Season 1 Episode 1

Trees Made of Glass (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2005 on CBS
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Trees Made of Glass (1)
A mysterious alien object attacks a naval ship and crew. Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey, a government contingency analyst, is contacted by the Deputy National Security Adviser, J.T. Baylock, to investigate the incident along with a special scientific team of her choosing.

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  • This was a great pilot episode.

    I really liked the pilot episode to Threshold. This episode showed how good the show can be, its just a shame they don't have more episodes as good as this. We are introduced to a woman named Mollie and her team. They have to search a boat to see if aliens really have landed. So they start Threshold which is desigmed for alien incounters. But when they team get to the boat they find a whole lot of weird stuff, and they never get to watch a video of the alien. Most of this episode was very good. I really liked it and i know this show should have gone on for longer.moreless
  • A great series premiere.

    Nothing makes a sci fi show better than starting it with a mystery. After an alien craft attacks a naval vessel, the US government dispatches a scientific team to investigate the incident. It's a very exciting start to a show. The guy from Lost plays another creepy character on this one. The plot makes use of an alien spacecraft that attacks a navy ship. A government team goes into the ship to figure out what happened. Things go bad when they find a survivor who changed into something that they can't explain. The team scuttles the ship and they dust off to safety. This is a great show.moreless

    Why do all the good shows get pulled to make way for more ignorant "reality" shows or disgusting filth like book of daniel.

    This series had an interesting twist and I hate that some exec made the decision to cancel this show when so many really enjoyed it.

    Apparently the only things on tv anymore are so-called "reality" crap that truly are not real people or sports or there has to be homosexuals romping all over the screen.

    I'm sick of the junk flooding the airwaves. How about some quality Tru Calling, Judging Amy, Joan of Aracia to name but a few others that were cancelled before their time...not disgusting enough for the losers of the world apparently.moreless
  • Two Guys, a Girl and a Dwarf

    An atmospheric and promising start to the series, I was initially hesitant of tuning in to Threshold, as I usually find straight-forward sci-fi shows send me to sleep and I wasn't excited about the wave of mystery series flooding the networks after the success of Lost. Thankfully, the first part of the Threshold pilot is an enjoyable hour which skilfully introduces us to the regulars and the main mystery of the series.

    Trees Made of Glass Part One sees members on a Naval ship succumbing to the terrifying after effects of seeing a strange light in the sky. They turn insane and kill each other. Dr Molly Caffery is sent in to investigate the possible extra terrestrial entities behind the attack and with the help of a team of scientists, she manages to get video evidence of the light in the sky and meets the soul survivor of the ship, who seems invincible.

    Carla Gugino is, unsurprisingly, excellent throughout. She's a seriously underrated actress and after her last series, the criminally cancelled Karen Sisco, went to the big TV set in the sky, I was happy to see her return to the small screen. She makes an immediate impression as Dr Caffery and her co-stars are also good. Brent Spiner and Peter Dinklage also being notable.

    The one bad point about the episode is the slightly annoying overuse of revelations. There's a lot of details to stuff into the first part of the pilot and it's difficult to remember everything which has just happened. Hopefully this will be changed as the season goes on.

    Despite some, hardly terrible, problems, this is an effective pilot which manages to walk a fine line between sci-fi, mystery and horror.moreless
  • An alien signal transmitted alongside a naval vessel and the subsequent disappearance of the vessel's crew leads to the activation of a secret government program to contain and investigate various pandemic outbreaks.moreless

    I was casually browsing the channels, when this episode caught my attention. I quickly decided that Threshold would be the one series that was worth watching on Friday nights, and I was eager to see if next week's episode would be as good. The show's writing was plausible and exciting; it had quirky, but likeable characters; and the acting was well done. Finally, I had found a science fiction series that was interesting without being too outlandish. I realized though that, because the series had been relegated to the dreaded Friday night time slot, this series was probably going to be short lived.moreless
William Mapother

William Mapother


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Kevin Durand

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Seamus Dever

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Mark Berry

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: The reason they blow up the ship is because the North Koreans also detected the probe and are on the way to the ship. Then later in Tree's of glass part 2, they say "what did Gunneson swim the 80 miles to shore" saying that the ship was only 80 miles off the coast of the USA. How could any Sub from a hostile country get that close to the USA at all? International waters don't start for 200 miles from the coast. or even that fast? Why could they not just tow the ship away.

    • Goof: The blood packs used when Gunneson is shot by Caffrey are visible underneath his shirt.

    • In the bathroom, Ramsey's jacket changes position several times. Sometimes it's over his shoulder and sometimes it's pulled back.

    • Molly shoots Gunneson several times in the chest. When he turns around to jump off of the boat, there are no exit wounds.

    • Our heroes find the camcorder in the rec room and watch it. Scenes are filmed in the rec room. Then the operator goes up on deck. Cut to a flashback of the guy with the camera going on deck and filming the object, before collapsing, along with the rest of the crew. Who took the camera back to the rec room?

