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Through a Dogs Eyes

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Through a Dog's Eyes is a documentary film developed by PBS based on Jennifer Arnold's book of the same name that centers on the loving and sometimes hardship filled bond of a person and their dog. A car accident left Bryson paralyzed but with his golden retriever/lab mix, Wagner, Bryson has been able to do things that normally would be a burden while in a wheelchair. For six-year-old Aiden, he's always wanted a dog to help with his cerebral palsy but unfortunately, he has gone through two dogs, Nala and Ember, in a bid to find a perfectly matched assistance dog. Six-year-old Twins Connor and Chase both have a form of cerebral palsy that limits their ability to walk but they hope that with the help of Connor's Nadia and Chase's Oakley, the two have everyday help and a sturdy support system to walk. Destiny doesn't require her dog Salsa for any physical assistance but she allows her the freedom to live her life as an early warning system for Destiny's severe form of epilepsy. Through a Dog's Eyes not only shares the stories of Bryson and Wagner, Aiden, Connor and Chase, and Destiny and Salsa but the impact of Canine Assistants, a program developed by Jennifer Arnold with the hope of giving comfort and assistance to those in need.moreless

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AIRED ON 4/20/2010

Season 1 : Episode 1

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  • Courage and Strength

    Jennifer (Canine Assistants) and staff ... I admire - REALLY ADMIRE - your strength to let go of those beautiful, intelligent beings when you've been with them since birth. I imagine knowing that your love and hard work with the dogs will go to help not just the person, but their family. I loved each family story featured, but was especially drawn to Aiden. My heart broke when his first canine didn't work out, but yelled "hooray!" when Ember bonded with Aiden immediately. I hope there's a "years later" follow up on each person and their 4-legged family members. What a fantastic, inspiriing story. Thanks for sharing with us. Joy, Pulan's Mom.moreless

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