Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1962 on NBC
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A traveling exhibit of wax figures of murderers seems to be the cause of some more recent deaths - are the wax figures real or is their creator a madman?

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    Oskar Homolka

    Oskar Homolka

    Pierre Jacquelin

    Guest Star

    Antoinette Bower

    Antoinette Bower

    Annette Jacquelin

    Guest Star

    Ron Ely

    Ron Ely

    Detective Mike Hudson

    Guest Star

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      • Boris Karloff: I cannot tell a lie. I cut it with my hatchet. A very famous quote from an even more famous gentleman. But his good father had no trouble obtaining the confession. After all, his victim was nothing more than a cherry tree. While ours... ours was living flesh and blood. I don't know if an admission of guilt can be extracted from a chap who, as we have heard, has already been executed not once, not twice, but three times. Yes, my friends, Vardak the mass murderer certainly should be harmless now, now that he's merely a cleverly molded figure in the waxworks. Which as it so happens is the setting of the title of our story. And moving amidst models of monsters and murderers, you will encounter some very real people, our players. And they are Pierre Jacquelin, master sculptor, whose wax companions include fifty of the world's most diabolical murderers, played by Oskar Homolka. His niece, Annette, beautiful, beguiling, a pleasant contrast to her sinister surroundings. Played by Antoinette Bower. Colonel Bertroux, a pursuer as relentless as he is mysterious. Portrayed by Martin Kosleck. Detective Hudson, a very young man in a very dangerous business. Played by Ron Ely. His more seasoned colleague, Sgt. Dane, who is to learn that flesh-and-blood murderers are much easier to capture than any other kind. Enacted by Alan Baxter. And Lt. Bailey, whose not so enviable responsibility it is to solve the mystery of the waxworks. Portrayed by Booth Colman. So come, let us go into the Chamber of Horrors together. I vouch for the fact that you'll enjoy yourselves. And it'll be interesting to see if you will find your way out... alone.

      • Bailey: Well open up, man, we got business.
        Morgue Attendant: Well, sure. Practically nobody comes here for pleasure.

      • Morgue Attendant: Just a hatchet.
        Dane: Just a hatchet? Don't you got any feelings about these things?
        Morgue Attendant: Well sure I do. I nearly cut my finger on this one. Boy, it's sharp.
        Dane: Glad there's something sharp around here.

      • Hudson: Enjoy your meal?
        Annette: I thought everything was fine. Didn't you?
        Hudson: Well, frankly, I thought the egg foo yung tasted like egg foo not-so-yung to me.

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