Thundarr the Barbarian

Season 2 Episode 3

Island of the Body Snatchers

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 26, 1981 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Thundarr breaks Circe's body switch spell, Ariel's body returns to her spirit. However, one shot shows Circe's body phasing through Big Ben before it's really Ariel's body merging with her spirit.

  • Quotes

    • (Trying to save the ship's mast in the storm)
      Thundarr: Put your back to it, Ookla!
      Ariel: Stand back, fellas! Let a lady handle this. (Uses her magic to return the mast to perfect condition)
      Thundarr: Ookla and I could have saved the mast.
      Ariel: You can save the next one, okay?

    • (When Ariel in Circe's body aids Thundarr against her monster creatures)
      Thundarr: Circe!
      Ariel via Circe: Not Circe you pig-headed, stubborn savage, Ariel!
      Thundarr: Your sharp tongue is Ariel's. That much is certain.
      Ariel via Circe: Circe trapped my mind in this ancient body. She...(Circe as Ariel stuns the two with a magic blast)
      Circe via Ariel: So, she's finally won you over. Very well. But my secret will perish with you! (uses magic again to stop Thundarr from getting his sunsword, as well as Ookla in his tracks) The hunt is over and the hunters are the prey.

    • (When the curse takes effect on Circe after being defeated by Thundarr)
      Thundarr: Turned to stone. As hard and cold as her cruel heart.

    • (Reuniting after Circe's defeat)
      Thundarr: Ariel! Ariel!! (A jubilant Ookla runs and gives her a big hug) You are safe, and well?
      Ariel: I was, till Ookla squeezed the wind out of me!

  • Notes

    • Post-Apocalyptic Animal Species: Dreadlon, a giant sea creature with the head like a dragon and tentacles like a squid. Commanded by Circe to do her bidding.

    • This episode is set in the ruins of London, England.

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