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Molly: We have to assume we're dealing with an intelligence so advanced, its capabilities border on the supernatural.
      Ramsey: That's comforting.

    • Lucas: You can't hack into someone's DNA with a signal.
      Ramsey: Really? Used a cell phone lately, brain tumors.

    • (Cavennaugh confronts Ramsey's attitude in a bathroom)
      Cavennaugh: Door Number 1 or Door Number 2?
      Ramsey: I don't... eeeh, what are you talking about?
      Cavennaugh: Door Number 1: you bring a slide ruler, you smile, and you do what you're asked. Door Number 2: you disappear into an 8-by-10 cell for the rest of your life playing Solitaire courtesy of the federal government.

    • (Molly discussing possible alien contact)
      Molly: ...and finally determine its intent; whether it poses a possible threat.
      Cavennaugh: And if it does?
      Molly: You'll find that on page 45 under the chapter heading, "What to do if we're screwed."

    • Molly (continuing a conversation): ...where is first mate Gunneson?
      Ramsey: Sleeping with the fishes, no doubt.

    • Fenway: What is that a battlefield scar?
      Cavennaugh: Something like that.
      Fenway: Whoever stitched you up should be making shoes for a living.

    • Ramsey: (to Lucas) I know how to say "hello" in over 200 dialects. This isn't a hello.

    • Ramsey: Muscle discharge? This guy was doing the macarena.

    • Molly: Congratulations, gentlemen, you've just experienced the first task of Threshold: confirmation of extraterrestrial life.

    • Cavennaugh: (about Ramsey) He has a bit of a gambling problem.
      Molly: We all have our vices.
      Cavennaugh: What are yours?
      Molly: I only reveal them on a need-to-know basis.

    • Ramsey: Ten minutes ago you were worried about global panic.
      Lucas: I like to worry from all angles.

    • Gunneson: I just got dumped in the form of a spectacular Dear John letter.

    • Ramsey: You know, Caffrey, you didn't have to concoct this whole alien conspiracy to get us to be alone together.
      Molly: You're boring me, Ramsey. Did you get that or do you need me to embroider it on a pillow for you?

    • Cavennaugh: You have any idea what were looking at here?
      Ramsey: If I don't, your gonna make me chose a door again?

    • (Lucas is reading something from a BlackBerry)
      Ramsey: What's that?
      Lucas: New Testament, First Corinthians.
      Ramsey: How are we going to work aliens into Sunday service?
      Lucas: You're making fun of me?
      Ramsey: I'm just saying, I don't remember reading "and on the eighth day God created Klingons."

    • Ramsey: (to Molly) We should go out some time? (Molly stares blankly at him) What? You don't date men smarter than you?
      Molly: No, I've never met one.

    • Molly: Any thought on our mystery object?
      Lucas: You mean our Christmas ornament.

    • Cavennaugh: (on the phone to Molly) It's Cav, you okay? I just had this dream. I can't explain but I saw myself, but it wasn't me...

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode aired in The Netherlands on January 7, 2008 on Veronica.

    • The music heard in the opening sequence is "Give A Little Bit" from the Goo Goo Dolls.

      The music heard playing on the ship's radio right at the start of the episode is "Do You Want To" by Franz Ferdinand.

      The music heard playing when Molly returns home after JT tells her she needs some rest is the track "Wires" by Athlete.

      The music heard playing during the helicopter sequence when the team is traveling to the boat is the track "Club Foot" by Kasabian.


    • Fenway: What is this? War of the Worlds?

      The War of the Worlds (1898), by H. G. Wells, is an early science fiction novella which describes an invasion of England by aliens from Mars. The story has been adapted in many forms, best known is the 2005 film.

    • Deputy National Security Advisor J.T. Baylock: You and Toto have been briefed.

      Toto is the name of a fictional dog in L. Frank Baum's Oz series of children's books. Toto belongs to Dorothy Gale.

    • Ramsey: This guy was doing the Macarena.

      This line refers to a dance that took the world by storm back in the mid-90s.

    • Molly has a TAG Heuer Monaco watch that belonged to her father.

      In 1969, TAG Heuer launched the square-shaped Monaco, the world's first chronograph equipped with an automatic self-winding microrotor mechanism, the truly revolutionary Chronomatic Calibre 11. Worn by racing great Jo Siffert and immortalized by Steve McQueen in the classic film Le Mans, the original Monaco's big, squared-off case with bold blue dial signaled an entirely new watchmaking aesthetic.

    • Cavennaugh mentions Steve McQueen. Steve McQueen was known for his wild antics and crazy lifestyle. He loved motorcycles and fast cars. His best known for his roles in Papillon (1973), Bullitt (1968), The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), The Sand Pebbles (1966), The Cincinnati Kid (1965), The Great Escape (1963) and The Magnificent Seven (1960).

    • When Molly Caffrey's team is first assembled, it's remarked they aren't

    • When the team is on the helicopter, there is discussion on why the team needs a linguist. During the discussion, they talk about Klingons. Brett Spiner, one of the stars of the show, played Lt. Commander Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation.