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  • Such Potential

    This show really should have had a second season. It had a great premise which had potential to go anywhere. The acting was excellent with like of Brent Spinner.

    Shame lost opportunity.
  • A good SCI-FI Series which worth to see it.

    I just saw 4 episodes so far and I think it's a good replacement for INVASION, but maybe this series will continue and will be not cancelled like INVASION.
    Anyway! I don' know if the company who produced this serie will continue this series or not, but they lose because many of my friends watch this series and they find it very good.
    And the actors who act on this are pretty good actors who have some good movies on theirs resume, so for that I think you can spare 1 our on week to see what happeen.
    So! if you are a fan of this kind of series, you'l find these series very atractive.
  • Definitely my favorite new show. Molly is pretty freaking awesome. She's got a solution for everything, is quick on her toes, and isn't a wuss. And there's suspense throughout each episode. Very nice show. Now it just needs better ratings.

    Well I don't really see anything negative about this show other than that the midget is annoying with his sex comments and the old doctor guy is a bit dull. Molly is a wonderful lead character. She's doing a great job handling the alien threat. And the threat on Threshold seems much more intense and opposed to the retarded attemt Surface makes and the not-too-hot Invasion take on floating/swimming oversized Christmas tree lights, a.k.a. the aliens. Anyway, back to Threshold...I love how they slowly figure out information about the aliens and alien signal. But the whole time, they are in mortal danger and are still at a serious disadvantage. I like how the government takes DRASTIC steps to make sure that the general public is unaware of the alien situation. The show seems very well written to me, well-rounded with a continuous flow. Each week after I watch I'm left wanting more. That's the way a TV show should be.
  • I think the show deserves its fate. Poor dialogue, poor acting, hilarious screenplay. Full of clichez, unimaginative at all.

    I think the show deserves its fate. Poor dialogue, poor acting, hilarious screenplay. Full of clichez, unimaginative at all.
    I sometimes wonder why TV stations consider starting such failures and suddenly discontinue great shows like Firefly. I won't miss Threshold - at all. There's Battlestar Galactica or Invasion. And despite the other reviews here, Threshold doesn't even remotely remind of X-Files - pardon me.
  • Shorted by the ratings?

    There is joy and there is sadeness. The joy is that this series is pretty intense from the get go. It has a flawed team, it has challenges and in the end it has only one season to show.

    I cannot say why, however in the end, it all feels like people getting out because of ratings.

    These producers always forget the story of star trek. cancelled after three seasons because of ratings. It because the most succesful sci-fi serie, running in syndication for decades. good gravyu train i say.

    Threshold could have gone likewise. it has the drive, the writing, the acting and the setting. It feels like such a shame, because Threshold was already good in season 1, it could have been great in season 2. Alas.
  • This is what Sci-Fi is all about!

    Someone please explain how a show with such great characters, a incredible plot with all kinds of future storyline possibilities and so much excitement can be shutdown without a fight. This show is what Sci-Fi is all about this is the show true Sci-Fi fans would expect. Excitement, mystery, not silly, suspense, etc. Its almost like a Sci-Fi CSI. Somebody dropped the ball by letting this show go down. The characters were so likeable too, whether they were good, bad or indifferent. The science was just believable enough to sit in the real world while at the same time still remain 'sci-fiy' to allow for good story telling. Shame.
  • A nice sci-fi show with Carla Gugino

    The story lines revolve around the Threshold protocols - a 'worse-case scenario' overseen by Molly Caffrey, who specializes in creating responses to everything from atomic attacks to the plague. Each episode got more and more involved, blending more characters and beefing up the plot. Carla Gugino, as Molly, is, as usual, brilliant, beautiful, sexy and oh so smart. Every episode was edge of the seat with wonderful comedy tucked here and there. It is a scary and incredibly suspenseful thriller with a brilliant display of character involvement in the plot. That was a good show, at least CBS allow them to finish the plot.
  • Amazing, mind blowing, out of this world.. I could go on till the end of time. This show is one of the best shows i've watched and it comes 2nd after Invasion on my top ten most best shows ever watched in my entire life!

    This show was one of the best shows storywise. The story was so unique who ever came up with it (I'll hunt you down on Wikipedia don't you worry :) ) is a bloody genius!

