Thundarr the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 7

Attack of the Amazon Women

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 08, 1980 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Striya first sees Ariel on her viewscreen during the underwater, she hadn't yet learned her name. But she indeed calls her by name when she has the Fraeken released to attack her and the Amazons.

    • Goof: Ariel's breathing mask was missing when she was knocked unconscious by the Fraeken. She likely would have drowned had Queen Diona not have helped her. However, without the mask, it would have been very likely no matter how fast Diona swam to the surface.

  • Quotes

    • Queen Diona: If the shark legions find this secret base, Striya will use her sorcery to destroy us. Of course, if we had a sorceress on our side, someone powerful enough to conquer Striya's magic...
      Ariel: It would be my pleasure.
      Thundarr: OUR pleasure. Whatever danger Ariel faces, Ookla and I will protect her.
      (Ookla affectionately picks Ariel up bringing her closer to him)
      Ariel: (Chuckles) Thanks, fellas.

    • Queen Diona: (To Ariel) Striya's tryranny has ended. The Amazons are united once more thanks to you.
      Ariel: And to you, Queen Diona. (She put the crown on her head, then Ookla loudly clears his throat as Ariel laughs) It's okay. You fellows helped, too.
      Thundarr: A giant squid, the steel jaws, the lasers, a monster spider, and we "helped, too!"

  • Notes

    • This episode is set in the ruins of Keystone, South Dakota, near the vicinity of Mount Rushmore.

    • Post-apocalyptic Animal Species: Fraeken, a giant monster squid that can fire laser blasts from each of its tentacles as well as spew dark ink from its mouth. Also, a giant spider, that strangely has six legs instead of 8, as all modern species of spiders.

  • Allusions

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