Thumb Wrestling Federation

Saturday 11:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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  • Stupidity flows around here.

    This is the one of the most annoying shows. Wastes minutes.

    Plot: The plot is simple but stupid, there are good wrestlers and evil ones. The evil ones are trying to win so they can take over the wrestling company and use it to take over the world. How are they going to take over the world by using a wrestling company? The good ones are defending the company also the world.

    Characters: Bunch of idiots! Most of them are chattering with an nonsense insults and everything!

    Humor: Childish humor plus the idiocy is making it a pit of flames.

    Art: Bad. They can improve the masks of the thumbs.

    Overall: 0.3. Really bad in all sides. Avoid ASAP.