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Season 2 Episode 4

The Weird Tailor

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 1961 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Weird Tailor
A man attempts to bring his dead son back to life with the use of black magic and an unusual suit of clothes.

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  • A Very Weird Tailor!

    Weird is right. This is one strange little story. And it\\\'s mostly well-done. Based on a Robert Bloch story that makes some allusions to H.P. Lovecraft, \\\"The Weird Tailor\\\" contains some original ideas and images. A few scenes are genuinely creepy and make this episode a must-see.

    When George MacReady\\\'s son (Gary Clarke) is killed during an interrupted black magic session, he seeks out supernatural help to bring the young man back to life. The main idea is a specially made jacket that, when placed on the corpse, will do the trick. MacReady is excellent, dealing with some shady characters, spending all his money to have the jacket made. There is a creepy subplot involving a life-like dummy, and the two stories intersect to pretty good effect by the end.

    Definitely worth a look. One of the few unconventional epiosodes this show turned out.moreless

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    • Boris Karloff: A man who cries out in vain. His son cannot come back. That is, no power on Earth can bring him back. But then as sure as my name is Boris Karloff, it was no Earthly power that took him, as you have just seen. What just took place behind those doors was strange and terrifying. I wonder just how many of you will have the courage or the curiosity to follow me through them to witness things even stranger and more terrifying. Our story is called "The Weird Tailor," and the fabric of our plot is woven by these distinguished players. Henry Jones, George MacReady, Abraham Sofaer, and Sandra Kerr. Yes, my friends, they're all waiting for you behind these doors. So come with me, come! Before it's too late.

    • Madame Roberti: What is it you are seeking, Mr. Smith? The past, the present, or the future?
      Mr. Smith
      : I didn't come here to have my fortune told. I need help.
      Madame Roberti
      : We all need help.
      Mr. Smith
      : I said help, not philosophy.
      Madame Roberti
      : At my age, philosophy is the only help that's left.

    • Madame Roberti: Gaze into the crystal. Look--look at it glow. Shiny. Like the world itself. A globe suspended in space. It is the world, Mr. Smith. And see beneath the shining surface are areas of darkness. Clouds and shadows and black yawning pits, and... perhaps we should not look too closely.

    • Madame Roberti: Back? A way to bring your son back from the dead? Mr. Smith, I'm afraid you won't find that in my crystal.
      Mr. Smith
      : But I'll pay anything. I'm a wealthy man, Madame Roberti. I'll give my entire fortune.
      Madame Roberti
      : The man who defies God and Nature has no fortune.
      Mr. Smith
      : You're playing with words.
      Madame Roberti
      : You are playing with damnation.

    • Mr. Smith: You are Honest Abe?
      : My professional name.
      Mr. Smith
      : I see.
      : Sure. Whoever heard of a car dealer named Honest Nicolai?

    • Mr. Smith: De Vermis Mysteriis.
      : "Mysteries of the Worm."
      Mr. Smith
      : You know Latin?
      : I know what I must.

    • Mr. Smith: In a few hours, I'll have my son again.
      Madame Roberti
      : No, don't do it.
      Mr. Smith
      : The suit is already on its way.
      Madame Roberti
      : Don't do it.
      Mr. Smith
      : Black magic. Is that it? What do you know of black or white? You're blind.
      Madame Roberti
      : Yes, blind. But not as blind as you, Mr. Smith. Not as blind as you.

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