Throwdown! With Bobby Flay

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Oct 10, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • Fondue
      Episode 13
      Didier Pawlicki has used his Parisian culinary pedigree to orchestrate a Fondue revival in America. His smash hit restaurant, Taureau, in New York City has taken the Big Apple by storm.
    • Baked Alaska
      Episode 12
      Self-taught Chef and restaurant owner, Saul Bolton, does not short-change anything. Saul went on his own decade long crusade of perfecting and adapting a Baked Alaska that his clientele will not let him remove from the menu!
    • 3/19/11
      Nick Melvin is an Atlanta based chef who says he "Can make anything your mama made, but better" and that sounds like a challenge for sure! Will Bobby Flay's sandwich be built BLT-tough or will it end up a fried green flop?
    • Key Lime Pie
      Episode 10
      Key Lime Pie gurus, Jim Brush and Alison Sloat, are a culinary rags to riches tale. Chef Bobby Flay better hope his Key Lime Pie won't be a lemon when he faces off against this dynamic duo.
    • 3/2/11
      Sisters Christine and Carla Pallotta brought all the tastes of home to their popular restaurant Nebo. Will Bobby Flay get booted when he comes knocking for his own Vegetable Lasagna Throwdown?
    • Boston Cream Pie
      Episode 8
      Impressing a Boston crowd with a pie of their own will be one of Bobby Flay's biggest challenges yet. With so many battles fought in Boston, this Throwdown may be one for the record books!
    • Moussaka
      Episode 6
      Watch as Bobby Flay travels to the heart of this Hellenic recipe and digs deep to find out the ancient mysteries of this mouth watering dish. Will Bobby's Moussaka be a match worthy of a Throwdown?
    • Mini Cupcakes
      Episode 5
      What happens when a 6 foot 5 inch guy decides to open up a bakery that makes the best cupcakes around? You get 'Big Man Bakes" of course!
    • Salmon Chowder
      Episode 4
      Written up continuously in Seattle's "best of" categories, Chet and Dan are confident in the kitchen, but what will happen when Chef Bobby Flay shows up to Throwdown his own version of Salmon Chowder?
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