Season 1 Episode 10

The Crossing

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The Crossing
Molly and Baylock realize the Threshold detainees must be moved immediately to a more secure facility in West Virginia after a prisoner attacks and infects a security guard, then tries to break himself and other infected prisoners out of their cells.

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  • exciting episode

    When a Threshold detainee attacks a prison guard and escapes with 2 other detainees, Molly and Baylock realize that it's time for the detainees to a more secure location. A crew member of the big horn manages to elude the threshold dragnet and hatches out a plan to acquire the detainees while they are getting transported. The big horn crew member recruits humans as mercenaries without them knowing that he is an alien. The new senator clash with Molly and Baylock when his ideas clash with their own. In this episode, we learn something about one of the threshold red team members, it's a great episode.moreless
  • Cavennaugh has a BROTHER!!!

    The infectees have a new way of spreading the disease, through food, and their first vitim is a Threshold security detail marine, a young black fellow who had currently been asigned to watch over Ramsey, the poor guy is attacked by the detainees who break out of their cells, but are no match for Cavennaugh's skills, not exactly Michael Scofield material these detainees.

    Molly's new boss Senator Whats-his-name orders the detainees be moved out of Threshold and placed in an underground facilty. During the transport Cavennaugh is unsualy chatty with the driver of his Hummer, they remember old missions and things of sort. However while crusing through a tunnel they're assaulted by a team of mercs lead by a Big Horn crew member who was a SEAL. Again the detainees try to make a run for it but are also once again thawrted by Cavennaugh, the mercs however manage to capture Cavennaugh's chatty driver, Agent Hayes. Back at Threshold we see Cavennaugh take special interest in interrogating one of the mercs his team captured, Senator... says they're flying in some guys from Washington, but Cavennaugh still pushes, against Senator's... Baylock authorizes him to conduct the interrogation, coz he understands that it's a personal matter for Cavennaugh, coz Agent Hayes is his brother!!! The prisioner speaks but too late, the merc team has cleared out their safehouse by the time Cavennaugh's men arrive, how ever they did find a couple of things: guns, ammo, food, 3 human corpses drained of blood, and Agent Haye's bloody uniform, wich Cavennaugh confirms is infected, his brother is now an infectee. Cavennaugh asks Baylock to post some men to watch over his family in case his brother makes a move on them.....moreless
  • Another quality new sci-fi show.......axed already by fickle US TV network! Typical!

    I have been watching this series in the UK on Sky and have been impressed with the plot and new twist on alien invasion. It is in some ways similar to another show which was axed after one series (Odyssey 5). I am puzzled however as to why the networks continue to make good shows which may not appeal to mainstream necessarily and then axe them before the first series has been completely aired?

    They are surely aware that only a certain percentage of the population are likely to watch a sci-fi series, mainly because usually a little brainpower is required to watch and follow the plots and storylines (unlike mind numbing reality TV rubbish which seems to appeal to the majority these days). Bearing this in mind they should be prepared for the ratings not to be explosively fantastic. Also what about the fact that they sell these shows to other countries where they may be markedly more popular than they are in the US.

    Shows like this will always gain a cult following as they are rerun on other channels such as sci-fi and in other countries, however this is simply another tale of a story started and not finished. How many people out there would feel cheated if they started reading a series of books only to find that half way through the writer decided not to finish it because the previous one hadn't sold enough? (OK maybe thats not the best analogy but I'm sure you know what I am getting at).

  • The alien infectees try to make a prison breakout while Lucas starts exhibiting signs of being infected.


    Not that bad of an episode, there’s a lot more speculation as with other episodes and about two really key action scenes. The conclusion at

    the end with Nigel telling Caffrey about the food supply being contaminated is the big cliffhanger. In this episode some of the detainees (under poor

    security) escape, or should I say try to escape and give the Threshold team quite a headache.

    Caffrey’s team gets them all but another member of the Big Horn named Manning won’t stop with this slight detour. In this episode, they could

    have given some of the prisoners (Janklow, Novak, Sanford) a bit more to do and more lines, but they are not. Instead we’re giving this sideplot

    with Manning trying to break them out. It still works out pretty but I thought they missed some opportunities for a big climax.

    Cavennaugh’s brother is actually mentioned for the first time I believe and Lucas finally gives signs that he is perhaps “losing it” as Brannon Braga had hinted in the season that a member of the team would be exhibiting more unusual attitudes due to being exposed to the alien signal.

    Pretty good episode

  • Another good episode that shows the potential Threshold could have if given the chance.

    This episode started with an incredible opening. The detainees escaping was well done and the hunt for them combined with the music they used really brought you along on the hunt. For the most part I enjoyed the episode. The only problem I had with it was the national security advisor, it seems so strange that they are all so stupid and won’t listen to the people under them with the expertise and then when their plan fails, they then blame the people they didn’t listen too. Maybe they’re supposed to be annoying so you’ll like the main characters better, but you’d think the president would pick better people to man a post that could affect the fate of the country. The action in the episode was top notch and another reason that CBS should keep this one going. It has so much room for original episodes for years to come. I don’t think the ratings on x-files was that good the first year and it became a ratings giant and lasted nine years.

    The final conversation between Molly and Nigel really made this a pivotal episode and I would like to see how they would have solved that problem. You never know though maybe CBS will wise up and try again with the remaining filmed episode this spring or summer some time.

Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Odom Jr.

Sergeant Adams

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Maurice Godin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Caffrey sits at home at her laptop and the cooler guy rings the doorbell, she checks to see who is at the door via webcam on her laptop. When she turns toward the doorbell, she can clearly see who is standing at the door. So why didn't she just turn around?

    • After Caffrey looked at the video camera on her computer to see who rings her bell, she closes her laptop. When she follows the water cooler guy, the laptop is opened again.

    • Before the prisoner transport takes place, Baylock informs Cavannaugh there will be air support consisting of two Apache helicopters. When the helicopters arrive, they are in fact Blackhawks.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Molly: Aren't you on the clock?
      Ramsey: (chuckling) I knew I should've jammed this little tracking device.
      Molly: You did. This is the third bar I've been to.
      Ramsey: (laughing) Same here.

    • Cavennaugh: This look familiar?
      Agent Hayes: Sir?
      Cavennaugh: Yosemite!
      Agent Hayes: Now there's a trip I'd rather forget
      Cavennaugh: Look on the bright side. You only broke one leg.

    • Adams: I hope you're not here for your 50 bucks?
      Ramsey: Well, if you think all of this is gonna get you out of it, you're sadly mistaken!

  • NOTES (3)