Thundarr the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 5

Treasure of the Moks

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 04, 1980 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Treasure of the Moks
Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla come to the aid of Mok Chieftain Oblach and his village against Captain Kordon, Queen of the River Pirates and her crew as they seek the Moks' hidden treasure, and are willing to destroy their village with torpedoes if necessary.

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      • Thundarr: Hurry! Kordon is as evil as she is beautiful.
        Ariel: Unlike me. I'm just beautiful, right Thundarr? Right? (He continues riding on his horse ahead of her, then Ookla growls in agreement) Thanks, Ookla.

      • (After successfully launching Ookla through the torpedo tube to escape the Brakt)
        Ariel: Thundarr, your turn.
        Thundarr: And leave you to face the Brakt? (Puts Ariel inside the tube)
        Ariel: Put me down!
        Thundarr: No.
        Ariel: Let me out! You big bully!
        Thundarr: Fire 1. (Launches Ariel to safety)
        Ariel: Of all the lunkheaded, stubborn, sword-happy barbarians...

        (Afterward, Thundarr stops the Brakt and traps it as the submarine sinks before he uses his sunsword to escape)

        Ariel: Thundarr! (Ookla greets him) You're alive!
        Thundarr: It was only a fiddling-sized Brakt.

    • NOTES (5)

      • This was the first episode of the series to air in its original run even though it's not the series pilot.

      • This episode is set in the ruins of Norfolk, Virginia.

      • The name Ookla actually comes from UCLA. Series creator Steve Gerber and friend Martin Pasko were having dinner in the Westwood area one night during the time Gerber was writing the bible for the series. Gerber commented to Pasko that he hadn't yet decided upon a name for the Wookiee-like character the network insisted be added to the series, over Gerber's objections. As the two walked past the gate to the UCLA campus, Pasko quipped, "Why don't you name him 'UCLA'?" Pasko later became one of several screenwriters also known for their work in comics, such as Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, to contribute to the show. After writing several scripts of his own, and in collaboration with Gerber, Pasko became a story editor for the series' second season. Other writers included Buzz Dixon and Mark Jones.

      • Post-apocalyptic Animal Species: Hy-Cheen (species of oversized hornets with which one sting means instant death to its victim. They are repelled by fire and smoke). Also, a Brakt, resembling a giant demon lobster.

      • Kordon planned to conquer the Mok village with torpedoes used from old Earth. She and her crew referred to them as Fire Lances.

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