Season 1 Episode 29

The Devil's Ticket

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 1961 on NBC



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    • Boris Karloff: The name of our story is "The Devil's Ticket." It has to do with an artist, and they tell us that one picture is worth a thousand words. You will see Macdonald Carey, Joan Tetzel, Patricia Medina, and John Emery. Now there's a rogue's gallery if I ever saw one. And I can assure you they're up to no good. As you'll find out for yourself if you have the courage to stay with us.

    • Marie: Don't let him cheat you.
      Hector: Old Spengler, how can you say that? He knows an original Hector Vayne is worth a thousand dollars. So maybe he'll give me ten bucks for it.

    • Hector: Who are you?
      The Pawnbroker: Your benefactor. The one who can give you all that you desire.
      Hector: The devil you mean?
      The Pawnbroker: Now, now, let's not mention any names.

    • Hector: Just sign my name?
      The Pawnbroker: That's all. Just a legal precaution.
      Hector: Legal.
      The Pawnbroker: Oh, don't scoff, Mr. Vayne. In my time I've had dealings with many lawyers.

  • Notes

    • Paintings courtesy of the Martin Lowitz Galleries, of Palm Springs, California.

    • Not only did Robert Bloch write the screenplay for this episode, but he also wrote the original short story. "The Devil's Ticket" was first published in the September, 1944 issue of Weird Tales magazine.

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