Throwdown! With Bobby Flay

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Oct 10, 2006 In Season


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  • Household Judge

    Dear Throwdown! With Bobby Flay

    I love the show. I understand in reality TV there is always a certain amount of scripted material to make the show more entertaining. My only vision for improving the show would be to have a household judge: someone with no formal culinary experience. The vast majority of the viewers are everyday people. The palate of everyday people would be an asset to the show. Imagine the clientele of the household judges: mothers who prepared meals from whatever available food items in the house; people who frequently dine out; and the list can go on. In any event, I volunteer to be the first household judge.
  • Bobby Flay is ARROGANT!

    Love how he almost always loses:)
  • Bobby Flay Goes To One-On-One in Food Battles

    Throwdown with Bobby Flay stars the ubiquitous Food Network chef in one-on-one battles with one particular food dish or item. The show starts off Mission: Impossible style where a cloaked messenger delivers to Mr. Flay a file detailing his throwdown mission. The throwdown competitor is someone renowned for a particular type of food like the wedding cakes, chili, hot dogs, sticky buns, buffalo wings, etc. The competitor is led to believe that they are starring in a Food Network special. Mr. Flay fine tunes recipes in the Food Network kitchens with the help of his assistants Stephanie & Miriam as the show presents clips of the competitor in the faux special. Mr. Flay shows up to a surprised cook and formally issues the throwdown challenge. There's a cook-off with judges and a winner is announced.