Season 1 Episode 28

Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 1961 on NBC
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Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper
A series of brutal murders in the modern-day U.S. mirror those of Jack the Ripper. Sir Guy informs the police of his theory that it is in fact the Ripper himself, alive and well - and not a year older.

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      • Boris Karloff: A surgeon's scalpel. An instrument of mercy in the hands of a skilled physician. A lethal weapon in the hands of a madman. A murderer such as the subject of our story for tonight. Now no one knows who this man was, no one ever saw his face. His identity has always been one of the world's great mysteries. He killed only women, and only a certain kind of woman. And his murders were often accompanied by strange and forbidding rites. For months on end he terrorized London, defying whole divisions of police. And it was they who nicknamed him, "Jack the Ripper." Well, he disappeared as suddenly as he had come. But similar murders followed at intervals in other countries. There are many who believe that Jack the Ripper still walks the earth. Still continues his diabolical activities. That's a chilling thought, especially when it's accompanied by highly convincing proof that it may be true. Let us discover the facts for ourselves in the company of such distinguished players as Mr. John Williams, Mr. Donald Woods, Mr. Edmon Ryan, and Miss Nancy Valentine. Oh, I suggest that you viewers draw just a little closer together. The Ripper always struck down solitary victims, you know. It'd be a pity if a member of our audience became dismembered.

      • Jago: A man the Ripper's age couldn't possibly handle them.
        Sir Guy: Suppose he hasn't got any older.
        Lieutenant: What was that?
        Sir Guy: I said, suppose Jack the Ripper hasn't got any older.
        Jago: But everybody gets older. Police, doctors, maniacs. Everybody!

      • (at a strip club)
        Sir Guy: Tell me, what goes in at a place like this?
        John Carmody: It's not what goes on, it's what comes off.
        Sir Guy: No, I mean, what does one do?
        John Carmody: First of all, you check that umbrella and that hat. Then you sit at a table and order drink. Then you watch some attractive young ladies disrobe.
        Sir Guy: What? You mean... in the all-together?
        John Carmody: Yes, in the all-together.
        Sir Guy: Well, let's not delay a moment, old man.

      • Sir Guy: That's a knife.
        John Carmody: I know. (stabs him)
        Sir Guy: John...
        John Carmody: Not John. Jack.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Paintings courtesy of the Martin Lowitz Galleries.

      • Robert Bloch's original short story, "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper", was first published in the July, 1943 issue of Weird Tales magazine. It became a popular piece of work, being reprinted in numerous other magazines and anthologies, and was quickly crafted into a radio script for The Kate Smith Hour in 1944. Over the years, many of Bloch's works would continue to include elements from the Ripper legend, including other television screenplays such as Star Trek's "Wolf in the Fold".

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