Season 1 Episode 16

The Hungry Glass

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 1961 on NBC

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  • A couple buys a house where all the mirrors are removed. The locals say the mirrors and house are haunted. They love the house, and think it is just silly superstition. Yet, things keep getting stranger and stranger.

    This was a really good episode, and it included three big stars who would go on to fame and fortune: William Shatner, Donna Douglas, and Russell Johnson. In other words, Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek, Ellie Mae Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies, and The Professor from Gilligan's Isle. Boris Karloff does the intro, as he does on every show. The theme and background music was really great. It said on the credits Music by Pete Rugalo and Sound was by Clarence E. Self. It sounds like they stole the music for the Criminal Minds theme. Really, a note for note rip off. Or maybe they just bought the rights to it? They used a lot of phase shifting effects with the sound to make the wind and ocean sounds more scarey and ominous. Clarence E. Self did a great job. Also, the cinematography was great. These old black and white TV shows were shot on film, and it looks great. The shot where we first see the room of mirrors is a masterpiece. The writing is pretty clever, too, with lots of clever word play. Russell Johnson, The Professor, plays the Real Estate Agent, which is interesting to me as a Real Estate Agent. The media hadn't yet began the assault on Real Estate Agents, and they were regarded above Lawyers and Used Car Salesmen. He actually had some ethics, and would have let them cancel the deal if they felt that the place was haunted. Shatner Pants is a really cheesey actor, and it is fun to watch him. He hadn't yet perfected his patented cadence, with the long. long. Pauses placed seemingly at random for emphasis. It is fun to see the early Shatner in action.
  • young couple buy a house on a seaside cliff-seems to be the perfect place but the house has a somewhat grim past.Why are there no mirrors?Seems strange that a large house has no reflecting glass? Curiosity gets the best of them and the rest is a THRILLER!

    The best of the best!The Hungry Glass is a classic and a must see episode from the classic series. The atmosphere,eery setting and the dialog which goes from light and cheery to downright eery uneasiness, will have you on edge throughout.Keep the lights off and don't look at any reflecting glass!This episode gave me nightmares for a long time as a child and it did the same to many others-William Shatner has never been better and the cast is wonderful-it explains the plot with great detail thru its top notch dialog and visuals--"The Hungry Glass" has a a chilling and disturbingly frightful feel- Classic television and my vote for the best episode of the series. [followed by the "Cheaters" and "A Wig For Miss Devore"] Make sure you see "The Hungry Glass"!
  • I was ten years old when my Grandparents allowed me to watch Thriller's "The Hungry Mirror". The show frightened me so badly that to this day I am uncomfortable alone in a room with a mirror.

    I recall my parents would not let me watch any of the Thriller series because newspaper accounts claimed this television show was causing some people extreme mental harm. I would like to see this episode again to put my childhood demons to rest. I recall all the details as an adult. A woman ages, but the mirrors in her home remember her beauty. Her family locks all the mirrors in the attic but the woman, elderly, sees her young beautiful self in the picture window, falls through the glass to her death on sea rocks several feet below the house. A young couple buys the house, and replaces the mirrors, ending in tragedy. My fear that stays with me is the vision of the old hag trying to pull me into the glass.