Thundarr the Barbarian - Season 1

ABC (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • Den of the Sleeping Demon
    Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla must stop Judag, a bitter former slave of an evil wizard, from reviving a sleeping demon that's believed to grant whoever wakes it great power in his quest to become a wizard himself. Along for the mission are young counterparts Shara the Barbarian, Merlek the Sorcerer, and their giant flying bird Yeek.moreless
  • Portal into Time
    Portal into Time
    Episode 12
    The evil wizard Crom threatens villagers residing at the old Alamo. They can protect themselves by using a sophisticated Guardian machine that utilizes flying robot drones that can disable the wizard's laser tanks. But when it blows a circuit, Thundarr and the group must use Crom's moon dial to journey into the past to get the necessary replacement part for the Guardian. This enables the gang to see old Earth and then return to their time to save the village from Crom.moreless
  • Battle of the Barbarians
    The evil wizard Kublai seeks the Golden Scepter of the Yantzee, terrorizing the villagers of San Francisco's Chinatown in the process. When Thundarr thwarts his initial attempts, he recruits Zogar, another barbarian to engage him in battle while Kublai tries again to find the scepter.
  • Stalker from the Stars

    A spaceship lands on Earth where an alien predator captures people of a village and Ariel as a new source of food. Can Thundarr save them before the alien returns to its homeworld?

  • Valley of the Man-Apes
    Simius and his Man-Apes find and unearth parts of a giant robot gorilla in efforts to rebuild, and then utilize it to attack a village of little people. Thundarr and the group step in to stop the apes and save the village from the giant robotic gorilla.
  • Challenge of the Wizards
    Thundarr and the group are caught in a challenge between wizards as each of them has minions representing them in a race to gain the Helmet of Power, which yields unlimited power for the wizard who wears it. Thundarr's group have to be representatives for the evil Sholow as he's captured people from a village, forcing them to compete. They have to win the helmet, then find a way to save the villagers.moreless
  • Attack of the Amazon Women
    Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla come to the aid of amphibious Amazons when they're threatened by the evil wizardess Striya, who seeks to conquer land and sea with her shark legion army.
  • The Brotherhood of Night
    The evil Zebon is leading a pack of werewolves intent on expanding their pack, cursing everyone in their path, including the wizard Infernus, and Thundarr.
  • Treasure of the Moks
    Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla come to the aid of Mok Chieftain Oblach and his village against Captain Kordon, Queen of the River Pirates and her crew as they seek the Moks' hidden treasure, and are willing to destroy their village with torpedoes if necessary.
  • Mindok the Mind Menace
    The evil wizard Mindok lost his body in an accident 2000 years ago, but his brain is immortal. He seeks scientists from old Earth, known as "Ice People" (as they've been frozen by cryonics), so they can build him a new body in hope of beginning a new era of conquest. Thundarr and the group must stop him, General Zoa and his minions from carrying out his dreaded plans.moreless
  • Raiders of the Abyss
    The evil wizard Morag and his raiders terrorize the inhabitants of a cruise ship village, kidnapping them and stealing their vitality and essence through use of a strange ritual until Thundarr steps in to thwart his evil scheme.
  • Harvest of Doom
    Harvest of Doom
    Episode 2
    Thundarr, Ariel and Ookla encounter an old Earth train carrying Death Flowers, the pollen of which can weaken the human will. The flowers are being harvested by Carocs, a fierce warrior race of humanoid crocodiles serving an evil wizard. After they capture Ookla and subject him to the flowers' pollen, Thundarr and Ariel are aided by a young swamp urchin to find and free him. They then put a stop to the Carocs' deliveries of the Death Flowers.moreless
  • Secret of the Black Pearl

    Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla meet an old man who's attacked by ratlike creatures called Groundlings as he's attempting to deliver a rare Black Pearl to the village of Manhat (formerly Manhattan, New York). They help him and try to finish the delivery, learning its powerful secret in the process when they encounter the evil two-headed wizard Gemini, who wants the pearl for himself and is willing to destroy Manhat to get it from Thundarr.