Season 1 Episode 4

The Burning

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2005 on CBS

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  • The plot thickens which means the show is getting even better.

    I love how the show keeps making the alien threat more complicated with each installment. The revelation the aliens have been to Earth before, perhaps even as far back as a century, means that, despite Molly's "we have a plan" assurances, this may be too big for the team to handle.

    The plight of the mental patient was quite intriguing. Imagine watching your family die and forced to destory their bodies to save others. Then imagine no one believes you and you spend 26 years locked up for it. What got me was how, when they thought he was insane, everyone on the team (even Molly) was cool to him but once they realized he was telling the truth about aliens,they fell over each other to help him. It does make sense he'd lie to Molly to try to save others and their final scene was quite good.

    I enjoy seeing more of the other characters here. I liked Lucas' adding in some humor with trying to deal with his wedding and even asking Baylock to help pick a font. And I was surprised at the scene where Nigel is examing the family's corpses and actually seems on the verge of tears, whether over the mutations or the waste of life and shows he still has some human feelings.

    It seems that the fight against the aliens is growing and I look forward to more clues as to their origins and intentions. This is becoming a very cool series and I look forward to more.