Thundarr the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 2

Harvest of Doom

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 18, 1980 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the overhead shot just after Tye, Ariel, and Thundarr enter the pyramid in the raft, the latter's boots are colored gold instead of brown.

    • Goofs: In a closeup shot, just before a mind-controlled Ookla grabs Thundarr from behind, his fangs are colored gray instead of white. This happens again when the Carocs attempts to seal them in the pyramid when they try to escape via the raft.

  • Quotes

    • (When Thundarr uses a serpent to get himself and Ariel out of the pit)
      Thundarr: We're getting out of here--NOW!! (Carries Ariel and begins climbing out)
      Ariel: Must you sling me around like a gunny sack?
      Thundarr: No, I could have left you down there.
      Ariel: Touche!

    • Tye: Is your friend a Mok?
      Thundarr: You've seen him?
      Tye: The Carocs had a prisoner. He was a Mok.
      Thundarr: Where have they taken him?
      Tye: I can show you for a price--That! (Points to the train)
      Thundarr: The train!?
      Tye: So I can fend for myself. I don't want to be a swamp urchin all my life. That's my price. Take it or leave it.
      Thundarr: Why you little...
      Ariel: We'll take it!
      Thundarr: Females!
      Tye: (Leads them to her raft) This could be dangerous, you know.
      Thundarr: No matter. Surely you'll protect us.

  • Notes

    • This episode is set in Chichen Itza, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.

    • This is the first episode that shows that Moks, particularly Ookla, hate water.

    • Post-apocalyptic Species: Carocs, intelligent reptiles that are in service to a wizard, who transport and utilize the Death Flowers against those who may get in their way. Also, large serpents with antennae and yellow-green fur with brown spots. Also, a swamp beast resembling a shaggy gorilla with scales on his back named Arak that can be tamed and trained. Animal friend of Tye.

    • Strangely, a wizard appears only briefly in this episode and was never identified by name.

    • Tye appears later in the series in season 2's Last Train To Doomsday.

  • Allusions

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