on CBS
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As the signal from the Big Horn invades a Miami rave, the team investigates who have been infected, trying to prevent the signal from spreading to the population.

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  • great episode

    this time the alien signal mysteriously infects people at a miami night club. the threshold team goes to florida to check out how the signal ended up infecting hundreds of club going crowd. while they investigate, they discover that a club dj has a brother from the navy ship who called through a cellphone while the alien ship was sending out a signal. the signal was recorded, and the dj used it as a recording as part of a disco mix track. the threshold team finds out the signal is doing more than what they are realizing. they have to contain the signal in miami before it wrecks havoc across the US.moreless
  • They already did this one before

    Love this show and I believe it did jump the shark

    It would had been much better due to better storylines

    Not the same stuff over and over again

    Again the leads are much more weakers

    Even though I have been a fan of Carla Guiano's work

    But also it is the supporting cast that really

    Should have been given more airtime

    Kind of like Charles Dutton

    Though he was getting on my nerves a bit at first!
  • Unfortunately Consistency can kill any good plot. And with this one it felt too silly. If that happenned, it would've have happened in the pilot episodes.


    1. In the pilot episodes that whole naval ship was ful of electronics. Let alone, they watched the signal on the TV. Shouldn't that have transferred to her cell phone that she had on herself.

    2. The other thing that's bothering me is that the show has become very one dimensional in that it is always about the signal propogating. While I like the idea, the last 2-3 episodes have discussed that. It's like...well...let's see... how else can we spread the signal. The DNA part is interesting to me perhaps a breakthrough would help the team.

    3. Also if they're the Red team, would it not be prudent to have more than one team, or if the show get popular are we going to see Threshold:Blue Team?

    4. Also, so far the good guys win every week, to be more realistic, they shouldn't win every week. i.e. win the battles but lose the war.

    5. Death of the infected. It seems very inconsistent. How dead do they have to be to be dead?

    But I'll give Brannon Braga a chance to try to correct things.moreless
  • A real downer, sigh... I originally started to watch this show due to the pause of Battlestar Galactica and the Stargate shows. As a supplement it was kinda interesting, but could it really fix my needs?moreless

    I thought the concept was interesting, that was what caught my interest. Of course it is a setting that has been used before, what hasn\'t.

    Unfortunately, this particular episode really made me turn my back on the show. The lack of connectors to real life was overwhelming. The way that the alien virus spread via technical equipment was a big downer. That totally broke with the \"rules of the universe\" they themselves have built. If the alien virus could spread like described it should have done so earlier. If not then you really need to supply some kind of explanation why. The characters are just not believable any longer. One just don\'t buy it any more.

    The funny thing is that I am now returning back to see the two next episodes (7 and 8) just to give it a second chance. Why? Well. Fever has started to kick in due to lack of science fiction stimulus... Had this been in the middle of the SG or BSG season I guess that Threshold would have been booted out the door already...

  • The episode that made me stop watching the series.

    Without a doubt, this was the worst episode of an already less-than-stellar series.

    A signal being spread over the phone was bad enough (apparently the writers don't realize that no phone message in the world needs a low band filter, as they don't transmit lower frequencies in the first place!), but then we'll add to that bit of nonsense that it then spread to an ATM card, and from there to ATMs? My god, how unbelievable can they make this?!?

    Having established an unbelievable story-line, they then top it off with a Deus Ex Machina ending, pulling some super-duper EM device out of nowhere; expecting us to believe that they could get away with detonating it over a major city, and then expecting that the residents of that city would find their cover story even remotely believable! I mean, honestly, a major solar flare at night that fries computers in a specific radius?!? Come on!

    As I said in the summary, I didn't find this series all that believable or good in the first place, but this was the episode that made me stop watching the show. Whose brilliant idea was it to let Bragga be involved in anything ever again? Didn't he do a good enough job of ruining Enterprise?moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Factual Error: Although the alien signal was said to have been encoded as an MP3, this cannot be the case because MP3-encoding removes inaudible frequencies, and the alien signal is an inaudible frequency.

    • Text message with the alien signal was sent out at 9:53 pm, Miami time.

    • Ramsey makes a reference to malware—unwanted, intrusive, deleterious (malicious) software—but pronounces it "mallware".

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (Fenway exposes an idea for making a vaccine against alien infection)
      Fenway: Having said all this, let's not forget alien medical research is only 14 days old, I can't even begin to calculate the risks.

    • (Lucas and Ramsey hack a database in search for information)
      Ramsey: Want a little marital advice? Use this equation my friend: total access equals peace of mind.

    • Ramsey: We found a fragment of the signal on the DJ's hard drive, a few seconds worth, stashed in the music library, someone turned it into an MP3 file, mixed it in with the dance beats.
      Molly: Do you think she was deliberately trying to infect people?
      Ramsey: Or maybe she just thought the signal sounded cool.

    • Fenway: Party-goers who reacted violently all tested positive for MDMA, in other words: Ecstacy.
      Cavennaugh: Well, apparently the... ehh... signal and drugs don't mix.

    • Molly: (about the alien signal being played at a party) If these people are infected, then Miami just got a whole lot more dangerous.

    • (An alien related incident has occured in Miami)
      Ramsey: We've got to go.
      Fenway: Where? What time is it?
      Ramsey: Miami, and it's 4:30 AM.
      Fenway: Why Miami?
      Ramsey: Who cares, it's the land of babes, beaches and … babes.
      Fenway: I've only had a twelve hour sleep since they shanghaied me for this job.
      Ramsey: And that averages to what? An hour a night, what are you complaining about? Let's go.

    • J.T: You can't save everybody.

    • Molly: I appreciate your opinion, but no one is beyond redemption.

    • Molly (referring to Karyn): Well, they already got her brother. They can't have this one too.

    • Karyn: You can't save us. You can't save yourself. (Molly wakes up from a dream and walks to the holding area to see Karyn)
      Karyn: You can't save us. (Molly walks away) You can't save yourself.

    • J.T. (referring to Karyn): You may not believe this but I was pulling for her too.
      Molly: I know.

    • Lucas: I sure hope Caffrey has a good cover story for this.

    • J.T.: What are we supposed to do? Nuke Miami?
      Molly: Something like that.

    • Molly (to Dr. Fenway): Test everyone; quarantine them from the other patients. If these people are infected Miami just became a hell of a lot more dangerous.

    • Ramsey (to Cavennaugh): Did you have to use my driver's licence photo? It's not my favorite.

    • (Cavennaugh hands the Red Team their identities)
      Fenway: What? We're DEA now? What's next Canadian Mounties?

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