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Season 1 Episode 15

The Cheaters

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 27, 1960 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Cheaters
A pair of very unusual glasses allow the wearer to see the absolute truth about whatever they look upon. We see what happens as they pass from one owner to another.

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  • A pair of yellow lensed spectacles are found at a flea market and the subsequent wearers discover strange insights into the thoughts of others -Some they wish they never glimsped.

    a very good plot line that leads to a suspenseful climax- well acted by all- top notch drama by any stretch-Harry Townes does a wonderful job as a man on a mission to seek the truth-His final scenes are wonderfully executed and sum up the power and history behind the cheaters. This episode was very powerful at the time and many a young child became filled with anxiety and nightmares at the time-I was one. This episode, which ran back to back with the Hungry Glass is a must see- You will definitely enjoy the story and the way it is told.moreless
  • It did what it was supposed to do -- scare the living bejezus out of my 8-year-old self!

    I mean, a show called "Thriller" isn't supposed to be soothing and complacency-inducing!

    Actually, I'm delighted to see that this episode has gotten such a high score. Somehow that justifies the fact that the show had such a profound impression on me. Namely, that I seriously had hysterics at the final scene!

    If, due to this show, I am still uneasy about mirrors after 49 years, then somebody was doing something right! Seriously, back in 1961, I started watching it with my older brother, got scared and exited the room about 3/4 the way through, and then strolled back in when I thought it was over -- just in time for the denouement. (All the more shocking since I wasn't expecting it!) Also, if my memory of the story is pretty much there (though some details are hazy) this surely means the story was well-crafted and presented. It certainly has stuck with me all these decades. I'd sure love to see it again.moreless
  • Another timeless tale of terror

    Here we have another fine episode of the suspense series Thriller. This story was yet another i remembered seeing quite a couple of decades ago & it was very creepy, especially when those glasses have such frightening effects on the poor souls who should don them.

    It is a pity that the series ran out of steam before it could establish itself as 1 of the most memorable TV series from the 60's alongside such classics as Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.

    I am hoping that this fine series gets a second chance on either the new Chiller channel on digital cable or satellite TV or at least gets released on video.moreless
Paul Newlan

Paul Newlan

Joe Henshaw

Guest Star

Mildred Dunnock

Mildred Dunnock

Miriam Olcott

Guest Star

Jack Weston

Jack Weston

Edward Dean

Guest Star

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    • Boris Karloff: When a man shuts himself off from his neighbors, when he conducts mysterious experiments behind locked doors, there's bound to be talk. There were those who whispered old Dirk Van Prinn was a sorcerer and worse. He might not have been remembered at all had not his research lead him to the discovery of a most unusual formula for making glass.

    • Boris Karloff: Dirk Van Prinn hanged himself before dawn. His story might have ended there if he'd have the courage to smash those spectacles. But like many another scientist, he couldn't bear to destroy his own creation. Too bad, because years later, others tried them on. In "The Cheaters," our story for tonight, a junk man named Joe Henshaw, played by Mr. Paul Newlan. A little old-fashioned lady named Miriam Olcott, played by Miss Mildred Dunnock. A nephew, Edward Dean, played by Mr. Jack Weston. And finally, a man who discovered the real purpose of the spectacles, Sebastian Grimm, played by Mr. Harry Townes. What they saw through those yellow-gold lenses, they never forgot. And neither will you, my friend, because as sure as my name's Boris Karloff, this is a thriller.

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