Thundarr the Barbarian

Season 2 Episode 5

Prophecy of Peril

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 31, 1981 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Prophecy of Peril
Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla battle the evil wizard Vashtarr after capturing the Crystal of Prophecy that can give the details of his downfall. When it shatters in his efforts to retrieve it, the prophecy is foretold as they learn three women will unite to defeat him. One is Maya, an element-shifter buried in the ruins of the old city of Endorr. Another is Cinda, a barbarian residing in the Canyon of Death whose staff grants her great strength. The last is Valerie Storm, a fashion model from Old Earth, who's abducted and taken prisoner by Vashtarr himself. But she herself is granted great power when the wizard tries to finish her. Once Thundarr's group unites the three women, they work together to defeat Vashtarr.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Goof: Valerie Storm is first seen with a purse when she's abducted by Vashtarr. But it's missing when his robots are about to take her into the dungeon. But she indeed had it when she used a nail file to escape later.

      • Goof: Cinda's water tower was colored red on the top and blue on the bottom. But when Vashtarr toppled it with his skybarge, the colors are missing. Then, when the group cause the skybarge to crash, it seemed to wreck another water tower that wasn't seen before.

      • Goof: The sky was dark when the group arrived at the Canyon of Death. But somehow it quickly changed to a day sky when the group battled Vashtarr's robot warriors.

      • Goof: As the women prepare their disguises to sneak into Vashtarr's fortress, Maya and Cinda are first seen wearing gray-colored gowns. But in the next shot when Valerie models her new outfit, the others' gowns are colored blue and green with Maya having a lighter skin tone. But in the next shot, their gowns are colored gray again.

      • Goof: When the three women enter Vashtarr's throne room prior to battling the wizard, Maya is briefly pale-skinned and holding Cinda's staff.

      • Goof: Vashtarr lies on the floor powerless and defeated after his Gem of Glory is shattered to pieces with Thundarr's group standing over him. But in the last shot, when Ariel says the women may not be gone forever, they and the shattered gem are there, but not Vashtarr.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Thundarr: Now woman, we talk!
        Cinda: No brute, we do not! (Picks him up with her staff and throws him downward)
        Thundarr: DEMON DOGS! (Saves himself by grabbing a vine and swings back to the ground)
        Cinda: My Staff of Power makes me stronger by tenfold. Nothing can defeat me while I wield it. (Gets blasted at by Vashtarr's skybarge and falls off her water tower)
        Thundarr: (Upon catching her) Nothing, woman?!

      • (After the battle at the Canyon of Death)
        Cinda: What is this prophecy you speak of?
        Thundarr: I thought you had no use for our words.
        Cinda: That was before the wizard invaded my domain. If you ride seeking vengeance, then Cinda rides with you.

      • (Ookla spots the newly winged Valerie Storm above)
        Thundarr: Lords of Light!
        Ariel: If that's who I think it is, we're going to need her. Valerie Storm--the third woman of the prophecy. (Uses her magic to bring her downward)
        Valerie: Prophecy, again?!? How come everybody knows about this prophecy except me?
        Thundarr: (To Ariel) You tell her--while I find a way into Vashtarr's fortress.
        Valerie: He's no Prince Charming is he?
        Ariel: Hardly!

      • (After Ookla frightens one of the old women bringing a cart of offerings to Vashtarr's fortress)
        Thundarr: Be silent, woman! We mean you no harm. We need your cart to aid in Vashtarr's downfall.
        (The three old women agree and lend them the cart)
        Cinda: How fortunate the wizard is so "loved" by his subjects.

    • NOTES (2)

      • This is the only episode of the series in which there are no specific city or regional landmarks. Areas like Endorr and the Canyon of Death are fictional places of the post-apocalyptic time period. As a result, the exact location is unknown.

      • In certain aspects, Vashtarr contributed to his own demise by bringing Valerie Storm to the future. In his efforts to vanquish her, the combination of his magic and the Gem of Glory accidentally mutated her into a being with angel-like wings that enable her to fly and having the power of generating optic blasts as a personal offensive weapon. Valerie can make her wings appear and disappear at will when needed.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Valerie: (about Thundarr) He's no Prince Charming is he?
        Ariel: Hardly!

        Reference to Prince Charming, the handsome hero who at the end of the classic story Cinderella rescues her from a miserable life with her evil stepmother and her wicked stepsisters.