Thundarr the Barbarian

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • A cartoon based in a future of science and magic. Where a lone barbarian, a sorceress and a Mok set on a quest to free those that can't fight for themselves.

    Thundarr was truly ahead of its time. No cartoon since has tried to tell a story without a comicbook or toyline as a lead in. Thundarr to many may look like a rip off of star wars. And maybe it was. Wherever they go the basic idea they didn't stop there. The very event that caused this was new. Not some nuclear war or biological disaster but a comet traveling between the earth and the moon. Then there was the cast. Thundarr may have had a gruff exterior, yet his love for humankind was beyond question. He was willing to place his life on the line for total strangers. Thundarr never quested for power or a Kingdom of his own. If anything the title of Barbarian is a misnomer. Behind his ever angry scowl was a man that cared deeply for any that sought to live in peace. His hatred for wizards and mutants was based on their use of power to hurt others. Then there was Princess Ariel. If she was a a princess for real was never revealed but she had a way about her that could be called royalty. An African-American woman of great intelligence. Ariel had power enough to enslave cities and was a match for many of the wizards and sorceresses that they came across. Yet Ariel believed in Thundarr's dream of freedom and peace. and while Thundarr never really cared for Ariel's impromptu history lessons. Her knowledge of earth's history was invaluable to the success of their adventures. Ookala was the comic relief and I don't fault him for that. The tone of the show was deep and needed a little lightening up every now and then. And many times his Mok strength was needed to save the day. Their adventures were on par with the original Jonny Quest series of the 60's. With recurring characters helping to build a more believable world. This series was truly a gem between the superfriends and fat albert days of the 80's. I hope that one day it will be placed on DVD for new generations to enjoy.
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