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Season 1 Episode 2

Trees Made of Glass (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Trees Made of Glass (2)
Gunneson appears in Caffrey's house. Meanwhile, Lucas, Nigel and Ramsey try to figure out how the alien signals and DNA operate, and they come up with some interesting theories. Cavennaugh's team tries to locate Gunneson's other shipmates.

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  • Another good episode.

    This episode was very good. it was not as good as the first episode but still very good. What i like about Threshold is that they are always trying to give us more information about the alien. The story so far is pretty good but in the long run i don't know how it will work out. If Threshold keeps up with these kind of episodes then it will soon become a great show. Its just a shame it was cancelled. Sowhat is going on with Mollie and the trees made of glass? I hope we find out soon becuase i can't wait.moreless
  • Great episode.

    Picking up where the last episode left off, this is one exciting episode. It shows a new mystery after explaining the last. It's suspense, it's a roller coaster ride, I really had a great time watching this. Sci Fi should resurrect this show, it's really good. Carla Gugino plays a very strong lead character. The government angle is very interesting, the alien invasion stuff is so cool. I just can't get enough of it. I'm surely waiting for more Threshold. Some cool stuff happens in this episode, the investigation is so exciting. Brent Spiner plays a cool scientist, this show is really cool.moreless
  • Great show that wasn't given enough potential

    This was a great show that wasn't IMO

    Given enough potential at all

    Thanks to great writing and acting

    The leads are weak though and need more time to

    Develop as well as character re-working

    But it is the supporting cast that holds the show through

    Love the work of the three men

    Especially the one that plays Fenway

    Lucas is very sweet and kind

    Missed Brent Spiner since Star Trek went off!!
  • People In Glass Treehouses Shouldn't Throw Stones...

    A much better episode than the first part of the pilot, Trees Made of Glass Part Two remains as effective and creepy but adds a lot more action and slightly less technological, scientific babble.

    In the second part of the pilot, Dr Caffery and co. attempt to hunt down the escaped Gunneson after he attacks Dr Caffery in her home. Fenway discovers that he can lure the infected shipmates to the scientists using soundwaves.

    William Mapother continues his psycho streak by appearing as Gunneson and he's probably even more creepy than Ethan Rom was on Lost. He's like an alien version of The Terminator and the scene in which he drags Lucas across the ground is shocking to watch. Sadly, it's unlikely that he'll reappear on the show again but hopefully Threshold will be able to continue with its creepiness despite Mr Mapother's exit.

    Part Two also adds some humor to the show and there are more mysterious dream sequences, some hinting at a link between Lucas and the infected shipmates. The performances are still strong and the direction from Peter Hyams is excellent.moreless
  • Not QUITE as good as the part one, but still good, and important to the story.

    "Trees Made of Glass, Part 2" was a good episode. It wasn't quite as good as part one, in my opinion, but it does a great job of continuing the story. We learn a bit more about the alien threat, and about the Red Team. Molly, Cavennaugh, and Lucas begin sharing strange dreams. Nigel gets angry - and rightfully so - that the government is controlling the Red Team. Meanwhile, the Team is still hunting Gunneson and the rest of the missing crew members from the Big Horn.

    The cast once again manages to give real life to their characters. The only thing I see wrong with the show is the occasional line here and there can be a little lame, mostly this only occurs with Ramsey. But I'm willing to let that slip.

    So all in all, a good episode. There wasn't anything obviously bad that jumped out at me (acting, etc.), which a good thing. I think that if CBS marketed this show the right way and supported it, they could have the next "The X-Files" in their hands.moreless
William Mapother

William Mapother


Guest Star

Kevin Durand

Kevin Durand

Crewman Sonntag

Guest Star

Seamus Dever

Seamus Dever

Agent Detoro

Guest Star

Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald


Recurring Role

Mark Berry

Mark Berry

Agent Hargrave

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: In the scene near the end where a large group of people show up in response to the audio signal being broadcast by the team, the people are shown as being handcuffed with zip-ties, though on many it is obvious that the actors are merely keeping their hands behind their back because the zip-ties are not done up.

    • When Crewman Sonntag attacks the agents, Ramsey's hands change position. First, they're covering his face, then they're outstretched in front of his chest.

    • Cavennaugh told Dr. Caffrey that if her aim was better, she might've put Gunneson down for good. He said for her to "aim for the ten-spot, the heart." Looking at the scene where she shot Gunneson, at least one of her shots when through the heart.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Molly: You had my house bugged?
      Cavennaugh: Just interpreting your plan - safety of the team at all costs, right?

    • Ramsey (looking into Dr. Fenway's black bag, seeing baby carrots, a tennis ball, and a harmonica): I always wondered what doctors kept in their bags.

    • Fenway: So I heard you were getting hitched.
      Lucas: That was the plan anyway.
      Fenway: Well, if you're having second thoughts, you've got the perfect excuse.
      Lucas: Which is what?
      Ramsey: Alien invasion, jackass.

    • (the Threshold team is still looking for Gunneson)
      Cavennaugh: We're getting warm. A couple of boys found a life boat from the Big Horn about a mile up the shore line.
      Ramsey: Great. At least now we know he didn't walk on water.

    • Lucas: You know a cynic is an idealist with a broken heart.
      Fenway: Thank you, Dr. Phil.

  • NOTES (1)