    Its really hard finding a entirely unique SciFi show.. that hasn't been be-headed by the network execs (insert anger here).

    This show is dead and will stay dead no matter what anyone says including myself. However, I can't stop but think, why not make a movie to wrap up all loose ends with this movie? It did the trick with Firefly, why not for Threshold? I bet my bottom dollar hell I'll bet my life on it that the movie would be a huge hit purely cause of the unique story!! But it all depends who will get to direct the movie and if its Georg Lucas.. then don't bother >.>
  • If only I was an Exec for a major television network!!

    I can't believe there is a 100 word minimum for placing a review on this site. That is ridiculous, what if my review ends up being only 70 words, I clearly state my opions and views in less then 100 words.... then I must BS the rest and just bable on like I am doing now! I am only at 60 words.....

    I still believe they should bring back Threshold! It was a very well thought out show that may have been complicated to follow for some, however for those who could and did follow it, it had the potential to develope into an amazing series. I still think if they wanted to they could give it another chance or atleast give it to another network and let them reincarnate it. Bottom Line is.... Bring it Back!!!
  • An alien show that keeps up an interesting story throughout without becoming cliche.

    This is a show that definitely should have had a long run. It was an interesting idea because the aliens weren't little gray men, but were instead people who were changing into aliens. This difference makes it a unique show in many ways, and it could have been developed into a very interesting story.

    What probably didn't help this TV show is that sci-fi has a pretty limited audience base. This type of show, unless absurdly unique or having a big name attached to it (J.J. Abrams or Joss Whedon) they tend not to do extremely well on a lot of the basic cable channels.

    However, this one had potential as they had a solid group of characters. It probably didn't help that there wasn't any real romance in the story line to catch in the average drama viewer. There possibly were a few hints of it, but with the characters it really couldn't have been developed. I don't mind this fact at all as I enjoyed it as a sci-fi drama, but for commercial reasons, it probably would have helped.
  • Wow is all i can say , nearly 2 years from when i first watched it i am still gutted it got canned one of the most underrated shows ever made

    Show about an attempted alien take over of earth with a superb cast , story revolves around a think tank member Molly Caffrey who deals in how yu deal with something that shouldn'thappen actually happening and what to do if it does happen , well it did happen and its down to the red team to stop it , the story the effects the cast the premise of this happening makes for a brilliat show, which it was , but unfortunately tv execs didnt see it this way and cancelled it before they let it fully develop, if anyone can help me when is this coming out on region 2 dvd coz i need a Theshold fix , 2 years later this is what it does to me so give it a watch and you'll be the same!
  • Almost 3 entire years past after being cancelled and still Threshold holds a steady place amongst it's fandom. That means something.

    The alien invasion theme has been stereotyped and overexploited over the years, and that made people (including network executives) overlook it assuming alien shows are all the same. Well, THRESHOLD definetely was NOT like any other alien invasion show. There was such a logic to the show. Unlike most stories involving UFO sightings, it didn't rely on the abduction element, nor on heavy armed forces action, or huge spaceships and the use of nukes. Oh, and there was also no super secret government conspiracy. And no cute-blonde-6-year-old-kid abductee involved. Instead, THRESHOLD tries to give the alien subject a more realistic and scientific approach by assessing the whole "why/how" thing before deciding whether they should nuke the aliens or pour a glass of water over them. Of course it has a few over-the-top momments, but, tv-wise speaking, that's a universal issue, not restricted to the sci-fi genre.

    Threshold has a scary kind of mood, as it pictures a very dark future, the perspective of it all kind of negative. The characters are allowed to make mistakes, things not always go as they should, they argue with each other, and some characters make a good point in letting it clear: they couldn't care less about "saving the world", only they were obliged to do so (no super-hero complex here).

    The cast and acting is reputable, Carla Gugino and Brian van Holt are great as the main characters, the whole plot is well tied-up within each episode and i could not find much holes in it. People are constantly seeking for the next X-Files, well, i must say Threshold my favorite show after the end of The X-Files, and please take note i was a die-hard X'r!

