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Season 1 Episode 7

The Order

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Order
Molly and Cavennaugh investigate a newspaper leak regarding the Threshold program which might turn out to be an inside job. The Red Team look into a case of residents of a small town dreaming of trees made of glass.

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  • Who writes this stuff?

    The dialogue was particularly weak this episodes. All of the lines were just so blatantly obvious that the actors couldn't do anything else but make them sound forced. And that's really horrible, considering these actors have certainly proved their worth in the past (yes, even during the first few episodes of this show). Arthur and Lucas quibbling about the sad state the guy who lost his restaurant was in felt nothing short of ridiculous. And the "I still trust you" pep talk Molly gave Nigel when everyone thought he had leaked classified information to the press was unnecessarily cheesy, like many other supposedly emotional scenes.

    My faith in this series has been declining since episode five, "Shock". After a really intruiging and explosive pilot there followed a number of quite interesting additions that did a good job at expanding the show's overarching mythology. But lately it seems that the writers just can't choose a direction to take this story in. Frankly it looks like they've completely given up trying to make the plots and characters interesting. Actually only the last ten mins made this episode worth watching but even those didn't cause the emotional impact that the writers obviously intended.

    I will continue watching this but I see now why this show was cancelled after a mere 13 episodes.moreless
  • Exciting episode.

    Molly and Cavanaugh deal with an intelligence leak. Molly speaks to a newspaper editor who wrote something about threshold being linked to a top secret weapons program. Matters get even more complicated when a senator who approved the threshold project comes to the center to ask questions his not qualified to ask. The senator becomes a bigger problem when he steals a disc containing a copy of the alien signal for his personal investigation. This episode raises the stakes of the threshold program. The entry of the senator into the intelligence fold makes it even harder for the threshold team to deal with the alien onslaught.moreless
  • Too bad that CBS didn't give the show to shine!

    It is no wonder why CBS decided to pull the

    Plug on the show and my fingers are crossed though

    With slip results that it will pick up on Sci Fi

    Channel. The three supporting characters make up big time for the weakness of the two leads in Molly and Cavennaugh.

    Those there if given a chance, could become the lone gunmen!
  • Things get darker for the Threshold team which means good things for the show.

    Once again, CBS pulls the rug out with our expectations. The ads make it sound like the big push of the ep will be the hostage situation but that's taken care of surprisingly fast and surprisingly funny. I just loved Ramsey's reaction to it all.

    We get some good character moments all around, especially with Fenway, who's becoming my favorite character. He shows he takes this job seriously, no matter how much he hates it and the scene of him and the PI was a great showcase for the guilt he doesn't want others to see.

    Of course, the key moment was Molly. Once again, Carla Guigino does wonders with the material with the look on Molly's face when she talks to her friend. When she says she's close to LA and Molly sees the map, we see it all on her face: Realization, shock, horror, guilt and sad acceptance.

    This leads to the moment between her and Baylock who makes her realize what she already knows, that she has to splash the jet. The last shot of Molly talking to her mom and trying to hold it together shows the heart of the series which I hope continues.

    The alien antics are intriguing. That a piece of the boat can have effects is something that will no doubt play. However, this episode once again shows how the government might be a bigger problem than the aliens. Surely, there must be more in the Pentagon and Congress who see the aliens as a way of benefiting America's armed forces. Molly better not forget how the infectee acted all normal before the senator, showing the aliens are even craftier than expected.

    So, another good episode, not only advancing the alien plot but also giving great character moments that shows why this is so far the best of this season's new sci-fi fare.moreless
  • The best part of this show is it is not afraid of action. However, this episode played out the same action again.

    The promos said that one of the people on the inside would get killed. It led us to believe that one of our red team folks were leaving the show. I had even hoped that one of them might go to the "dark side" and be hunted. however, that was not to be. A minor character took the bullet and the show reset itself back to zero at the end. The show is really good, but I suppose i was hoping it would reach the rare air of being great.

    The humor in the episode was good. However, we are wanting to see more alien influence than a few plankton on driftwood.moreless
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Kevin Kilner

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