Thriller (1973)

ITV (ended 1976)


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    I have seen all episodes of Thriller. I think it has several poor episodes, but several great also. I don`t remember so much about the episodes. I saw them like 2-3 years ago. From what i remember, i liked the story, suspense and sometimes the great episodes had creepy atmosphere.The intro was accompanied by fish-eye lens shots of the locations used in that week's story, with a blood red surround. You never knew what to expect from an episode, some being supernatural, others being real world whodunits or Hitchcock style dramas. Some of the mysteries are very intriguing. Thriller can be criticised as being of its time in some negative ways, such as being slow moving, having a lot of stock characters, being predictable, and having plot holes. Each episode usually had a American lead so it could be better received in USA.