    It's a real shame that this great show was cancelled. This is one more blatant example that TV Networks watch only their bank accounts and the ratings, because i'm sure if they actually watched the series it wouldn't have been cancelled. It's totally insulting and a lack of respect to the viewer's, and also (mainly) to the whole cast and crew involved with it, since a lot of work and effort is put into the making of it. A shame, really.
  • Threshold is a sci-fi show which is based on the alien invasion on earth. Unlike other "old style" invasion, this has got nothing to do with an alien ship nor green little men. It is fiction but it has a very realistic way that takes you into the story.

    Too bad it got cancelled. I just got started and finished 13 episodes in 2 or 3 days. I hate when this happens.Now how can we learn the rest of the storyline? Use our imagination?!

    There are lots of unnecessary shows up. This show may also seem ridiculous for 1 or 2 episodes but when you understand what is going on, it is worth watching. Invasion of aliens may seem roush but still makes you curious about the end. If a show has started, it should continue till the end, in order to not to dissappoint its watchers. Don't put it on if you gonna remove it!
  • Wrongfully cancelled!

    Threshold is a prime example of brilliant shows that get cancelled for no reason. It was amazing - Brent Spiner and Carla Gugino should have gotten Emmys! Apparently, CBS assumed that Threshold was too "intelligent" for your standard network audience and cancelled it, a ridiculous and downright wrong decision. It's insulting to the fans and unfair to the actors. A real series finale wasn't even filmed! There was no closure, and the viewers were just left hanging. I guess the popular but substandard shows will always win over the not-so-popular but high quality shows. Threshold deserved so much better than that. Maybe it was before its time...
  • Gone before its time.

    This was a show that was, unfortunately, gone before its time. It had one of the most solid starts of any show I have ever seen. An intriguing alien invasion angle that had never been done before, a well casted group of characters that had excellent chemistry, and plenty of suspense and action. It had so much going for it, then it just seemed to disappear.

    Like another favorite of mine, Firefly, Threshold did not get a fair break by alot of people. It had been moved around on the time table, and many viewers were lost as a result. Unlike Firefly, I can give a good reason as to why Threshold did not last.

    As strong as Treshold was, it quickly fell into a repeated general storyline formula being used again and again. Each episode did bring a little bit of the big picture puzzle into view, but not enough to convince enough of us viewers that it was going anywhere fast. This made it seem like that they were doing the same story again and again, with no progress being made. In today's world of 24, Lost, and Prison Break, we as an audience have come to believe that every episode must have something earth-shattering to make it worth our while; every month is sweeps month! Threshold couldn't deliver that, and just when they got it to where they wanted it and were about to get some major excitement going, the company studio pulled the plug. This will be like Firely as well in that it is destined to develop a DVD cult following. Give a shot, just realize that it was ended way too early.
  • As with firefly the producers cut of something worthy to watch, or like surface.

    However I wouldnt say this show is overwhelming to watch and the writers amongst the producers should have focused more on the reality of an office of homeland security as if a threat like this existed i beleive it would have more intensity. Some of the charactors are superficial and a bit lame in how they respond in their actions. Ok show to watch and would be nice to see show with a conclusion other than a segmant of something. Its about time when shows like surface or threshold are released then the tv companies should be held to follow the story all the way to the end so we the viewer can enjoy the show in its full glory other than being captivated by a brief portion that in the end is worthless to even have spent time watching cause of an over paid pencil pusher
  • please bring this one back

    I remember when I first saw that this show was being cancelled, I couldnt believe it! This was one of the best shows of the season. It has a great cast and storyline. When this show came out, along with Jericho, Surface and the already popular Lost, it was a great mix / style of shows to watch throughout the week. All the characters were perfect for there parts. Each one brought a little something different to the show. Theres to many cop / detective shows out there right now, we need a little more x-files type sci-fi back on the tube. :)
  • Threshold has to be THE BEST series ever written for all time. The cast, everything about it... truly phenominal. Brilliant. It seems so REAL. How did this series get by me??? I blame its failure on Katrina. America was watching the news.

    I accidently watched a couple of episodes last week on sci-fi, and IMMEDIATELY went to Amazon and bought the series (something I've NEVER done.) I spent the ENTIRE weekend watching, and I must say, Threshold has to be the best series EVER written for television. I can't believe I've never heard of Threshold. I can think of quite a few of my intellectual "brainiac" friends and family who also happen to have a great sense of humor who will absolutely love this series! I'm still puzzeled as to how this series got by me and my friends. How did I miss out on this???
  • Why end the epsiode if they are so good show?.

