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Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Molly and Cavennaugh discover some strange happenings in a missing Big Horn crew member's hometown when they investigate the disappearance of a Threshold field agent.

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  • exciting episode

    Molly and Cavanaugh investigate the disappearance of a Threshold agent. A Big Horn crew member might have gone to his hometown and the Red Team needs to know if he has something to do with the disappearance of an operative. This episode reveals some surprises, it raises the stakes for the red team as their field of operations become wider. They realize that blowing up the Big Horn may have made a big mistake. This is a good episode, the hunt for the Big Horn crew member and the missing agent is so captivating, this is like a detective alien story, it's really good.moreless
  • Again the supporting cast holds up well

    Again this is the reason that I watch

    For the three supporting actors

    As they bring heart, soul, as well as also

    The comic relief in the series

    The two leads are getting much better

    But also the writing and storylines are good

    The team goes down to investigated what happened

    To one of their own agents

    Sadly though the agent has turned into a bad guy

    Thanks to the ailens inhabiting his body!
  • Problem with the web streaming, and with the story.

    I tried to watch Threshold on CBS.com this past week. The network is posting it on-line in hopes of getting more people to watch it, I suppose. I am an American, but I'm living in Greece for a year. I was able to watch the first half of the episode quite easily--I was impressed by the picture quality and lack of buffering required. However, when I tried to watch the second half of the episode, it told me that "this content is not available outside the U.S." Maddening! Why would CBS make the first half available, but not the second. (Clearly, they probably meant to make the first half unavailable. Still, I was quite frustrated at not getting to see the end of the episode.)

    Clearly, I can't judge the episode as a whole, but I wasn't impressed by what I saw. This was, of course, my first episode of Threshold, and the first 8 minutes were all boring exposition that had rather dull dialogue. Things did pick up when they went to New Harmony, IN, and the last graphic in the priests' garden was quite creepy.

    While I do like Peter Dinklage and Carla Gugino, I wasn't impressed by any of the performances in this episode. Since I don't trust the CBS website now, I won't be going back for any further episodes, and I highly doubt that Threshold will last long enough to be syndicated to foreign countries.moreless
  • Does the preacher tell the truth?

    Ministers normally do not fare too well on television. Because of their expected position as the "good" guy, they are often portrayed as the mighty who have fallen. In this case, the minister is being manipulated by forces beyond his control. But those forces are no angels. One of the crewman has shown up as his mother's house. The crewman is able to infect one of the agents monitoring her place.

    Back at the ponderosa, the search for the downed ship continues. They locate it and it turns out the thing is growing the crystals to make the sea of glass. Is this Armageddon or the end of the world? The answer for this show is "not yet."moreless
  • Played out very well with some excitement. I Hope more, like this episode, are waiting for us.

    The storyline was awesome and played out by the actors perfectly. With a creepy background (the blood and teeth inside the vegetation gave me the willies)and the thrilling "edge of you seat" plot, this episode reminded me of the X-files.

    They need to work at getting the characters to work together as a team, (they have such chemistry) but has not been used to its full extent, could hurt the series I'm growing to love.

    The switch with "Close to Home" for a test, is going to hurt this series dramatically. They may be hurting for viewers, but the Friday schedule is catching more and more newcomers and now is not the time to "play" with a series.moreless
James Frain

James Frain

Reverend Lavory

Guest Star

Kevin Durand

Kevin Durand

Crewman Sonntag

Guest Star

Deborah Strang

Deborah Strang

Annie Sonntag

Guest Star

Mark Berry

Mark Berry

Agent Hargrave

Recurring Role

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