Beyond The Wormhole

Season 4 Episode 5

Will Sex Become Extinct?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 2013 on The Science Channel

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  • Scientifically inaccurate and questionable portrait of the male gender.

    It's claimed in this episode that the male XY-chromosome is about to go extinct. This is simply not true.

    Also I must say that the way masculinity and the male gender was presented had clear demeaning overtones. Especially the bit where they compare chimpanzees with bonobos. Claiming that the female-dominant bonobo culture was more peaceful. The fact that this was claimed as they also revealed that the female bonobos formed gangs and bullied the male bonobos made it clear that some ideological/social stance took prevalence over actual truth. Bullying is not peaceful.

    Also it has been proven time and time again that males are NOT more aggressive than females.