    Theshold make me feel great if they know what to do about homeland security. Why they need to end in 2005?. It's 2007 already. They could save our lives one day. We need to know how aliens and humans communication with others. Why they need to cut back the show that the actress is so good. They need to review the show and return on Sci-fi if they agree with contact for new epiodes in 2007-2008 show seasons. I REALLY like the shows. Can you considering that people still watch it?. Might in fall season in night?. Think about it before you decide the best for people.
  • One good show named THRESHOLD! Bring it back, it's worth all the money and the time you spend on it. Carla Cugiono is great in this show and the subject of this show and the screenplay are made so well, so BRING IT BACK! All the characters are GREAT !

    First time when i heard about this show i though it's another alien-show with no interesting characters and no great story and maybe only some cool effects, but after i start to watch it, i can tell that it's a very good show who deserve to be continued. All the actors, mostly Carla Cugiono (Dr. Molly Caffrey) play so well and each every character are very well thought. Peter Dinklage (Arthur Ramsey) it's smart and funny and maybe my favorite character from this show. Cavennaugh (Brian Van Holt) made a posible nice couple with Molly and i hoped that they will be coupled finally, but you stopped the show.
    So, THRESHOLD it's one of the very good tv shows. Please, just bring it back because it's worth to be continued and find what's next.
  • They're here!

    Had to grow me with a couple of episodes and now I cant wait for the next one. Molly and her Red Team race against the clock and risk their lives to discover the purpose of the alien craft, determine what happened to the crew of the Navy vessel which discovered it, and prepare for what might be a full-scale alien invasion.
  • In my opinion the best sci-fi plot and we only got to see a glimpse of it!

    This is yet another late review, but nessecary!
    Threshold is another show that I couldn't (and still can't) believe was canceled. All the 13 episodes was packed with great character development and excitiment. The whole team, that is made for this investegation of aliens is a great cast and I really love Carla Gugino as Molly and Brent Spiner as Nigel - the rest of the crew is also great without doubt. As I mentioned I think this storyline/plot is amazing and it would have had huge potential and that is also what makes me question why it was canceled. Besides from that I really love that Baylock had everything under control and most of Molly's orders was already taken care of - so preffesional in serious matters!

    I still hope to see this show return one day like I do with Firefly, but if I should pick it would without doubt be this one - Threshold.
  • The Network blew it, when they changed the night of this show it blew everything out of the water, Threshold was ingeneous and excellent. They never gave it a chance, or was there another reason??

    Threshold's material was so close to true possibility that perhaps someone in upper level management put the squash on the show. The material was very ingeneous and perhaps too close to the truth. Most people don't want to know the truth. They'd rather watch people fake survival for a million dollars or beatiful women holding cases of money. Threshold was taking a direction that was extremely volatile and revealing. Great acting, excellent plot and top notch production...You tell me why did it fail?
  • Threshold is a show about a female government analyst, who must lead the best of the best personal in their respected fields against an invasion of foreign species outside the realm of planet Earth. It was underappreciated.

    Unfortunately, Threshold was cancelled in November 2005 by CBS. The show focuses on the idea what would happen if alien life form really did invade Earth, and it wasn’t Independence Day style, but it was more of a stealth and covert operation. The logic beyond the attack from alien life form is obvious because if alien life form would invade, why would they came and knock down the front door when they can sneak into the back door. Therefore, the female government analyst, Molly Caffrey, who is played by Carla Gugino, develops and implements her contingency plan of an alien life form invasion called Threshold. She is accompanied by a medical doctor and scientist, engineer, mathematician and linguist and former military expert personnel. The team of experts is called the Red Team, who must implement her plan in order to save Earth from total domination of aliens. The most interesting aspect of the show is that the alien life form is not a physical object that you see, but it is an invasion that affects the genetics and DNA of humans by alternating it by creating a triple helix instead of double helix, which is what humans have. It is only changing the nature of humans. So, who ever the aliens were, they are much more advanced and stronger than humans. Overall, it was a great show because I enjoy shows or movies that involve space and time, so it was enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, it was a short lived show. Never given much of a chance.
  • The Best of Sci-Fi Televison.

