Thundarr the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 13

Den of the Sleeping Demon

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 27, 1980 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Shara and Merlek first engage in battle with Judag's Tiger mutants, two of them have their white-colored laser weapons pointed to Shara. In the closeup shot where she breaks them with her staff, the weapons are colored blue and pink.

    • Goofs: When Yeek picks up his companions after they first encounter Thudarr's group, he takes Shara with his right talon and Merlek with his left. But in the next shot, they've switched positions. Afterward, Thundarr's voice sounds very strained when he tells Ariel and Ookla to take wing when the younger group gets the head start on them.

    • Goof: Judag holds a copy of the novel Frankenstein. But in the closeup shot, the last name of author Mary W. Shelley is missing one "L".

    • Goof: Yeek's neck is flesh-colored like his face. But in the closeup shot when he's about to seal the winged demon in a cave, his neck is colored brown like his feathers..

  • Quotes

    • (After they first see Thundarr's group depart)
      Shara: The hunt is almost over, Merlek. The barbarian called Thundarr has found Judag. But capturing him and stopping his evil plans is up to me.
      Merlek: You mean us, Shara! Don't forget we're a team. (Shara jumps on Yeek and they fly off without him) Give me a hand...with your tail! (Yeek lowers his tail so he can climb on as well) Right off! Reel me in, Yeek.
      Shara: You'll have to move faster friend if you expect to share a barbarian's adventure!
      Merlek: Maybe Shara the Barbarian should move a little slower if she wants Merlek the Sorcerer around to save her neck! (The group flies away as a thunderstorm hits)

    • Thundarr: Instinct warns me--Judag is near.
      Merlek: Far in!
      Thundarr: "Far in?"
      Merlek: It's Old Earth slang. I've studied it in depth.

    • (After the threat is over)
      Shara: Farewell Thundarr, Ariel, Ookla.
      Merlek: Maybe we'll run over each other again someday. (Yeek yeeks goodbye as well as they fly away)
      Thundarr: "Run over each other?!?"
      Ariel: Old Earth slang, remember? What sort of adventures do you think they'll find out there, Thundarr?
      Thundarr: None, I hope. They are still only children. (Ookla grunts in agreement)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Judag revives the sleeping demon by following the means of bringing a monster to life in the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein.