Thrillbillies - Season 4

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    Visiting the Grand Canyon is a rite of passage for any Thrillbillie worth their salt, so the redneck gang packs up and hits the road for a group getaway. But can the crew actually cross the country and arrive in one piece? Hunger, map troubles and more plague them along the way for a bumpy ride out West.moreless
  • Thrillbillie Gold
    Episode 14
    From log-rolling in buggies to gigantic gap jumps, from redneck fairytales to stepping up to the throne, revisit the most misguided adventures, ridiculous stunts, and golden moments of the Thrillbillies' fourth season.
  • The Thrillbillies are a group of redneck friends looking for the ultimate thrill. Being a redneck shouldn't mean having to forego royal aspirations. Shrimpy has a medieval adventure. Also, in this episode, paper bag rally cross, pond gap slip n' slide, and a wakeboard pipe session. Plus, more!
  • Bikin Buddies
    Episode 12
    One is the loneliest number - and rednecks are no exception. Derek and Dusty team up to test their mettle on tandem bikes and motorcycles. While they enjoy thrills -and spills- as a daredevil twosome, the Thrillbillies crew pushes their limits with a buggy wall ride, steel-shoe skiing, and the questionable sport of tree bungee-jumping.moreless
  • Extreme Skating
    Episode 11
    Skateboarding gets the Thrillbillies treatment when Johnny and Whitney try to take it to the next level, with mixed (and hilarious) results. Also in this episode, the redneck crew sets up a wakeboard step up, attempts three- legged fighting, and prefects the elusive art of water-weenie downhill.
  • Cams Roll
    Episode 10
    Always the adventurer, Cam enlists the Thrillbillies’ help to take his life in his hands and barrel-roll a buggy – but can he manage such a ridiculous stunt? Also in this episode, Crum does some roping, Shrimpy tries to use a tree for a gigantic slingshot, and the gang does some mud-mobiling – and learns that it’s not quite the same as snow.moreless
  • Clays Dream
    Episode 9
    Clay has a crazy dream that stays with him, leaving more questions than answers. Plus, the Thrillbillies go slip ‘n’ slide cliff-dropping, water-weenie snow-towing, and have an outhouse whoops that no one wants to repeat.
  • Tom Spond
    Episode 8
    Dusty may look like your average redneck, but he has secret-agent skills that come in handy for a covert operation. As he does his best 007 impression, the other Thrillbillies go wild with weenie ski jumping, car-log sliding, and a tugger rail session.
  • 2/27/12
    Johnny’s one tough Thrillbillie, but can he handle a cage fight? He enlists the crew to help him face a few punches and find out. While he takes a few for the team, the crew goes outhouse-jumping, and plays their homemade group game, Johnny-Go-Round.
  • 2/20/12
    Daredevil Derek decides to tempt fate and try the unthinkable: jumping his bike over the Grand Canyon. Can he survive the leap and land safely, or has he pushed himself a step too far? Meanwhile, the rest of the Thrillbillies crew stays close to the ground, going tube-surfing, and performing a rainbow car-rail grind.moreless
  • Circus Bear
    Episode 4
    Derek convinces Pat he can make some serious dough by joining the circus - but can his fellow 'billie handle clowning around? Also in this episode, the gaggle of fun-loving rednecks demonstrate living room drifting, jet-ski bushwhacking, and the mysterious excavator swing.
  • Hero Worship
    Episode 3
    Legendary skater Bob Burnquist drops by, but his visit with the Thrillbillies doesn’t go as planned! Still, he and Crum brave some extreme pain, while the rest of the crew attempts to wrestle steers, go dirt-bike pond-jumping, and rail-grind a car.
  • 1/30/12
    Whitney, the lone fem-billie, has always wanted to be in a fairy tale, but when the boys bring her dream to life, they’re all in for a surprise. Also in this episode, wakeboarding makes a splash on the farm.
  • Shrimpy the Kid
    Episode 1
    The Thrillbillies are a group of redneck friends looking for the ultimate thrill. Even rednecks have big dreams, and ever since Shrimpy was a child he has dreamt of becoming a cowboy. When Crum and the gang decide to help, the legend of "Shrimpy The Kid" is born. Also, extreme sledding and Cam and Crum attempt to rip cars in half, mid-jump!moreless