Season 1 Episode 1

Sneaker Madness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning of the episode, DJ is on the DJ tables with headphones on. But when the screen cuts to him, he doesn't have them on anymore.

    • When Lissette says "And I'll be the singer/actor/dancer!", the same frames are used over and over again.

    • In the scene where D-Roc gets the Air Johnsons, the family's (Dee Dee, D-Roc and D-Roc's Mother) skin colors are brighter then usual.

  • Quotes

    • Jay-Z: I got 99 problems and your shoes is one!

    • D-Roc: Man, you a little hater!
      Dee Dee: Your right, I hate the way you rap.

    • Superman: Hey! Are those the new Air Jareds?
      Air Jareds Person: They 'sho is!

    • Lissette: Diane Johnson?! That mixed girl?!
      DJ: Yo, I'm mixed.
      D-Roc: You ain't not mixed! You confused!
      DJ: Yo, why you buggin'?

    • D-Roc: Yo! DJ! Come down!
      DJ: Yo! Sup D-Roc? Yo, let me lay some of my dogs I'll be right down.

    • Big Kid: (Talking to D-Roc) Look here, punk. Your sister accused me of cutting the line. And that makes me feel... Pain. And when I feel pain, it makes me want to fight.
      D-Roc: (Nervously) Oh, you thought she said "you cut the line". What she acctually said is... "We cut the price in half, READ the sign! (Draws on the sign to make the price half-off)
      Big Kid: Oh, I can't read that sign from way up here. (He litteraly punches D-Roc's face off) Now look what you made me do! (Crying) Mama!!! (Runs away while crying) I punched that boy's face off, Mama!!!

    • Speaker Woman: Attention shoppers and window shoppers. Please quiet your bratty children and listen to this announcement. Ladies, please don't try to fit your BIG OL' FOOT in a size 6 when you really are a man's 12. And to all you CHEAP men. Please don't sample perfume alone in the fragrance department. Instead, I suggest you go home, and wash yo' behinds!! 'Cause chopped onions and Old Spice don't mix. Now I gots to go. Because I need to return this dress that I'm wearing before the store closes. I'M THROUGH!!! (Drops microphone as we hear her walking off)

    • D-Roc: (Rapping) Yeah. Hear me. Hear me. My flow is slow. What do you know? I want those Air Jareds. I ain't got the-- I ain't got the..... What rhymes with "know"? (A unseen man throws a potato at D-Roc)
      Unseen Man: IT'S "DOUGH", STUPID!!! (Drives off)

    • Speaker Woman: I know that ya'll are aware that today marks the end of our summer program. Which means the pool will be closing. Which means no more swimming... (Two men pull a plug out of the pool which causes the water to go through the drain)
      Dirty: Yeah, my mama says for me to leave my mark on the world. Ha ha! This is baller!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Macy's
      In this episode, you can clearly see a mall by the name of Masy's. A parody of Macy's.

    • American Idol
      In this episode, Lissette has a fantasy that she is on "American Icon". A parody of American Idol.