    Threshold was a great show as the plots are essentially a cross between The X-Flies and Star Trek. But most of all I felt that Threshold was the best show last year and should not have been cancelled when Surface and Invasion both received full seasons. This of course happened because of the time slots they aired and Threshold getting the worst time of the week for a TV Show put it right on the chopping block and the end to what could have been a great show.
  • Aliens invade through a super virus that anyone can be infected and can be spread through everything from touch to hearing. Invasion of the Body Snatchers on Nitrous Oxide

    One of the things that stood out for me when Threshold came out was that it was also with Invasion and I think that meant that they were in a sort of competition with each other and somehow Threshold was cancelled first.

    It was a joke, Threshold was fresh and exciting it was definitely nothing I had ever seen before. The characters were great and it was a good return to form for Brett as the cantankerous old lefty Dr. and was a site to behold.

    The plot was great the episodes fit together which is more than I can say for things like Smallille that insist on doing the monster of the week thing for about 2/3 of a season before actually engaging the viewers mind.

    Overall Threshold was the blueprint for how to make a good engaging sci-fi show, the real question is was anyone taking notes?
  • Presence, Innovative, Alien

    This is one of the shows that I know alot of people were really enjoying. It's definately too bad it didn't get picked up. I really don't know what the network execs were thinking of when they pulled some of the shows last season. Anyhoo, This show had a fantastic presence, it's concept was innovative and interesting. The cast was terrific, and the writing and storylines were superb. The thought of an Alien invasion seemed to be the premise of several shows last season (perhaps that's why they didn't fly?) This was so interesting though, with the 'signs' but no definative alien presence. I thought this was just a fantastic show, it's to bad it didn't fly as it should have.
  • Threshold never had a chance!!! Wasnt mainstream enough, wasnt bubblegum TV and you actually had to think from week to week! Lets all watch Dancing on Ice!!!!!!

    One of the best sci fi shows never to reach its full potential. I cant understand these tv executive hacks, that just pull the pin on ratings results.They wonder why people download, programs etc without watching commercial free to air. Well heres the common example. Heres a show that chopped, changed, moved and then was axed before a season was complete. Well done TV execs, keep this up and wont be long before the plug is pulled on you guys! Keeo up the Bubblegum TV, you must be so proud of your achievements! So its to late to bring back

    Now and Again
    Odyssey 5
    Star Trek Enterprise

    Lets keep churning out that rubbish Lost, (we all know its rubbish, but we all watch it including myself hoping that they reveal some mystery about the show, instead they will slowly drag it all to probably 4 to 5 seasons!!!)
  • I don't believe in aliens!

    I don't believe in aliens or any intelligent life form from outerspace. I just don't. But I believe our imagination is the greates gift of nature. And art is the tool to materialize imagination. Whether tv shows are artistic or not I can't tell and I'll let history to judge. At the first site (season) Threshold doesn't bring anything new to us: same old story-aliens are trieng to overtake the Earth and blah, blah... But the first season, as I understood, should be just prologue for what comes. The story had real potential even thou the sindrom called 'the American soil is the ground for saving humanity and it's future' is a little bit annoying.
    But as I've read there is not going to be 'what comes next'. The show is going to be cancelled. The same thing almost happened to Farscape and it turned out that the show was getting better and better as the story continued.
    That's all. I cannot say anything more about Threshold because I haven't seen the whole story from the beggining till the end. As the matter of fact only 10 episodes where broadcasted in Serbia so far ('the last 2' on monday and tuesday). I'm giving this show high grade because I think that the story has real potential and because I would like to see more of it. Who knows, maybe I'll start to believe in aliens.
    Well... not really.
  • Threshold is the 60s series Invaders on steroids...

    Thresholds storyline reminded me of the 60s series Invaders, with better scripts, soundtracks and clever one-liner comebacks. Whats up with the veiwing public nowadays and their obsession with so-called realty shows, night time soaps, and mindless game shows like Deal or no deal. Whats next CSI - San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Portland, etc... Sex, drugs, murder and graphic autopsys. Give me a break please. The decision to remove Threshold must have been made by the same executives that cancelled the original Star Trek. Obviously, they and their sponsers dont watch ther own programing. Threshold was one of the very few TV programs I actually looked forward to watching.
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